September 2020


If you’re a U.S. citizen living in Canada, you may be wondering about the impact on your U.S. Social Security benefits. Or maybe you’re a Canadian citizen with questions about how your U.S. residency will impact your CPP/OAS benefits. What are the tax implications for these programs when you live across the border?

Fortunately, there’s been a lot of cooperation between the U.S. and Canada on the subject of Social Security. Since 1984, a totalization agreement has been in place between the two nations regarding their respective Social Security programs. (Note: Quebec has its own agreement because of a special pension plan operated in that province.)

In a nutshell, those who have earned Social Security credits in either country may qualify for benefits from one or both countries. Those meeting the necessary requirements under one country’s program will get a regular benefit from that country. Those who don’t meet the basic requirements may still qualify for a benefit under the totalization agreement.

U.S. Social Security Benefits for Americans Living in Canada
Let’s look at a case study as an example. Our client Robert is a U.S. citizen who lived and worked in the U.S. for 25 years before moving to Canada for a job five years ago. He plans to work for five more years before retiring in Canada. Robert came to us with questions about Social Security benefits since he has lived abroad and plans to retire outside the U.S.

When it comes to taxes, the totalization agreement between the U.S. and Canada is quite favorable to Robert when it comes to the taxation of his U.S. Social Security benefits. These benefits will be subject to tax only in Canada, meaning Robert will be taxed the same way as other Canadian residents even though he’s a U.S. citizen. Here’s the math. In his Canadian taxable income, Robert will include 85% of his Social Security benefits and the remaining 15% will be exempt from Canadian taxes.

Robert’s Canadian tax situation will determine how much Canadian tax, if any, Robert will pay on his U.S. Social Security benefits. Of course, if Robert retired in the U.S., the tax would be lower, but in this situation the additional tax isn’t too onerous.

CPP/OAS Benefits for Canadians Living in the U.S.
How does it work with Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS) benefits from Canada? What if our case study example Robert was a Canadian citizen residing in the U.S.?

Essentially, if Robert was a Canadian living in the U.S., his benefits would only be taxable in the U.S. When it comes to taxes, the Internal Revenue Service sees CPP/OAS benefits as equivalent to U.S. Social Security benefits. This means that Robert should report this income on his 1040 form, and it will be taxed at the 85% inclusion rate. Another upside of the U.S./Canada totalization agreement: CPP and OAS income aren’t taxable in Canada and aren’t subject to Canada Revenue Agency withholding for non-residents.

Need help exempting your U.S. Social Security benefits from U.S. taxes? Questions about the taxation of your CPP or OAS? Whichever side of the border you’re on, the cross-border experts at Cardinal Point Wealth Management can help you maximize your benefits and avoid double taxation of your income.

Terry Ritchie is the Director of Cross-Border Wealth Services at the Cardinal Point, a cross-border wealth management organization with offices in the United States and Canada.  Terry has been providing Canada-U.S. cross-border financial, investment, tax, transition, and estate planning services to affluent families for over 25 years.  He is active as an author, speaker and educator on international tax and financial planning matters.

Lots of online retailers are nowadays considering the eCommerce conversion rates as a significant issue. In the process, abandoned shopping carts irritate the most. That’s why; retailers have to work very hard to attract the visitors.

Let us first understand the meaning of conversion in eCommerce. 

A conversion rate is defined as a percentage of total users that are taking the necessary action on a website. It is usually required for clicking a link or just signing up an email newsletter. In any eCommerce business, the prime objective is to get the visitors to purchase something.

Tips used for increasing the eCommerce conversion rate

We are here mentioning some of the tried methods for boosting the conversion rates of the website.

  • Minimizing the load times

According to the report, there are lots of mobile users leaving a site if the time of loading is high. For this, the best way is to optimize the website from time to time. All can be started with website hosting and CMS.

  • Making use of responsive web design

The responsive web design is usually coded and get adapted to the device automatically. It is true that the mobile eCommerce is expected to contribute around 45% of its part in a business. Hence, responsive web design is needed to decrease the bounce rate.

  • Provide easy navigation

Observing the difficulty in navigation could be a result of long browsing times and a high bounce rate. Obviously, the visitors can’t buy the thing that they are unable to see. Hence, it is required to show a balance between the products and make them available to the buyers.

  • Using effective content

User-generated content such as reviews, photos, and others is quite useful in pushing customers to make a purchase. It has been seen that in some of the industries, the excellent content boosts up the conversion rates up to 200%. Usually, customers find photos and reviews quite helpful while purchasing anything.

SaleHelpr, thus, is here for those who are looking into the ways of skyrocket their conversion rates and increase the revenue. We work to engage your users more with the website. They can use one line of code for installing the website, creating the notifications, and generating more leads, growth, and conversions.


If your glasses are bent or don’t fit, simply make a trip and Pacific Lenses can alter them for you. In the event that you might want to substitute your unique, manufacturer-made sunglass lenses, they will be able to do that as well. Pacific Lenses additionally do modifications, repair nose pads and missing or broken screws. They can fix or replace parts, including lenses from Pacific Lenses. 

Prescription Sunglasses 

There are numerous alternatives with regards to sun protection when wearing glasses including cut on’s, attractive clasps, or “cheaters”: those curiously large sunglasses that fit over your optical frames. Yet, in the event that you invest a lot of energy in the sun, you might need to consider the accommodation of either prescription sunglasses or Transition lenses. 

Sunglasses can be made in any prescription making use of the most recent in smart sunglass frames. Your lone limitations are directed by the curvature of ‘wraparound’ frames, which can cause distortion in your peripheral vision particularly in high prescriptions. Look over Polarized, non-Polarized, or a custom tint. 

Progress lenses (otherwise called photochromic lenses) will be lenses that change from clear to dark when presented to UV rays. Indoors and around evening time, Transition lenses use to be as clear as ordinary clear lenses. Outside, when presented to the UV rays, they use to turn sunglass dark, upgrading the nature of vision to decrease glare, limiting fatigue and eyestrain, and improving differentiation in every light condition. 

One of the freshest advancement technologies on the market is polarized change lenses. Changes Vantage lenses are the solitary lenses intended to both darken and spellbind upon UV presentation to convey recognizably sharper, crisper, vision, even in the most splendid outdoor glare. 

Which lenses does Pacific Lenses offer? 

Lens coatings can give extra optical advantages just as improving the presence of your glasses. Amongst the coatings accessible are: Scratch coats, Anti-Reflective, and ultraviolet (UV) coatings. Mirror coatings use to be additionally accessible. 

Anti-Reflective coatings, additionally know as ‘AR’ or anti-glare coatings, will be coatings for the most part applied to the front and rear surface of lenses for the motivation behind reducing glare or reflections. If you drive around evening time a decent AR coating shrinks down glare or the star/radiance impact from approaching headlights while improving your night vision. Anti-Reflective coatings have additionally been demonstrated valuable when making use of a computer for broadened timeframes by lessening glare off of the monitor, which, thusly, facilitates eyestrain. From a cosmetic standpoint, AR coatings diminish the sparkle and reflection off of high index lenses, which will in general be more brilliant because of their slenderness. 

Indeed, even metal can be scratched, so what chance does plastic or glass have? While not defensive against profound scratches or gouging, a scratch-verification coating can make your lenses more impervious to the fine scratches that accompany everyday wear and even from cleaning them with something as apparently delicate as napkins or paper towels. For the most part a scratchproof coat will accompany a service contract on your Oakley twoface lenses.


Running a business isn’t easy. When it comes to purchasing handling equipment, you need to make mindful decisions. Sometimes you are confused about whether to buy the Forklift on sale or the other items you might need. Purchasing a forklift is an expensive affair, so you might wonder whether renting one is a better and more financial option or not. We are here to help you make an informed decision regarding renting a forklift. Here is why opting for a long term rental for a forklift is an excellent idea for your business.

Easier on the pocket

When you opt for a long term rental of a forklift, it costs significantly lesser than buying one. You can use this money to invest in other equipment that you might be needing. When you are making payments for the rental, it counts as an operating expense and is 100% deductible as business expenses. There is no confusion regarding depreciation schedules or damaging tax ramifications at the end of the year. Renting a forklift implies entering into a long-term agreement based upon expected hours and operating conditions that you are planning to rent and use. You could compare the purchasing of the piece with renting it. You are paying 100% for an asset irrespective of whether you plan to use it or not. Renting it makes it easier on the pocket.

Fixed Payments 

Renting a forklift frees you from unpleasant cost surprises. You enter into a long-term agreement, which also includes maintenance and unforeseen unexpected repairs. Which in contrast to owning your own forklift. If your forklift breaks down or is due for maintenance, you have to pay for it from your own pocket. But renting a forklift means everything else is covered for, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Less Maintenance

Maintenance is the pre-requisite of owning a forklift. You need to maintain the fleet and need mechanics, tools, and parts to take care of the vehicle. This only takes up space in the warehouse. The technology used for operating forklift also keeps changing. When you are due for another upgrade, there is more money than you need to shell out in order to buy a new forklift. In both these cases, renting a forklift seems like the best option. You don’t have to bear the cost of maintenance as it is already covered in the agreement. Whenever the machinery is due for an update, you could always rent another forklift for the long term.


One of the best parts of renting is the amount of flexibility. You could either rent a piece of new or older equipment based on your needs’ conditions. In case of a breakdown for larger fleets, there is always a stand that is available to help you get through the day without losing any time or money. Renting also reduces the risk of labor and parts prices, which are increased by fixing the monthly payment, which is in agreement.


The job of maintaining financial records is known as bookkeeping. It definitely would fail if financial transactions are not reported, and these documents are not kept correctly, whether or not the business is a large organization. Many may think bookkeeping is a straightforward work. However, any business owner understands that the documents must be treated properly or face failure so much more difficult than they are not expected to appear. All companies must maintain records of all their profits and expenditures and ensure that they are updated regularly. These records are essential to managing the bookkeeping of businesses correctly.

Affordable Small Business Bookkeeping Services

You can maintain your business financially correctly through bookkeeping services. Both revenues and expenditures related to your organization must be registered. All these documents are necessary to ensure your company’s proper bookkeeping. Make sure you have updated records of anything that happens in your company. You must employ bookkeeping services from the best firms offering the service to manage the records correctly.

Business owners cannot handle all accounts because they don’t clearly understand accounting and bookkeeping. Therefore, at competitive rates, they want to get ideal accounting services. Every day, new technology offers something unique. Shopping online has been trendier rather than markets. You can also purchase reliable small business services through online internet facilities. There are many Accounting services available on the internet, and before you hire them, you need to verify their reputation.

Available facilities for small business bookkeeping

All accounting records are necessary for any organization to handle best. Thus, nobody should ignore the value of small business bookkeeping services. Professional bookkeepers possess a variety of different skills. Not every business owner has all of the essential skills required to keep business records effectively. Until hiring any bookkeeping services, you should always consider your budget as this will help you find appropriate accounting services without any difficulty. Consequently, the best bookkeeping services are very important for organizations within their budgets.

Each business owner has not all the essential competencies required to keep business records efficiently. Until hiring any bookkeeping services, you should always consider your budget as this will help you find appropriate accounting services without any difficulty. It is very important, therefore, for companies to get the best bookkeeping services within their budget. Professional Bookkeeping Service will help to grow your business and continuous flow of money for other developments. Hire experts and maintain your business records.

The essential skills needed for life are called life skills. In other terms, a set of skills obtained either by learning or by life experience that helps them or their surroundings to solve problems and issues that happen in their day to day life are also called life skills. It also teaches creative thinking, effective communication, positive thoughts, responsibilities, decision-making, maintaining good relationships, and creating a healthy lifestyle. Some of them concentrate on anti-social behavior, crimes, and negative impacts. Since it has more moral values many organizations are doing life skills training for youth programs for many childhoods and adolescents.

The essential skills that are needed

There are wide varieties of life skills needed for children such as, focusing and self-control in which will help the children to focus on their goals without distractions. Setting the aim is an important skill it helps to find their need by prioritizing them like getting to know about their need and what they want to be in the future. The most important skill is communication. Youths need to know how to communicate with others better listening and communicating softly will lead the situation. Behavioral skill shows the individual characteristics, they need to learn the moral manners for example speaking politely, accepting their mistakes, and apologizing.

Significant life skill sets

Some more life skills are interpersonal, decision-making and problem-solving, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, time management, domestic skills, organizational skills, and the most important skill financial planning or budgeting. You need to teach about financial planning like what to spend, where to spend, and is that necessary, self-analyzing during the budget plan will improve the overall skills. Educational is very much needed for the present digital world and at least basic education should be provided to all.

Why do youths need basic life skill

Based on the situation and environment everyone needs the skill training whether it is in rural or urban places. In rural area peoples every day facing some troubles including for their survival need, by the life skill they can also reduce poverty and increase their life improvements with developing socio-economic status. In urban areas increase in modern life, many teenagers are facing problems like behavioral attitudes, frustration, stress, getting feared of negative situations, and for the reasons they also need skill development training. Training of children and youth will lead the world to a happier place.

Formulating the program

Initially, life skill training is developed based on the needs in the area. Then identifying the objectives and creating a strategy for the development program is done. Then designing the program materials and getting it done by preparing the skill trainers. Implementing the program and making the update is needed. Finally maintaining the life skill program is done. Whether life is hard is smooth, we need to get prepared for every situation and we must not be fed up by any unexpected negative situations. That’s why everyone needs to be learned with life skills. Many organizations, NGOs, and agencies are creating and conducting life skills training for youth programs.

With present-day regulatory compliance requirements, the compliance management system would provide the desired foundation for various organizations to employ a holistic approach to governance, compliance, and quality risk management.

The compliance management software would offer complete governance, compliance management tools, and risk to ensure efficiency and diligence in a myriad of regulations, statutes, and different compliance requirements essential for the survival of the business in the contemporary market.

Having an integrated platform enables you to manage all compliance processes inclusive of compliance management, policy management, risk management, litigation management, contract management, and audit & assurance.

Understanding the compliance management software

The compliance management software offers a business system competent to centralize, automate, consolidate, and streamline processes, communication, and files relevant to the adherence of the company. It would be important for meeting the regulations and standards of the respective industry.

The software would help you manage different kinds of risks, empower the staff with wider visibility, and arrange an optimized workflow. It would also help you gain knowledge on requirements for compliance for guiding and saving your company from expensive penalties or even shut down.

Why do you need compliance management software?

You may wonder about the need for compliance management software. Compliance management software would be required for maintaining legal, environmental, social, and financial standards. It would emphasize protecting the integrity of business and industry, overall standing, and accountability in the specific sector. It helps companies streamline their product compliance to make compliance better tracked, effective, and easier.

Clever compliance protects the rights of the employee, welfare, financial transparency, and environmental integrity. It also designs policies for institutional arrangements to carry risks and severe penalties due to non-adherence. The cutting-edge technology would help in clever product certification, reporting, monitoring, clever workflows, and clever marketplace needs.

Features of compliance management software

Businesses looking forward to investing in the product compliance management system should realize that its features would be dependent on the business specialization and thrusts along with specific business processes. The key features of the compliance management software would be inclusive of a user-friendly interface, fraud management, qualitative analytics, process management, document control, capacity development, incident management, offline capability, secured data, and integration capabilities.

Clever compliance helps the compliance teams save time and reduce the costs effectively by managing their responsibilities, activities, and risks.

Benefits of using compliance management software

Compliance management software mechanizes the tiresome process of sharing knowledge and communication, data collection, tracking changes, decision making, and integrating the entire system. Your business should invest in and use compliance software to reduce legal problems, improve operations and process efficiency, to improve brand and company reputation, to escalate informed decision-making process, and for effective communication and team collaboration.


Regal Assets is a top lading metal and gold investment company in the united stated. It obtains spotless names in the market, and it wishes to meet all want of the client without meeting any trouble of it. It runs with the experts’ help in the gold-backed IRA programs, so it gives a hand for the investor to be safe and increase the high profit. The Regal Assets ranked as the top company among the 500 lists, and the stock market is completed based on paper-based, which is much safer than other methods. This company deals in both sell and buys such gold, silver, and it assures to provide the best support to make money on investing such a company from here. It provides leap in the best gold portfolio management via by these years. 

 What are the pros of regal assets?

  • It has a first-class track record that fulfills almost every customer.
  • It has segregated storage support, which assists in protecting your gold and other material more safely.
  • It collects reasonable price in the market up to $15- per annually
  • This company follows the fast and right shipping processing, assuring to meet all wants of the client.
  • It is well known for all skills regarding the IRS to reliable and trustworthy support for the company.
  • It has flat-rate fees, and it will waive off for the gold from the start years.

Therefore it becomes the right option for the people to spend the money on this platform.

 An important reason to hire Regal Assets:

 The Regal Assets allows the customer to surround their valuable data before moving to the next step w with their earned money to be invested. They never force anyone into the sale, and they give assure purity bullion for the IRA, which gets approved by the company. This company offers the end number of storage by insurance at the most friendly price. It has high transparency in part of the fee and commission charge. Hence it becomes more comfortable for the customer to go with the right option.

Although the profession of well-being masseur does not require a diploma, the worker must be serious in order to reassure his potential clients. Thus, to be credible, a well-being masseur must undergo at least 500 hours of training in one of the many training centers or well-being massage schools listed in France. Like any other professional, he must prove knowledge, references and proven experience.

In the digital age, becoming a successful entrepreneur is more accessible than ever before. Anyone with a few bucks and an internet connection can become an Internet mogul if they play their cards right and have the patience and savvy to work the system.

What are the qualities required to be a self-employed wellness masseur?

The best advertisement for a wellness entrepreneur massager is the word-of-mouth. To be recognized as such, a good masseur must have the following qualities:

  • Sensitive
  • Sweet
  • Listening
  • Patient
  • Discreet
  • Rigorous
  • Precise
  • And empathetic.

In addition, a wellness masseur must have confidence in himself and be able to put his client at ease. Since emotional well-being is one of the goals of massage, this professional must have a good holistic and spiritual approach. Obviously, he must have a perfect knowledge of the body.

What missions for the wellness massage self-entrepreneur?

The first mission of a well-being masseur is to advise his client on the type of건마 massage best suited to his needs. After this step, he proceeds to the massage, the duration of which is about an hour on average. With his hands, he performs various movements and pressures on his client’s body. Depending on the desired results, the massage can be centered on the face, back, hands or feet.

Through his services, the well-being masseur helps his client to:

  • Feel better about yourself
  • Relax and unwind
  • Reduce stress
  • Fight against anxiety
  • Improve your emotional and physical balance

What is the average salary of a freelance wellness masseur?

The salary of a wellness massage practitioner varies according to his experience, skills, notoriety and the place where he works. In general, a beginner freelance wellness masseur earns around 1,200 to 1,600 euros. This can be a 1 for you.

How much does a massage cost?

The price of a wellness massage in a salon can range from 40 to 150 euros per session. However, the wellness practitioner, although independent, will not receive the full amount. Indeed, he must contribute to various social organizations such as social security, the retirement allowance fund and others because of his status of auto-entrepreneur. Visit for more on this.

How to become a self-employed wellness masseur?

Becoming a self-employed wellness massage therapist consists of creating an individual business. Liberal in nature, this activity is recognized by the Unions for the recovery of social security contributions and family allowances or URSSAF under the name “lymphatic drainage therapist”. Well-being massage is also recognized as a “manual technique of well-being and letting go”.

Business growth depends on the quality of services/products and the satisfaction rate of customers. In this evolving digital world, setting up advanced IT infrastructure is becoming an integral part of enterprises and other small and medium businesses in order to provide high-quality services. Besides that, often companies upgrade their infrastructure with new PCs, system updates, or other improvements to keep the IT infrastructure latest and efficient. In all such scenarios, the user files, documents, and settings are required to be migrated and re-adjusted into the new environment. This requires a lot of time, while the efficiency of the migration is also a big concern. Therefore, companies prefer to find a way to upgrade their PCs and perform PCs migration in minimal time with fewer resources. Compared to all the free and paid PC migration tools available in the market, the Tranxition PC migration tool known as Migration Manager is the solution to all PC migration challenges. Migration Manager has earned global respect owing to its migration speed, simple configurability, deep persona scanning, and accuracy.

Migration Manager Functionalities

Migration Manager is an ideal Windows PC migration software that provides features rich functionalities. Following are the different functionalities of Migration Manager that enable companies to supersede all PC migration challenges:

  • It provides super-fast migration speed, which makes it transfer 10GB of user files, documents, and other data in just 29 minutes.
  • It performs in-depth scanning of user personas that includes migrating user files and documents, Windows settings (control panel, Windows Explorer, taskbar, local printer logging, network and shared printer connections, and many more). The user files and settings can be captured from Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • It is easy to configure, along with an engaging user interface.
  • It migrates settings among different versions of an application or on the same version on different systems. Besides that, it can be customized for other applications support.
  • For large-scale migrations, it facilitates by offering fully-automated functionality, where no user intervention will be required.
  • It integrates with Kaseya, SCCM, KACE, Solar Winds, and others.
  • It provides NSA AES-256 encryption and backups changes before migration.

Common Migration Manager Work Scenarios

With our one million lines of coding and immense features, Migration Manager is serving a diverse range of industries. The common work scenarios of Migration Manager are as follow:

  • IT directed migrations
  • Regular PC refresh
  • Domain changes
  • User-initiated migrations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Settings and files backup
  • Management of systems and network
  • And many more.

Migration Manager is used by enterprises to perform hundreds of PC migrations flawlessly. Many enterprises have stated that the Migration Manager performed all the migrations without a single error. Similarly, small and medium businesses use Migration Manager owing to its low-cost licensing, in-depth migration, and other exceptional features. IT services firms and MSPs are also using Migration Manager to get a competitive advantage by providing user persona migration to their customers.