The essential skills needed for life are called life skills. In other terms, a set of skills obtained either by learning or by life experience that helps them or their surroundings to solve problems and issues that happen in their day to day life are also called life skills. It also teaches creative thinking, effective communication, positive thoughts, responsibilities, decision-making, maintaining good relationships, and creating a healthy lifestyle. Some of them concentrate on anti-social behavior, crimes, and negative impacts. Since it has more moral values many organizations are doing life skills training for youth programs for many childhoods and adolescents.

The essential skills that are needed

There are wide varieties of life skills needed for children such as, focusing and self-control in which will help the children to focus on their goals without distractions. Setting the aim is an important skill it helps to find their need by prioritizing them like getting to know about their need and what they want to be in the future. The most important skill is communication. Youths need to know how to communicate with others better listening and communicating softly will lead the situation. Behavioral skill shows the individual characteristics, they need to learn the moral manners for example speaking politely, accepting their mistakes, and apologizing.

Significant life skill sets

Some more life skills are interpersonal, decision-making and problem-solving, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, time management, domestic skills, organizational skills, and the most important skill financial planning or budgeting. You need to teach about financial planning like what to spend, where to spend, and is that necessary, self-analyzing during the budget plan will improve the overall skills. Educational is very much needed for the present digital world and at least basic education should be provided to all.

Why do youths need basic life skill

Based on the situation and environment everyone needs the skill training whether it is in rural or urban places. In rural area peoples every day facing some troubles including for their survival need, by the life skill they can also reduce poverty and increase their life improvements with developing socio-economic status. In urban areas increase in modern life, many teenagers are facing problems like behavioral attitudes, frustration, stress, getting feared of negative situations, and for the reasons they also need skill development training. Training of children and youth will lead the world to a happier place.

Formulating the program

Initially, life skill training is developed based on the needs in the area. Then identifying the objectives and creating a strategy for the development program is done. Then designing the program materials and getting it done by preparing the skill trainers. Implementing the program and making the update is needed. Finally maintaining the life skill program is done. Whether life is hard is smooth, we need to get prepared for every situation and we must not be fed up by any unexpected negative situations. That’s why everyone needs to be learned with life skills. Many organizations, NGOs, and agencies are creating and conducting life skills training for youth programs.