Business growth depends on the quality of services/products and the satisfaction rate of customers. In this evolving digital world, setting up advanced IT infrastructure is becoming an integral part of enterprises and other small and medium businesses in order to provide high-quality services. Besides that, often companies upgrade their infrastructure with new PCs, system updates, or other improvements to keep the IT infrastructure latest and efficient. In all such scenarios, the user files, documents, and settings are required to be migrated and re-adjusted into the new environment. This requires a lot of time, while the efficiency of the migration is also a big concern. Therefore, companies prefer to find a way to upgrade their PCs and perform PCs migration in minimal time with fewer resources. Compared to all the free and paid PC migration tools available in the market, the Tranxition PC migration tool known as Migration Manager is the solution to all PC migration challenges. Migration Manager has earned global respect owing to its migration speed, simple configurability, deep persona scanning, and accuracy.

Migration Manager Functionalities

Migration Manager is an ideal Windows PC migration software that provides features rich functionalities. Following are the different functionalities of Migration Manager that enable companies to supersede all PC migration challenges:

  • It provides super-fast migration speed, which makes it transfer 10GB of user files, documents, and other data in just 29 minutes.
  • It performs in-depth scanning of user personas that includes migrating user files and documents, Windows settings (control panel, Windows Explorer, taskbar, local printer logging, network and shared printer connections, and many more). The user files and settings can be captured from Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • It is easy to configure, along with an engaging user interface.
  • It migrates settings among different versions of an application or on the same version on different systems. Besides that, it can be customized for other applications support.
  • For large-scale migrations, it facilitates by offering fully-automated functionality, where no user intervention will be required.
  • It integrates with Kaseya, SCCM, KACE, Solar Winds, and others.
  • It provides NSA AES-256 encryption and backups changes before migration.

Common Migration Manager Work Scenarios

With our one million lines of coding and immense features, Migration Manager is serving a diverse range of industries. The common work scenarios of Migration Manager are as follow:

  • IT directed migrations
  • Regular PC refresh
  • Domain changes
  • User-initiated migrations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Settings and files backup
  • Management of systems and network
  • And many more.

Migration Manager is used by enterprises to perform hundreds of PC migrations flawlessly. Many enterprises have stated that the Migration Manager performed all the migrations without a single error. Similarly, small and medium businesses use Migration Manager owing to its low-cost licensing, in-depth migration, and other exceptional features. IT services firms and MSPs are also using Migration Manager to get a competitive advantage by providing user persona migration to their customers.