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Working in Egypt as an Expat is a fantastic option if you’re interested in getting work experience in the Middle East. As a regional and national driving force, the country provides various business opportunities for expats.

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Employment in Egypt with an Employer of Record Service (EOR Egypt)

Good to know:

  • The Egyptian economy was hit during the revolution, leading to the tourism industry growth being stagnant for a long time.
  • Today, many multinational organizations provide job opportunities for expats and local nationals.
  • The financial reforms undertaken between 2004 and 2008, with their market-oriented strategy, brought many overseas investors.
  • Annual growth rates which seldom fall below 5 percent gives a good notion of Egypt’s financial potential.
  • The tourism sector accounts for one in eight jobs and over 11 percent of their GDP.
  • In 2015, greater levels of international exchange aided GDP growth to rally after the troubled period that imposed a hit on the market.

Egypt’s Economy

Although only 2.8percent of the nation’s total area is arable, Egypt is quite agriculturally oriented. About a third of the workforce is employed in the principal industry, and the typical flooding on the banks of the Nile supply them with lots of effort: Multiple yearly crops will be the standard. The agricultural industry has been doing well, because it’s sheltered from political unrest and intense weather conditions.

Egypt is home to different industries like auto and textile manufacturing, chemicals, and steel. The manufacturing business, which included 15.5percent of GDP in 2015, is getting back on course following a recent downturn throughout the Egyptian revolution. The services industry remains the most significant part of Egypt’s economy, accounting to 47.5 percent of their entire GDP.

A third of the country’s industry can be found in Cairo. Concerning natural resources, Egypt gains greatly from its own oil supplies. The Suez Canal is sheltered from inner political ongoings and, consequently, its earnings remain stable at roughly 5 billion USD annually.

Egypt’s Business Hub

Cairo is the undisputed centre of Egypt in virtually every respect. Over one in ten of the nation’s inhabitants are living and working in Cairo and its metropolitan location.

With almost all the country’s film studios and major papers found in the town, operating in Cairo is a significant step in the livelihood of several Egyptian press creatives. Egyptian films are appreciated throughout the Arab world, and functioning in Cairo has frequently become the first step on the path to stardom for an aspiring actor.

As operating in Cairo has experienced a sudden rise in popularity as the 1990s, the town government had difficulties keeping up with the accelerated pace of building. Thus, there’s a continuous demand for individuals working in Cairo’s building industry and about the construction sites of several new jobs.

Obviously, tourism is essential to the town too. However, the city retains many sights of its own, and working in Cairo’s roads as a tourist souvenir or guide seller is a favorite among the local people.

Opportunities for Expats

Owing to the regional and global significance, workers working in Cairo-based branches of transnational corporations play an essential part in the amount of expats making up the Cairo workforce. Oil companies and communications suppliers particularly offer many tasks which need their holder to be functioning in Cairo. Additional expat-heavy branches of business include structure, engineering, the chemical business, and renewable energies.

A number of Western-educated physicians are currently operating in Cairo’s global hospitals. A number of different expats earn a living from the tourism industry, frequently in management or executive positions.

Small business owners would often be intimidated when they come across the task of finding small business attorney las vegas. The attorney should represent their business needs in the best possible way. It would be vital for a company owner to have an attorney ready to represent their interests as and when the need arises. When you interview potential law firms, consider looking for a few essential aspects to help you find the best small business attorney to meet your specific needs. It would be pertinent to mention here that the small business attorney should be competent to handle the specific needs of the business without any hassles. 

The foremost aspect in a small business attorney would be specialization. The attorney should be a specialist in the field or industry your business deals with. It would help the attorney understand the issues that you face in the industry. Without a specialist in the industry, you may have to face significant trouble when a complication arises. The attorney should be conversant of the different practices most business owners use for handling your business interests. The fee structure of the specialist attorney in the region would be higher. However, you should look for an attorney willing to handle your specific needs at an affordable price. 

The accessibility of your attorney would also be important for your business. Therefore, when you hire the services of a small business attorney, consider the one easily accessible. The attorney maybe handling other small businesses as well, therefore, it would be in your best interest to look for an attorney providing adequate time and dedication in handling your business issues and problems. The attorney should not be handling a small business that is your counterpart in the industry. Look for an attorney providing unique solutions suitable to your specific and unique problems. 


As we head towards the winter and the darker nights, businesses should consider their risk of burglary and introduce new measures to protect their premises, assets, and staff. You’ll need much more than a standard burglar alarm system and 999 on speed dial if you want to outmanoeuvre today’s criminals – below, we’ve put together some tips on boosting security.

Consider CCTV installation


Whilst it may seem expensive initially, CCTV installation is one of the best ways to give your business added protection against criminals, and peace of mind when you’re away from your premises. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of CCTV installation is that, as well as being a deterrent to most criminals, it protects you should your business fall victim to crime. You will not only have evidence of a burglary or other wrongdoing, but you can prove it to your insurance company and ensure you’re protected financially. Paying a third-party facility management company to monitor your CCTV and provide on-the-ground security can help.

Know who’s coming in

Unless you’re a customer-facing business and see hundreds of clients at your office space each day, the chances are that you’ll only welcome guests occasionally. Because of this, you should invest in a system that allows you to track who is coming into your premises, and who is leaving. You could go down the old-fashioned route of a visitor’s book, but a self-service system could prove to be an alternative, welcoming guests into your premises and collecting information on them. This can prevent unwanted visitors, account for everyone in your office at any one time, and also allow you to collect data for future marketing and sales purposes.

Don’t forget about your staff

In the UK, employee theft costs businesses more than £190 million every year. It’s vital that you know who has access to sensitive information and money and vet them regularly to ensure they’re performing with your company’s best interests at heart. Employee theft can have a significant impact on your business, so create a policy, supervise staff carefully, and be sensitive when handling a potential theft; collect evidence before you go in for the kill.

Plan for the worst

Something else that businesses should do is make a plan for the worst-case-scenario. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that crime does happen, and whether it’s a break-in, a robbery, or even a terrorist attack, having a plan in place will give you added protection. Think about how you can secure sensitive business assets, have dedicated contacts to hand, and think about how your staff can be protected from physical harm; you may need a secure room.

Think about locks

Finally, think about locks in your office space. Who has access, when were the locks last changed, and do they work? More advanced technologies such as contactless keyless entry or even facial recognition entry could be offered as an alternative to both streamline the locking and unlocking process, and protect your office space and assets from entering into the wrong hands. Some measures may seem extreme, but they’re vitally important.

There you have it – some tips on boosting office security. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on running a safe and successful business, and leave your questions in the comments.

Lots of online retailers are nowadays considering the eCommerce conversion rates as a significant issue. In the process, abandoned shopping carts irritate the most. That’s why; retailers have to work very hard to attract the visitors.

Let us first understand the meaning of conversion in eCommerce. 

A conversion rate is defined as a percentage of total users that are taking the necessary action on a website. It is usually required for clicking a link or just signing up an email newsletter. In any eCommerce business, the prime objective is to get the visitors to purchase something.

Tips used for increasing the eCommerce conversion rate

We are here mentioning some of the tried methods for boosting the conversion rates of the website.

  • Minimizing the load times

According to the report, there are lots of mobile users leaving a site if the time of loading is high. For this, the best way is to optimize the website from time to time. All can be started with website hosting and CMS.

  • Making use of responsive web design

The responsive web design is usually coded and get adapted to the device automatically. It is true that the mobile eCommerce is expected to contribute around 45% of its part in a business. Hence, responsive web design is needed to decrease the bounce rate.

  • Provide easy navigation

Observing the difficulty in navigation could be a result of long browsing times and a high bounce rate. Obviously, the visitors can’t buy the thing that they are unable to see. Hence, it is required to show a balance between the products and make them available to the buyers.

  • Using effective content

User-generated content such as reviews, photos, and others is quite useful in pushing customers to make a purchase. It has been seen that in some of the industries, the excellent content boosts up the conversion rates up to 200%. Usually, customers find photos and reviews quite helpful while purchasing anything.

SaleHelpr, thus, is here for those who are looking into the ways of skyrocket their conversion rates and increase the revenue. We work to engage your users more with the website. They can use one line of code for installing the website, creating the notifications, and generating more leads, growth, and conversions.


If your glasses are bent or don’t fit, simply make a trip and Pacific Lenses can alter them for you. In the event that you might want to substitute your unique, manufacturer-made sunglass lenses, they will be able to do that as well. Pacific Lenses additionally do modifications, repair nose pads and missing or broken screws. They can fix or replace parts, including lenses from Pacific Lenses. 

Prescription Sunglasses 

There are numerous alternatives with regards to sun protection when wearing glasses including cut on’s, attractive clasps, or “cheaters”: those curiously large sunglasses that fit over your optical frames. Yet, in the event that you invest a lot of energy in the sun, you might need to consider the accommodation of either prescription sunglasses or Transition lenses. 

Sunglasses can be made in any prescription making use of the most recent in smart sunglass frames. Your lone limitations are directed by the curvature of ‘wraparound’ frames, which can cause distortion in your peripheral vision particularly in high prescriptions. Look over Polarized, non-Polarized, or a custom tint. 

Progress lenses (otherwise called photochromic lenses) will be lenses that change from clear to dark when presented to UV rays. Indoors and around evening time, Transition lenses use to be as clear as ordinary clear lenses. Outside, when presented to the UV rays, they use to turn sunglass dark, upgrading the nature of vision to decrease glare, limiting fatigue and eyestrain, and improving differentiation in every light condition. 

One of the freshest advancement technologies on the market is polarized change lenses. Changes Vantage lenses are the solitary lenses intended to both darken and spellbind upon UV presentation to convey recognizably sharper, crisper, vision, even in the most splendid outdoor glare. 

Which lenses does Pacific Lenses offer? 

Lens coatings can give extra optical advantages just as improving the presence of your glasses. Amongst the coatings accessible are: Scratch coats, Anti-Reflective, and ultraviolet (UV) coatings. Mirror coatings use to be additionally accessible. 

Anti-Reflective coatings, additionally know as ‘AR’ or anti-glare coatings, will be coatings for the most part applied to the front and rear surface of lenses for the motivation behind reducing glare or reflections. If you drive around evening time a decent AR coating shrinks down glare or the star/radiance impact from approaching headlights while improving your night vision. Anti-Reflective coatings have additionally been demonstrated valuable when making use of a computer for broadened timeframes by lessening glare off of the monitor, which, thusly, facilitates eyestrain. From a cosmetic standpoint, AR coatings diminish the sparkle and reflection off of high index lenses, which will in general be more brilliant because of their slenderness. 

Indeed, even metal can be scratched, so what chance does plastic or glass have? While not defensive against profound scratches or gouging, a scratch-verification coating can make your lenses more impervious to the fine scratches that accompany everyday wear and even from cleaning them with something as apparently delicate as napkins or paper towels. For the most part a scratchproof coat will accompany a service contract on your Oakley twoface lenses.


Running a business isn’t easy. When it comes to purchasing handling equipment, you need to make mindful decisions. Sometimes you are confused about whether to buy the Forklift on sale or the other items you might need. Purchasing a forklift is an expensive affair, so you might wonder whether renting one is a better and more financial option or not. We are here to help you make an informed decision regarding renting a forklift. Here is why opting for a long term rental for a forklift is an excellent idea for your business.

Easier on the pocket

When you opt for a long term rental of a forklift, it costs significantly lesser than buying one. You can use this money to invest in other equipment that you might be needing. When you are making payments for the rental, it counts as an operating expense and is 100% deductible as business expenses. There is no confusion regarding depreciation schedules or damaging tax ramifications at the end of the year. Renting a forklift implies entering into a long-term agreement based upon expected hours and operating conditions that you are planning to rent and use. You could compare the purchasing of the piece with renting it. You are paying 100% for an asset irrespective of whether you plan to use it or not. Renting it makes it easier on the pocket.

Fixed Payments 

Renting a forklift frees you from unpleasant cost surprises. You enter into a long-term agreement, which also includes maintenance and unforeseen unexpected repairs. Which in contrast to owning your own forklift. If your forklift breaks down or is due for maintenance, you have to pay for it from your own pocket. But renting a forklift means everything else is covered for, and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Less Maintenance

Maintenance is the pre-requisite of owning a forklift. You need to maintain the fleet and need mechanics, tools, and parts to take care of the vehicle. This only takes up space in the warehouse. The technology used for operating forklift also keeps changing. When you are due for another upgrade, there is more money than you need to shell out in order to buy a new forklift. In both these cases, renting a forklift seems like the best option. You don’t have to bear the cost of maintenance as it is already covered in the agreement. Whenever the machinery is due for an update, you could always rent another forklift for the long term.


One of the best parts of renting is the amount of flexibility. You could either rent a piece of new or older equipment based on your needs’ conditions. In case of a breakdown for larger fleets, there is always a stand that is available to help you get through the day without losing any time or money. Renting also reduces the risk of labor and parts prices, which are increased by fixing the monthly payment, which is in agreement.


With present-day regulatory compliance requirements, the compliance management system would provide the desired foundation for various organizations to employ a holistic approach to governance, compliance, and quality risk management.

The compliance management software would offer complete governance, compliance management tools, and risk to ensure efficiency and diligence in a myriad of regulations, statutes, and different compliance requirements essential for the survival of the business in the contemporary market.

Having an integrated platform enables you to manage all compliance processes inclusive of compliance management, policy management, risk management, litigation management, contract management, and audit & assurance.

Understanding the compliance management software

The compliance management software offers a business system competent to centralize, automate, consolidate, and streamline processes, communication, and files relevant to the adherence of the company. It would be important for meeting the regulations and standards of the respective industry.

The software would help you manage different kinds of risks, empower the staff with wider visibility, and arrange an optimized workflow. It would also help you gain knowledge on requirements for compliance for guiding and saving your company from expensive penalties or even shut down.

Why do you need compliance management software?

You may wonder about the need for compliance management software. Compliance management software would be required for maintaining legal, environmental, social, and financial standards. It would emphasize protecting the integrity of business and industry, overall standing, and accountability in the specific sector. It helps companies streamline their product compliance to make compliance better tracked, effective, and easier.

Clever compliance protects the rights of the employee, welfare, financial transparency, and environmental integrity. It also designs policies for institutional arrangements to carry risks and severe penalties due to non-adherence. The cutting-edge technology would help in clever product certification, reporting, monitoring, clever workflows, and clever marketplace needs.

Features of compliance management software

Businesses looking forward to investing in the product compliance management system should realize that its features would be dependent on the business specialization and thrusts along with specific business processes. The key features of the compliance management software would be inclusive of a user-friendly interface, fraud management, qualitative analytics, process management, document control, capacity development, incident management, offline capability, secured data, and integration capabilities.

Clever compliance helps the compliance teams save time and reduce the costs effectively by managing their responsibilities, activities, and risks.

Benefits of using compliance management software

Compliance management software mechanizes the tiresome process of sharing knowledge and communication, data collection, tracking changes, decision making, and integrating the entire system. Your business should invest in and use compliance software to reduce legal problems, improve operations and process efficiency, to improve brand and company reputation, to escalate informed decision-making process, and for effective communication and team collaboration.


Although the profession of well-being masseur does not require a diploma, the worker must be serious in order to reassure his potential clients. Thus, to be credible, a well-being masseur must undergo at least 500 hours of training in one of the many training centers or well-being massage schools listed in France. Like any other professional, he must prove knowledge, references and proven experience.

What are the qualities required to be a self-employed wellness masseur?

The best advertisement for a wellness entrepreneur massager is the word-of-mouth. To be recognized as such, a good masseur must have the following qualities:

  • Sensitive
  • Sweet
  • Listening
  • Patient
  • Discreet
  • Rigorous
  • Precise
  • And empathetic.

In addition, a wellness masseur must have confidence in himself and be able to put his client at ease. Since emotional well-being is one of the goals of massage, this professional must have a good holistic and spiritual approach. Obviously, he must have a perfect knowledge of the body.

What missions for the wellness massage self-entrepreneur?

The first mission of a well-being masseur is to advise his client on the type of건마 massage best suited to his needs. After this step, he proceeds to the massage, the duration of which is about an hour on average. With his hands, he performs various movements and pressures on his client’s body. Depending on the desired results, the massage can be centered on the face, back, hands or feet.

Through his services, the well-being masseur helps his client to:

  • Feel better about yourself
  • Relax and unwind
  • Reduce stress
  • Fight against anxiety
  • Improve your emotional and physical balance

What is the average salary of a freelance wellness masseur?

The salary of a wellness massage practitioner varies according to his experience, skills, notoriety and the place where he works. In general, a beginner freelance wellness masseur earns around 1,200 to 1,600 euros. This can be a 1 for you.

How much does a massage cost?

The price of a wellness massage in a salon can range from 40 to 150 euros per session. However, the wellness practitioner, although independent, will not receive the full amount. Indeed, he must contribute to various social organizations such as social security, the retirement allowance fund and others because of his status of auto-entrepreneur. Visit for more on this.

How to become a self-employed wellness masseur?

Becoming a self-employed wellness massage therapist consists of creating an individual business. Liberal in nature, this activity is recognized by the Unions for the recovery of social security contributions and family allowances or URSSAF under the name “lymphatic drainage therapist”. Well-being massage is also recognized as a “manual technique of well-being and letting go”.


As students enter school, the old computers and software of the early 2000s seem like ancient artifacts compared to the modern tools we have at our disposal. There’s very little point in teaching children how to use Office 2003 when it is so out of date. Similar issues arise when looking at creative programs. But what is the solution for this problem?

One potential solution is Adobe Creative Cloud. This set of programs can teach students valuable skills that they will keep with them after the exit school. Considering how many programs are included in Creative Cloud are used as the professional standard, this could benefit students greatly. 

Software like Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and Illustrator are all some of the most common pieces used in Hollywood movies, professional marketing campaigns and the modern art market. Schools that incorporate Adobe Creative Cloud into their lessons provide students with a huge advantage on a technological and creative level. Students with this skillset will stand a far better chance in the job market too. What makes this even more beneficial is the fact that this software is available to students at a much cheaper rate. Click here to get Adobe Creative Cloud Student pricing.

The Adobe Creative Cloud can be particularly useful for classes that are looking to pin down students’ interests. An art class could really use Adobe Illustrator to show how art teams for various businesses come up with the designs they use. Whether it is in marketing or the logo of the company, this software makes sure that they have the necessary tools to come up with what they are looking for. Regardless of what level the students are, introducing them to a modern sort of art software can really put them on the path to prosperity. 

Then there are other programs like Photoshop and Premiere Pro. These two are the industry standards for photo and video editing. Whether a student would like to be a professional photographer, Instagram influencer or Hollywood editor, these are the building blocks that will make sure they have the necessary skills to achieve those sorts of careers. If a school acquires the Creative Cloud for its students, they might even come up with some projects that could launch them into the business world even before they leave school. Creative ideas are always in demand in the market. Those who know how to use the software to come up with those creative ideas are already at an advantage. 

Schools are meant to teach. Whether it is a group of younger children just playing around editing a picture on Photoshop, or older ones looking to develop their own short film on Premiere Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud allows for students to truly find their creative passion – it’s in the name, after all. Using tutorials to help students learn these skills can make the process much easier. Whether it is a lesson for Photoshop beginners or a tutorial on how to edit a pictures professionally, the benefits that can come from Adobe Creative Cloud for students are nearly limitless. 

Who understands personal financial management better than Tio Scrooge? The classic character in comics is even known as a miser, since he takes care of every penny with great affection. But financial management is not just about managing money.

This is a personal skill that, if well developed, can make you earn more and spend less, putting your flow in a wealth trend. This is just one of the personal financial management tips we take from the “biography” of the richest duck in the world. We will still show you many other tips in this article, which draws the wisdom of a pop icon of wealth. And if you need help with any question, you can leave your comment at the bottom of the page. You can Make money online tutorial now.

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What is Personal Financial Management?

Discover the concept and how personal financial management works.

Personal financial management is a set of techniques and strategies that shape the way you earn, save and invest money.

It is usually done with some clear objective that can be:

  • Have an  emergency fund
  • Retire  early
  • Build a legacy
  • Buy some item
  • Travel
  • Work less
  • Being rich like Scrooge Uncle.

There are countless financial goals that you can have. They can be linked to your life project for the future (like having an average monthly income of at least R $ 1,000) or just personal achievements, like having your first car or being financially independent. For all purposes, you will need personal financial planning.

The Map Options

This will be your map where you analyze all the paths and decide which will be the path to your financial success. In your financial planning, you will define how much you need to earn, how much you must save and how much you need to invest to reach your goal in a predetermined period of time.

Don’t you have that yet? Are your dreams just dreams? So it’s time to turn them into practical goals and fight for it. The tips we will see next are not the financial planning of Tio Scrooge , but much better than that: they are the wisdom of the financial manager Tio Scrooge and show how he transformed this wisdom into a quadrillion dollars. If you want to learn more about financial planning, read this other full article on our blog.

Why it is important to manage personal finances

One of the great challenges for a person who considers himself “independent” is the administration of personal finances. To stop relying on parents’ collaboration and to rely on their own resources requires planning, dedication and strategy.