September 2020


Recycling of foil converter can save significant amount of the energy needed to make the metal from raw materials. Recycling and refining of the foil converts can prevent the accumulation of the waste on the landfill. Scrap recycling industries are flourishing across the globe. Whether you are wholesale or non-wholesale scarp foil converter seller with the reliable and professional foil converter processing company you can consistently get handsome payout at the same time can contribute to the environment. Most of the foil converter processing companies with their years of experienced, highly skillful professionals and cutting-edge technology can recycle the foil converter efficiently and recover the precious metals at higher amount.

Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converters for vehicle use consist normally of an active catalytic material in a specifically made steel housing which directs the exhaust gas circulation with the driver bed. The driver is generally made up of a little mass of active material such as noble metal, or a mix of change as well as non-transition steels, deposited on thermally steady support products such as alumina.

Evaluate the credibility

In today’s digital era, you are able to conveniently search for the best foil converter recycling companies online. Go through the websites of few reputable companies and then get relevant information such as range of services offered, speed of payout, transparency while providing comparative count, a complete weight report, a weight breakdown, assay report, etc. Regardless of your location you can avail the transport and storage services of the company and can sell your scarp with great ease. To maintain the transparency of the process system many companies encourage suppliers to visit their facilities and be aware of the method followed by the company for catalytic converter and foil converter refining.

Promote refining

Catalytic converters are widely used in vehicles to reduce the amount of emission of harmful toxic in the air. To build the catalytic converter many precious metals have been used such as platinum, rhodium, palladium, metal foils, etc. consequently the demand for the PGM is always at high. If you recycle the catalytic converters it reduces the need to pull additional resources from the environment. PGM production is time consuming and stressful process that involves erase of processes such as such as mining operation, flotation, smelting, converting, leaching, purification, etc. Hence promote recycling and prevent the disturbance of the natural.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, people had to spend time away from their friends. This was brought about by the social and physical distancing rules put forward. Many governments all over the world imposed these rules to curb the spread of the virus. However, people have tried to stay in touch through screens devices in many cases. Research by Zoom fatigue showed that video interaction could not replace the one on one interactions. Human beings need social interaction. The study also proved that those who were sheltered experienced loneliness.

Loneliness is considered to be a public health issue by most researchers. Some researcher says that social interactions are a biological need for the physical wellbeing of a person. On the other side, another research shows that loneliness leads to depression, increasing premature mortality. Human beings are generally meant to be social. Interacting with other peoples that is the friends boosts your mental health.

The biggest question during this pandemic period is our interactions safe? We should be cautious with how we interact to ensure we are safe to avoid the risk of contracting the virus. You should know the boundaries while interacting with others and take caution

You should note that mental health is as important as physical health. In case you note you are anxious about social interactions, you should not hesitate to see a therapist. Contraction of the virus has led to weird behaviors and isolation; neither is the solution. Talking to a therapist could be the most significant step to your wellbeing.

Follow the guidelines and avoid fake news

According to the world health organization, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in false information. The online platforms have been loaded with much information with little or no proof of what is wrong or right. It has also been challenging to know what to do and the risk of doing a particular activity. Therefore, one should be careful about the information we get from the media. We should be kin to follow the guidelines given by the health experts.

To be at ease with our anxiety concerning social interactions, we need information from trusted sources. This will reduce the speculations and the invention of our safety measures, which may be useful or not at times. A good example is that the WHO recommends that we should not wear masks while exercising.

Play within your limits

As you open your social circle, you should first evaluate yourself. As an individual, you are aware of the factors that alter your response to coronavirus. Have you experienced any traumatic event? According to a study by the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 50% of American adults experience Trauma in their lives. If you are overwhelmed by negative emotions, you should see a therapist. These will help you adjust and get back to social interactions.

Respect other peoples boundaries

The fact is that not all the people you meet will be on the same page with you on matters concerning the coronavirus. Others will not be familiar with social interaction rules. Since we do not know the experience, other people have neither do they realize ours; we should show some respect. Before we meet our friends, we should discuss our boundaries. It would be best to let your friend know what you are comfortable with and what makes you uncomfortable. The friend should also do the same for you to build an understanding. Doing this, your social interactions will be positive to your mental health.

This is a challenging time, and we should support one another to fight loneliness. If you happen to find yourself struggling with loneliness, you should consult a therapist through teleheatlh services like Talkspace, which is available on the Apple app store, and through Android devices.

Setting up a business is an uphill task. Not everyone can do it. It requires constant efforts, persistence, and perseverance. In spite of all the hard work you put in setting up your business, there comes a time when you have to let it go. Same cannot be said about the huge corporations, but a small business with a single owner is either sold or shut down eventually.

When is the right time to consider selling your business?

There are a few symptoms that make you realize that it is time to let go of your business.

  • You start to get tired easily and find it hard to focus.
  • You cannot keep working consistently for hours.
  • You get irritated easily and feel like you are going senile.

For selling a business, these signs are the first indication that you cannot manage your business anymore. As a single owner, it is better to sell it and use the money to enjoy your retirement.

What are the essential steps to follow before selling your business?

There are three steps that you must follow and should not rush into selling a business in Orlando FL

  • Do proper market research about the evaluation and market value of your company.
  • When you are fixing the final price, do not overlook the annual growth rate of your business.
  • Create and practice a good presentation.

Why market research is necessary to calculate the true evaluation of your company?

Market rates are flexible. Therefore, you must do proper research before finalizing your sales price. The price should not be too less because it will cause you loss. Similarly, the price should not be too high. A high price will scare away your potential buyers.

A physical property also has its real estate cost. Therefore, you must take everything into account before quoting your final price.

Why annual growth rate is essential

Annual growth rate shows how much your company grows in a year. It shows how every year the revenue keeps increasing. Take this statistic into account when you think about the final cost.

The need of a good presentation

If you prepare everything in advance, you will be able to do your presentation better than anyone else. Collect all facts and data related to your company. Compile all the data together for creating a presentation.

A good presentation creates a positive impact on the client.

What are some of the things that you must avoid?

You must definitely avoid business selling brokers. They take too much brokerage and sometimes miscalculate your company’s value.

Instead, go for a better option. There are many online business selling platforms. You can connect with them. They will take your entire data including the annual average growth rate and calculate your company’s value based on all these factors.

No brokerage

The best benefit of using an online platform is that you do not have to pay for the brokerage. These platforms let you use their tools and functions at a minimal cost.

Hence, you must keep these things in mind before you finalize your deal with a buyer.

It is very important to shed light on what the purpose of the service is before you opt for it. This is also the case when you have to opt for any Vacuum Casting Services!

Before anything else, let us find out what Vacuum Casting. This process works on prototyping technology permitting duplication of plastic parts from a master model. What happens in the process of Vacuum Casting is that it makes use of vacuum effect to inject material into the silicone. The raw material present is mixed and poured into the mold. The mold is removed from the chamber after the vacuum is released. The casting is cured with the help of a curing oven after which the mold is removed for the completed casting. In technical terms, this process is for elastomers with the help of a vacuum to draw liquid matter into the mold.

It is important to note that there is a requirement of two curing ovens for vacuum casting. The first oven is for an operation that is permanently on and is used to store resins. The temperature of this oven should be at 35 degrees Celsius. The other oven has a constant temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, which is necessary and stays constant. This oven is used to get perfect casting outcomes by pre-tempering silicone molds at this temperature. In order to temper the plastic part to reach optimal strength, put the silicone mold back into the oven after casting.

It is very essential to know where all vacuum casting is applied. That parts that are extracted by the process of vacuum casting are used for visual and functional testing. The few properties like thermal, physical, mechanical and aesthetic of the parts extracted are very similar to that of the series injection part. For aesthetic purposes, it offers accuracy and good finishing options. Even product turnaround is extremely fast with the help of vacuum casting when the company wants to stay away from loopholes in the business stream. When you want to create parts with unique shapes and small wall thickness. It is essential to know that vacuum casting is economical if you compare it to other processes like plastic injection molding.

It should also be known that vacuum casting is also used for automotive and aerospace parts. Not to forget, it is also found to be used in decorative objects like wall plaques and custom ornaments. Another application for vacuum casting is found in product marketing and for prosthetic as well as medical devices. It is ultimate to make models and prototypes, that of absolutely any size.

The advantages of vacuum casting are endless! The parts can be manufactured in not huge volumes also. With fewer expenses, it is interesting to know that this process is fast-paced and offers fast delivery production. If you want to launch a product in the market, you can always rely on vacuum casting to test the product beforehand. There are a plethora of options for materials and any flexible or rigid plastics can also be used. The materials used in vacuum casting include acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) which is available at very low costs and easily available around the world. The second commonly used material is polypropylene (PP) which is a widely used plastic that can be molded in any possible way. Vacuum casting can be done using glass-filled material that helps in increasing the rigidity and the strength of the structure. As wax can be formed into anything, be it wires or sheets, which can be also possibly used for vacuum casting. There is polycarbonate (PC) that is available in transparent forms and offers high resistance. The last but not the least, rubber being strong and tough is also a material often opted for vacuum casting. It is totally up to the person taking the vacuum casting services to make a decision about which material they want to go with.

Now, when we talk about services of any kind, we always want the best and nothing else. Before taking the vacuum services as well, it is very important to make sure that you choose the best service provider. One should never compromise over quality. It is very important to go through the feedback and reviews that the company you are planning to go with for the services. For a process like a vacuum casting, you need thorough experts who have knowledge about the procedure from A to Z. They should know everything about all equipment, tools and the material that is going to be used. The best of best manufacturing solutions should be delivered in order to meet the needs of the customers. It is always ideal to go for the most experienced service provider so all requirements are taken care of and met.

Vacuum casting is used worldwide. There is definitely not a single place where this process is not adopted for function testing, creating ultimate peers or for marketing purposes. The reason for going for this process varies for everyone but the importance of it stays intact.

Thanks to the online world, you can easily find information about vacuum casting and who to refer to. Even to get in touch with the service providers, you can go online and book for what you want! You can always jot down the contact number given on the official website of the service providers and give a call to find out more! It is always advised to speak to an expert who can answer all your possible queries and questions. It is naturally understandable that vacuum casting is a technical process and there can be several doubts that might arise with respect to the process.

If you are thinking of opting for casting vacuum, be yet assured that you will be saving a lot of expenses by not spending on other procedures and will receive fast-paced work with no delays at all!

Big thumbs up to vacuum casting!

Rule Number One – Before getting started with new commercial construction, you must spend some money. Hire the most experienced and competent planner to create a Detailed Programmer to Completion (DPC) and commercial drafting design. Regardless of the nature of their employment, such as permanent or freelancing, they must possess the necessary skills and expertise. Remember that these people are paid the most in the commercial sector. On an annual basis, permanent staff will be cheaper if you have enough projects to keep them occupied. Your DPC will guarantee timely completion of the project while adhering to your budget and standards. The expense of that DPC looks pale in comparison to then LAD if you don’t finish on time.

Rule Number Two – If you’re the main contractor, the number of your usable human resources can vary. However, you will have a few sub-contractors. When you are making the contract agreement with them, don’t be a cheapskate! Cheaper services will most certainly let you down, and the project will be a failure. Thoroughly research all applicants and ascertain that they have the skills and expertise needed from them. Here is some useful advice from a commercial construction expert:-

Approach multiple cubbies. Ignore the ones at the top; they are greedier. Avoid also the cheapest; they have no clue what they are doing. Opt for the second-best, and you’ll have no problems during the project.

Rule Number Three – New commercial construction is fast-paced and complicated. It may seem stupid, but if you want your project to go smoothly, ensure reliable Site-Based Management on the job, one who is willing. We have watched multiple commercial construction projects in a freelance role land in hot waters, only because the project team was not up to it. If you’re in this situation and you accept a job like that, remove those kinds of people from the site.

Does that mean you have to pay extra for good site management than you would for incompetent ones? Not precisely, good sub-contractors are still affordable if they avoid LAD for you.

Rule Number Four – Since you’ve acquired that DPC and have provided it to everyone, your Cubbies are now aware of their responsibilities. Before they are wanted on the project site, contact them, and make sure all their materials have been ordered in good time, so they don’t have to stand idle waiting for it! When they arrive on the job, don’t be overbearing and remember the ones building the project are their experienced tradesmen. All you have to do is to delegate tasks and organize them. Get around everyone and try to establish personal kinships with the tradesmen. If you succeed, they will offer you free advice on potential problems way before you’d find out the hard way. In addition, this will encourage them to de-snag as you lay off their initiative, mainly because they know your intentions are only to be out and about and look at their work!

Rule Number Five– This is still a commercial construction project, and we want it to run smoothly. We just have one more important thing to mention; the customer and their team! So here’s some the old folk wisdom – The biggest problem with any business is the clients. We all want a smoothly-run project, but how do we deal with the customers? Easy peasy! Reach out and try to build a good working relationship with their Project manager and possibly their Project Director with oversight of the project. Include them as part of your Project Team. This way, there will be better decision making during a transitional phase or if any problems arise. Also, if you ever need commercial drafting design revisions or clarification on a technical point, you’ll get an immediate answer. The customer is the one who is paying their personnel, including engineers, architects, and all other consultants. If the client’s PM asks for it, they’ll be on it a lot quicker than you do.

Rule Number Six– For successfully completing a commercial construction project, one important principle must be considered. Everybody involved must be provided with all the needed information if you don’t want any delays to happen. The best solution here is to take technical help since disseminating information through word-of-mouth and pieces of paper can be both time-consuming and costly.

To protect people’s privacy and to avoid the disturbance from telemarketing or unwanted calls, the Telephone Communication Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) was passed. The act forbids businesses to make unsolicited calls. But with the passage of time, the act has not been reformed based on the latest technological advancements, such as the evolvement of smartphones, texting systems, and other advancements. Owing to that, B2B messaging and calls are subjected to the TCPA and get sued for those messages and calls. In case a business gets sued, it almost costs more than $15K in court proceedings, while the attorney fee is also irreversible in TCPA lawsuits. This makes businesses to opt for some settlement with the suing party and avoid the hectic court proceedings. TCPA attorneys also force towards a settlement to get a quick payday. Due to negligence in reforming the TCPA, the number of TCPA lawsuits is increasing exponentially and more TCPA litigators are targeting businesses. The only way to avoid such TCPA litigators is to avoid calling them. This is where the TCPA Litigator List comes into action. TCPA Litigator List provides thousands of TCPA Litigator numbers that are involved in single or multiple TCPA related cases. Other than that, the technologically advanced phone scrubbing features also significantly decrease the chances for businesses to get in the trap of TCPA litigators.

Attributes of TCPA Litigator List

TCPA Litigator List contains the following types of litigators in the list:

  • TCPA Litigators: Those individuals that filed a TCPA related case.
  • Multi-Case TCPA Litigators: Those individuals that filed more than one TCPA related case.
  • Professional TCPA Litigators:Those TCPA litigators that filed multiple TCPA related cases every year.
  • TCPA Trolls: Those individuals that haven’t sued anyone, but sent demand letters.
  • DNC Complainers: Those individuals that haven’t sued or sent demand letters, but just threatened to sue.
  • Associated to TCPA Litigators: Those phone numbers that are registered with TCPA litigators, but not cited in the lawsuits.

Additional Benefits

TCPA Litigator List alone addresses the biggest concern to identify TCPA litigators beforehand. But there are a lot of more technologically advanced benefits that are readily available to the subscribers, as follow:

  • Enhanced online phone scrubbing
  • Name look up
  • Single number look up
  • TCPA API – Real-time phone list scrubbing
  • Endpoint API (Scrubbing large data set quickly)
  • Regular list updates
  • Name Recognition Algorithm (NRM)
  • Phone numbers verification

TCPA Litigator List Subscription Packages

Other than getting TCPA Litigator List, the company offers multiple subscription packages that provide all the other exceptional services to the subscribers. The details of the packages are as follow:

  • Basic Package: The Basic package provides access for phone look ups, Name Recognition Algorithm, TCPA number updates, and phone list scrubbing (up to 100k scrubs and then 0.001 cents per scrub). This package comes at monthly charges of $149 and can be subscribed annually for $1499.
  • Platinum Package: The Platinum package provides access to phone look ups, Name Recognition Algorithm, TCPA number updates, phone list scrubbing (up to 200k scrubs and then 0.001 cents per scrub), real-time scrubbing with TCPA API, and database Endpoint API scrubbing. This package comes at monthly charges of $249 and can be subscribed annually for $2499.

A third-party logistics provider (3PL) can help you control costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. But, not all 3PL companies are created equal. Here are a few tips to ensure you find the correct third-party service provider.

Look At Services

The more you services that are provided from one service provider, the more seamless and scaleable your supply chain will be. With a range of services, 3PL can tailor solutions to meet your needs. These services could be anything from cold storage, transportation, warehousing, and order fulfillment.


Whether you are choosing your first 3PL or changing providers, you should look for a company with a proven track record. Look at their reviews and how they have interacted with their past clients. Make sure they have the right resources, and the ability to integrate with your systems.


Your provider should have advanced technology that suits your specific needs. You may not need sophisticated technology now, but if your business is expanding, you will have those resources.


A shared space environment is a great advantage of outsourcing. Your 3PL provider should be able to balance the needs of multiple customers so they can meet peak requirements without investing in permanent space, equipment, or labor. They can also scale operations to deal with business needs.


An experienced provider can help you leverage postponement strategies to optimize your inventory and deliver the best services. Building to order instead of to stock allows you to cut down on production and inventory costs.


When you partner with a provider, you trust them with your brand. It is important to find a company with a long history of proven success. Look for a financially stable partner that continues to invest in systems, equipment, facilities, and resources necessary for optimal logistics solutions.

Western Gateway Cold Storage is one of Utah’s leading 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) company offering comprehensive cold chain solutions including cold and freezer storage warehousing, ambient and temperature controlled fulfillment, and refrigerated transportation services. Our cold storage warehouse facility services local, regional, and state-wide companies in a variety of industries. We provide a technologically advanced, safe, and secure cold storage facility. We specialize in handling customers’ products with the highest standards of safety in the industry. We provide frozen value-added services at high volume for direct to consumer order fulfillment. Our integrated services can offer flexible and customized solutions. Visit or call 801-394-7781.

Western Gateway Cold Storage is one of Utah’s leading 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) company.


The home loan sanctioning and disbursement process involves various steps. Read on to know more about the steps involved in getting your loan approved and getting the funds.

Today, with the financial institutions in India offering online services, applying for a loan has become much easier than ever before. But, still, you must be meticulous in complying with the processes involved until you get the amount credited in your bank account.

The home loan process involved three important steps, which are:

  • Application
  • Sanction
  • Disbursal

Home loan application

The home loan application process starts with comparing the offers from different lenders based on the current home loan interest rates and other terms and conditions. Once you zero down on the lender, the next step is submitting an application form along with the necessary KYC (know your customer) documents. The application must be duly signed and the details mentioned therein must be accurate.

Home loan sanction

Once you submit the application, the lender then evaluates the details mentioned, including the documents’ authenticity. The sanction process can be completed faster if you provide all the necessary documents and genuine papers. Some of the critical factors that directly influence the sanction process and the amount applied include:

  • Age of the applicant
  • Income
  • Qualification
  • Profession
  • Stability of job or business
  • Repayment capacity
  • CIBIL score

Additionally, your current dues (if any) or if you have taken any loan before applying for the home are reflected in the credit history, which affects your home loan sanction. While applying for a home loan, you must understand and be aware that the sanctioned amount can sometimes be lower than the amount you apply for, and it is solely at the lender’s discretion.

After the lender sanctions the loan, you will get a confirmation letter. The letter has a validity of six months, and it serves as proof that you are eligible to avail of a home loan. You can continue with the loan process within six months.

Home loan disbursement

After you receive the confirmation letter, which includes details of the loan amount you can borrow, the interest rate applicable, and the loan tenure, you must sign the same to give your approval for the same, and the loan’s disbursement starts. The disbursement stage involves three important steps.

First, the lenders will ask you to submit property-related documents for verifying the authenticity of the property and the builder. Typically, the lenders ask for the blueprint of the building plan approved by the local authorities, NOC (no-object certificates) obtained from the civic authorities, sales deed, agreement paper signed with the lender, etc.

Second, after you furnish the documents, the lender will appoint a legal team to verify the papers’ authenticity. Once the property is found to be clear of the title, the legal department will submit a report to proceed with the loan. In some cases, the lender may ask you to submit a few additional documents before disbursing the loan.

While the lenders evaluate the authenticity of the property-related documents, they also conduct a physical inspection of the property. They do a thorough technical evaluation to determine the exact value of the property.

Lastly, after the lender completes the property’s physical and technical inspection, the amount is disbursed in a single instalment or full amount as per the agreed terms and conditions mentioned in the loan documents.

As soon as the amount is credited in your account, the repayment period starts. You must repay the EMI on a specific date of the month consistently throughout the loan term to avoid default. Missing even a single payment or delaying it can have a significant impact on your credit score.


With a majority of businesses across the globe getting prepared for resuming operations amid the corona pandemic, owners have a lot to consider before reopening. They have to follow and maintain high safety standards with respect to the guidelines given by the FDA, OSHA, EEOC, and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for testing. CPA firm owners must ensure the unmatched safety of its employees while also providing them with freedom of space to work efficiently.

These over-the-top requirements and uncertainties might make a firm vulnerable to potential COVID-19-related liability claims in the future. However, this can be surely avoided by taking appropriate measures. So, let us dig deeper into the same.

7 Key Considerations for Reopening

Irrespective of whether CPA firms lease their space or own a building, it is essential to take care of the following considerations before inviting a client to the office and welcoming the employees back:

  1. Review Your Finances

This is probably the first step towards reopening your CPA firm. Similar to other accounting firms, it is very likely that your CPA firm must have faced financial disruptions to some extent. So, it is essential for you to review your finances before you think of reopening your CPA firm. If you were able to sustain business operations and ensure smooth cash flow as usual or with little effect during the lockdown with the help of remote working or other options like opting for outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services, then you might be good to go.

However, if you were hit hard, you need to prepare a financial plan that clearly lists out your financial position and risks in the coming times, including your contingency plans in case your firm fails to get back on track and ensure smooth cash flow after reopening.

  1. Keep Compliance with the Guidelines

Educate yourself first regarding the guidelines laid by the state and federal government with respect to reopening. These guidelines might differ from state to state, depending on the severity of coronavirus in the region.

So, this makes it vital for a firm owner to learn about the same prior to resuming business operations as not complying with the same may result in heavy penalties. Also, this could hamper the image of the CPA firm in the eyes of clients and even employees who might start looking for other options.

  1. Prepare the Building

The next step for reopening your CPA firm is to prepare your building in accordance with the safety guidelines set by the authorities. It is your duty as the firm employer to ensure your building is corona-free, and you must sanitize each and every space in your building. This includes doing pre-return inspections, preparing cleaning plans, and taking care of commonly touched areas like doorknobs, elevators, washrooms, and more.

When your building will be safe from coronavirus after thorough disinfecting, and you will have a cleaning plan to sanitize different things on a daily basis, some even on an hourly basis, you will be in the position for reopening your CPA firm as far as the physical space is concerned.

  1. Plan Office Proceedings

Obviously, your office proceedings will not be the same as they used to be. You have to make changes to the way your employees will sit after the office gets open in order to ensure social distancing and safe working practices. Now, it all depends on the size of your firm and the number of employees you have, making a must for you to plan things accordingly. You need to take care of the way your employees eat and drink while in the office or during the lunch break.

It is recommended to have strict policies in place regarding the same, and sharing of food must not be allowed under any circumstances in order to avoid contracting the virus from an infected person who is yet to develop COVID-19 symptoms. Apart from this, work on how essential commodities related to the office will be received and handled.

  1. Respect Your Employees’ Choices

Your employees form the backbone of your CPA firm and are your biggest strength. So, it is imperative that you show kindness towards them, understand their concerns/viewpoints, and respect their decisions. For instance, allowing those employees to work remotely who do not wish to come to the office and work in risky conditions. Talk to every employee and know what every employee wants from you. The biggest fear that employees have in mind is that they will be called at any cost once the authorities give the green signal for reopening.

There is no denying one has to follow the guidelines, but as a CPA firm owner, you can even make changes to them according to your convenience, like restricting the number of employees to come back. So, if your employees do not feel comfortable returning back, give them the time until they feel safe coming back. If you respect the choices of your employees, they will surely stay loyal to you in the long run.

  1. Evaluate Client Needs

COVID-19 has changed everything, and your clients are no exception. The business of your clients must have been affected too, and they will be looking forward to your advisory help apart from the accounting services offered by you. They would want you to guide them towards saving on unwanted expenses, getting maximum reimbursements/help from state and national business relief fund programs, and more.

Apart from this, plan interactions with clients in a way that does not require them to visit your premises as similar to your employees, your clients might feel unsafe too. However, you must incorporate the use of the technology to streamline client interactions like investing in video conferencing software and training your employees on the same.

  1. Rework Your Marketing Plan

Of course, your marketing plan cannot be the same as it used to be before the pandemic. In fact, you need to rework on it, focusing on client acquisition and retention like never before in order to bounce back financially after reopening. This new plan should also be focused on becoming more active on social media, investing in email campaigns, partnering with bloggers/influencers, embracing content marketing, and more.

You would require a new marketing pitch that helps you reach a wider customer base explaining how you are going to operate in the changed market conditions and what all strategies you wish to adopt to deliver unmatchable services to clients after reopening.


Reopening during the pandemic time is challenging for every business and not just the CPA firms. We all know that the corona pandemic will stay for long, and we have to start adjusting with the same until an effective vaccine becomes available that will probably bring down its effect. Most of the business owners have a changed mindset ever since the epidemic started, especially when it comes to their taxes and write-offs.

CPA firms must realize this new requirement of clients and deliver accordingly. The steps mentioned above will surely help firm owners reopen in a safe and efficient manner, along with taking care of their employees, clients, and much-needed regulatory compliance.

Author Bio :

Tracy Watson works as an Accounting Expert at Accounting To Taxes, a renowned company offering Tax, Financial, Bookkeeping and Account Receivable Service. She is passionate about writing about finance & accounting, small business growth, and entrepreneurship. She is continuously contributing her skills, knowledge, and experience in assisting people with finance and accounting matters.

Social Security offers a benefit to eligible retirees who have contributed a certain amount of work to the Social Security Fund throughout their lives. Social Security can also provide benefits to their dependents. The potential beneficiaries are surviving spouses, along with children, dependent parents, and grandchildren. Dependents can be eligible to receive payments up to 70% to 100%, based on the qualified retirees’ benefits. So, retirees’s social security number is essential in their life. To protect it from identity theft or lost, contact alldocuments and make a replacement copy of your card.

Benefits for the Spouses of Retirees

The retiree who is collecting Social Security benefits can be eligible to get spousal benefits. The spousal payment can be equal to up to one-half of the monthly payments of the retiree. To obtain the benefits, the retiree must be at least 62 years old or caring for a child whose age is under 16 years or is disabled. The person needs to entitle to receive benefits on the work record.

If your earnings records mean you have done a lot more, you may be eligible to receive larger for spousal benefits from Social Security. But, if you are still working along with receiving benefits early from SSA may be reduced your payments further because you cross your limits of earnings. Once you reach your retirement age, this law no longer applies.

Benefits for Surviving Spouses

Widows or widowers also can obtain Social Security benefits based on their spouse’s SS benefits. You must reach your normal retirement age to receive these benefits. Surviving spouses can be eligible to receive 100% of their deceased spouse’s benefits by the SSA. First, they need to meet their normal retirement age, like at least 60. If anyone delays receiving benefits, which results in higher monthly payments.

Besides, a younger surviving spouse can get a benefit if they are caring for a child of a deceased worker. The child must be under 16 years of age or disabled to receive the benefits. Depending on the income record of the late spouse, the person can collect 75% benefit from the SSA.

Benefits for Divorced Spouses

If you have been separated after living with your spouse for at least ten years, you may be eligible to receive the equivalent of one-half of the divorced spouse’s benefits. The rules are similar to both parties to receive benefits. There can be an exception if you are receiving benefits before divorcing your former spouse, then you won’t be allowed to collect SS benefits.

However, you must be at least 62 years old, and your divorce must be finalized with at least two years. You have to be the first marriage if your spouse had more than one marriage. Each marriage would not allow receiving benefits; SSA will only choose the former marriage who lived at least ten years with a spouse.

Benefits for Children and Grandchildren

Children can be eligible for benefits as a dependent of a surviving parent or a survivor of a deceased worker who collects Social Security retirement or disability benefits. For these purposes, children need to meet some criteria such as their years will be under 18 and will be unmarried. If they are age of 19 and still in school, they will be qualified to collect benefits till the date of graduation or two months after their 19th Birthday.

The benefit payments for the kids will not reduce the living parent’s retirement benefits. The amount of the payments the kids could obtain, adjusted to the parent’s benefits, will increase the parent’s monthly payments. Besides, a dependent child can get up to half of the benefit of a living parent who receives SS benefits. If the parent was deceased, the surviving child would be eligible to get up to 75% of the SS benefit dependent on the parent’s earning records done through their lifetime.

Grandchildren can also be qualified to receive SS benefits if the children lost their parents and are dependent on their grandparents. The benefit payments will be calculated based on grandparents’ earnings record.