Lots of online retailers are nowadays considering the eCommerce conversion rates as a significant issue. In the process, abandoned shopping carts irritate the most. That’s why; retailers have to work very hard to attract the visitors.

Let us first understand the meaning of conversion in eCommerce. 

A conversion rate is defined as a percentage of total users that are taking the necessary action on a website. It is usually required for clicking a link or just signing up an email newsletter. In any eCommerce business, the prime objective is to get the visitors to purchase something.

Tips used for increasing the eCommerce conversion rate

We are here mentioning some of the tried methods for boosting the conversion rates of the website.

  • Minimizing the load times

According to the report, there are lots of mobile users leaving a site if the time of loading is high. For this, the best way is to optimize the website from time to time. All can be started with website hosting and CMS.

  • Making use of responsive web design

The responsive web design is usually coded and get adapted to the device automatically. It is true that the mobile eCommerce is expected to contribute around 45% of its part in a business. Hence, responsive web design is needed to decrease the bounce rate.

  • Provide easy navigation

Observing the difficulty in navigation could be a result of long browsing times and a high bounce rate. Obviously, the visitors can’t buy the thing that they are unable to see. Hence, it is required to show a balance between the products and make them available to the buyers.

  • Using effective content

User-generated content such as reviews, photos, and others is quite useful in pushing customers to make a purchase. It has been seen that in some of the industries, the excellent content boosts up the conversion rates up to 200%. Usually, customers find photos and reviews quite helpful while purchasing anything.

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