July 2021


Many come to Thailand with some money in their back pocket and dreams of living a care-free existence in a cheap country. Quickly it dawns on them, they blow the pile of cash faster a burning cigarette and have to find a way to earn some moolah. Let’s take a look at some start-up ideas that could get you that income to stay comfortable and out of debt.

  1. Teaching English or a Specialist Subject.

When foreigners land in Thailand, one of the easiest ways to make some money is to teach. Using your native language and if you are reading this article you probably are able to teach English as well which is the most sought-after language. If not languages, you can look into math, STEM studies and art or sports. Schools are the best employers, but if you don’t have the necessary qualifications and certificates for international schools, seek out private language schools or cram schools that are located in every mall in the country or advertise yourself for private tutoring. In Thailand much like the rest of Asia, education is a high priority for parents and they pay good money for private tuition outside of school to keep up or get ahead of other kids. 

  • Digital Marketing Agency.

Agencies or freelance marketers offer their services to businesses for digital marketing. This covers the main things in online marketing like SEO and paid advertising but can also encompass Google My Business, PR linking and social media management. If you have experience in these areas, it is easy to apply to local businesses and even international clients. Digital marketing is growing at a pace and Thailand is a hub for such marketing agencies. Places to start looking for clients are local online businesses in Thailand in a sector that you are familiar with or go to the freelance platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr and Peopleperhour to display your services or tender for jobs in the services required sections.

  • IT Programming.

If you have coding skills or project management experience for IT development, this can be done as a remote agency just like above. Because of the specialist nature of the programming skills, you can charge high hourly or per project costs to make this a part time job i.e. work 6 months, play 6 months. It certainly helps if you have a portfolio of projects or CV of blue chips that you can cite but if not building up some websites, apps, games for friends and showcasing these can be a good way to create a portfolio.

There is currently a huge market for slot developers like those seen on luckycatslot. Javesctipt developers can set up in Thailand with low cost overheads and start to target this market from within Thailand and sell the product outside of Thailand with huge profit margins. Again, look on the various freelance websites for gigs and post on craigslist and forums for specialist skills.

  • E-Commerce Trading.

You have a unique advantage in Thailand, your knowledge of your home country. You know what is trending, what sells well and what consumers are buying. So, there are 2 options for you whilst in Thailand.

  1. Start sourcing Thai products to sell on a website or platform back home. Let’s say you are a Frenchman love the Thai silk products like scarves and pocket handkerchiefs and think your fellow countrymen will to. Buy a few at retail price from shops and make some listings on eBay, Amazon or a local website in France like FNAC. Put a markup on the cost price which should be minimum 20% unless you have competitors on there already selling silk accessories, then you should start looking for another product. Do some advertising and promotion, dispatch the orders from Thailand and build up sales so you can start buying at wholesale and maybe even stock some in France for quicker, cheaper delivery.
  2. Look at fast selling items in France and bring them to online marketplaces here in Thailand. It could be the latest GoPro camera or tripod accessories. They will have them here but the markup will be significant, your retail price in France should be.


These 4 ideas to earn yourself a crust whilst in the amazing land of smiles are roads well-travelled but still have space for new entrants. There is no social security for expatriates living in Thailand so, you have to make your own way. For inspiration see some examples of Thai Start-Ups that have made an impact and try one of the above and see where your passions lie.

It may sound cliché but immigration law is complicated. You need to be absolutely sure of what you are doing and must know every detail to make the most of your circumstances. One of the key reasons why people hire an immigration lawyer is to know their options. For instance, if you want to get your Green Card, talking to a Dallas permanent residency visa lawyer can give insight on merits and demerits of your case. In this post, we are sharing more on 5 ways in which an immigration lawyer can help. 

  1. Help with the paperwork. Paperwork, as boring and extensive as it is, is necessary for acquiring a visa to stay/work in the US. With an immigration lawyer working for you, there is no need to worry about the paperwork and related aspects. Attorneys know immigration law in depth and can help in avoiding the common mistakes, which can impact your prospects.  
  2. Assistance with specific issues. If you run into trouble with immigration authorities, you definitely need an attorney. An immigration lawyer knows what it takes to defend a client, and they will ensure that your rights are not violated and denied. For instance, if you are facing deportation, your lawyer will consider all possible options. Experience and expertise of your attorney are really valuable in such hard circumstances. 
  3. Suggest options for family immigration. If you are working in the US and want to bring your family, talking to an attorney will help. As a citizen of the US, you can sponsor other family members (including brothers and sisters) to come and work in the US, and a skilled immigration lawyer can explain all details. ‘
  4. Get help with permanent residency. Even when you have a work visa, there are special laws applicable only to immigrants. A lawyer can help you understand these rights and laws, so that you don’t get deported for a small mistake. Also, if you are dealing with employment issues, or are not getting the support you expect from your employer, consulting an attorney will help. 
  5. Know all steps in advance. Besides the paperwork, your immigration lawyer is key to knowing all relevant steps that are relevant for applying for visa or permanent residency. Your attorney will give an overview of what to expect from the due immigration process. You can expect to have a clear understanding of how to deal with interviews and other things. 

Check online for top immigration lawyers in Dallas now!

Some companies opt to hire respondents for a certain period, usually weekly, monthly, annually, or for several years. It allows the firm to focus on a single group of respondents. Equally important, the team usually comprises the target audience. In research, it is often referred to as a research panel. Why do the organizations opt for this option? Keep reading to learn how research panels benefit market researchers.

  1. They are interested respondents

Not everyone who receives your survey responds to it, but that’s not the case with research panels. Since they are consulted and have already agreed to do be respondents, they will respond and complete the surveys at all times. Having agreed to be part of the team shows commitment which they also exhibit when handling the questions. Since the respondents will take the surveys seriously and give the questions the justice they deserve when answering them, you can rest assured that the data you receive will be of high quality.

  • They are Flexible

Besides being respondents to your survey, there is more than market research panels can do. They will also participate in other research endeavors, including interviews and focus groups, as long as they remain the company’s recruits.

  • Perfect for Changes and Trends

For someone planning to track changes and trends, it becomes necessary to ensure that the same respondents handle a certain survey again and again but in various intervals. Since you have little control over the people who respond to your surveys, it can be hard to ensure that the same group of respondents comes again and again. That’s where a research panel comes. They help you ensure that it is the same people who tackle subsequent surveys. As a result, comparison becomes easy, accurate, and relevant since you will compare responses from the same people.

  • They simplify surveys and save time

Since you have the contacts of the research panel members at your disposal, it becomes easy to reach them out every time you have a survey. On the other hand, lack of research panels meanssearching for participants whenever you need survey respondents. That’s undeniably hard since not many people are willing to participate voluntarily. The panel helps you save a lot of time which you could have used to gather their contacts and even convince them to participate. Some will agree to be respondents, but you will have to chase after them to remind them to respond to the surveys later. That becomes hard and time-wasting hence the need to have a dedicated research panel instead.

  • The respondents are a great source of immense knowledge

As you interact with respondents over and over again, it becomes easy to understand them deeply. However, how do you ensure that the respondent you are dealing with this time will respond in the next one?  Research panels are the solution to the uncertainty of respondents. With the repetitive responses, you understand the participants and have a deep and rich source of insights.


When it comes to market research, panels are the real deal. They come bearing many benefits, including saving you from the agony of finding survey respondents. Therefore, if you want to enjoy all the above benefits, give a research panel a shot.

Smartrr is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive reviews of online tools that you may use for your personal needs. We’ll speak about paraphrasing tool and all that goes with them in this article.

The word “paraphrase” means “to speak like others” and is a term associated with saying something in a long, complex but easy to understand form. You may not think you are paraphrasing a sentence or passage. But the meaning comes through if you use the exact words of the original author and put them in quotation marks. This can require anything from adding or changing words to create a brand new sentence.   

You must identify the source material and provide the name of the author. For example, when the original authors quote exact words in Dr. King’s verse, you give them credit in the sentence. By paraphrasing a source, you can rewrite a passage without changing the meaning of the original text.   

Paraphrase is an alternative to quotation marks, where you copy exact words without putting them in quotation marks. It is safe to use because it produces plagiarism-free content without taking ideas from others. Paraphrase tools are a safe term from an SEO point of view, because they help to better place search results with better and fresher content.   

Paraphrase tools take the source content and reformulate it to avoid plagiarism problems. If your goal is to remix the text content of your website, professional work, business document, email, tweet, etc., then free paraphrase tools can help with this trick. Paraphrase tool itself can be used to reformulate or rewrite an entire essay or article in a new way by specifying a simple sentence or phrase in a single word.   

The idea and meaning of source content is retained as long as you use as few words as possible to express the idea or message of the content.   

Paraphrasing tools use artificial intelligence (AI) and automatic dynamic word processing, which use special algorithms to enable phrase expression, reformulation of whole sentences, word synonymization and recognition of the exchange of infective forms.   

An online article rewriter is a perfect web utility for creating high-quality content. With the help of this tool, the essence and meaning of your source remain intact, while the whole wording is changed according to the structure of the sentence or paragraph. Unique content created by an article spinner means that we can customize the content of our website to be SEO-friendly.   

These tools are not suitable for academic writing where students must understand the meaning of the text before they write it in their own words. Many tools, such as the article rewriters and reword tools available online, allow users to rewrite large chunks of text to create unique content for a website. Some tools replace words in the text with their synonyms, while some tools rearrange them.    

You can also use paraphrasing tools to expand your blog’s SEO footprint into a kind of reference website for high-quality content. When a large creative writing project is bouncing back at you in the face, you can use rewriting tools to get your mental momentum going and to keep it going until the final product is written.   

You don’t have to look for a professional human paraphrase that you can use unless you pay someone to do the job. If you are looking for free paraphrasing software, Quillbolt might be a good option for you. You don’t even have to buy a key to access and use the tool, as it was developed using advanced algorithms.   

If you want to generate unlimited SEO-friendly content, this tool will allow you to do just that. The content generated by ParaPaging Tools is a human-friendly, readable text that has true meaning and originality.   

It can help you in the mass production of blog posts, website content, descriptions, sales copies and other forms of text content. As a researcher, you have to siphon and process large amounts of source code when doing research. 

You can use a paraphrasing tool to paraphrase up to 10,000 characters, making your content sound clearer, clearer, and smarter via Smartrr platform. Software paraphrase tools weigh several factors, including the context of each word, phrase, or sentence, to decide how best to paraphrase your content. The process begins when you insert content into the Paraphrase Editor and your rewritten content appears in an adjacent text box.   

You can also click on words or replace them to see definitions and other suggestions. If you are one of the many people trying to find new ways to express an idea, as mentioned above, conversion tools can suit you very well. 

We hope this article was useful to you. Visit Smartrr’s website for more similar blogs.

I am diabetic or hypertensive for the last 2, 5, 10 years, Can I insure my life?

Believe me, as a health & life insurance agent, believe me, this is the quote I have heard the most. And my dear friend, depending on your health situation, yes you can get yourself insured for the life risks.

So, if you are also having similar doubts like that hundreds & thousands that I have faced earlier, read it below. At the end of the day, surely you will have a clear idea in your mind regarding the options that you have & you can choose.

Eligibility check for diabetic patients

The insurance companies have set different parameters as per their standards for patients with diabetes. Depending on the percentage score on the parameters they calculate the risk associated and the premiums. And they have a separate medical team to do that.  

Common questions that you will find on the forms of the insurance company providing coverage to induvial with compromised health status

  1. How long are you being diagnosed with the disease? 

Ans: The first and foremost question to the health section. As per the internal assessment results, the longer that you have endured the issue inside your body keeping your daily activities fit and fine is better for you to get higher coverage.

2. What are your health issue indications?

Ans: This includes a lot of key health parameters upon which the insurance company decides the coverage value, annual premiums, and eligibility.

  • Recent HbA1c reading and how risky is that
  • Recent fasting blood sugar levels
  • Recent post parental blood sugar levels
  • Type of diabetes mellitus: DM Type 1 or DM Type 2
  • Dosage and administration of oral hypoglycaemic drugs
  • Requirement of regular parental insulin shots 
  • Associated complications & risks like diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy

3. Is there any contradicting lifestyle issues? If yes, what are they and how are they impacting the health standards?

Ans: Now, this is one major reason behind the declination of the application. Some of the major lifestyle habits that are a serious issue for a diabetic induvial are chronic chain-smoking, chronic cardiac immunonopathies, excessive-high BMI index, improper sleeping schedule

And here where our award-winning helpful councilors come to ‘pay. As they know which insuring companies would allow what parameters. And we have a separate dedicated medical team to the medical reports complied as per the standards. click here for more information.

It is an internet lending Fin Tech platform in India that gives debtors immediately, bendy coins loans with no need any annoying office work and safety. We assist debtors avail coins loans and strengthen income loans in a simple, short and bendy way.

From a borrower’s perspective, what’s the complete system at this?

  1. A Simple One-Time Registration: The registration is absolutely on line from beginning to finish. You want to finish this to end up an authorized borrower. 
  2. Quick Verification/Approval: We examine you primarily based totally on your Personal – Professional Credibility and your Social Credibility.
  3. Instant Fund Transfer: Once you sign up as an authorized borrower, you could avail coins loans immediately, one click as well as it will give 24*7 and with no need for any similar verification, document etc.

Loan characteristics

  • Once you request a mortgage, their groups strives its exceptional to switch cash in your financial institution account immediately. 
  • The loans are extraordinarily bendy, there aren’t any hidden costs. 
  • Interest as well as fees is calculated on a day by day basis. 
  • You can login in your account and beneath Repay Loan; you could see the superb until date. So, you simply pay for what you use. 
  • There aren’t any pre-closure fees. 
  • The most reimbursement length is 30 days. The quicker you pay off, the lesser the Interest as well as Fees. 
  • There isn’t any component reimbursement. There isn’t any mortgage extension.
  • You simply determine on precisely how much cash you want. How lengthy do you want is simplest in your reference on the subject of how the Interest as well as all the fees varies because the reimbursement date varies?

When can I pay off the mortgage?

You can pay off the mortgage any time earlier than the most reimbursement due date. The quicker you pay off, the lesser the Interest as well as Fees. You can login in your account and beneath repay the loan you could see the superb until date. You can get more information about quick credit money lender.

Are there any pre-closure fees?

No, there aren’t any pre-closure fees. All those fees are noted in advance and there aren’t any hidden fees.

Can I observe for more than one loan?

You can observe for more than one loan till your current eligibility limit is exhausted. You can see your current eligibility limit when you login in your account beneath home.

What are intangible assets?

A non-touchable asset is pertained to as an intangible asset. Intangible assets include goodwill, brand awareness, and intellectual property like patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Tangible assets, like land, vehicles, equipment, and inventories, compete with intangible assets.

What is wealth?

A person’s, community’s, firm’s, or country’s wealth is defined as the total value of all valuable assets owned by that individual, community, company, or country. Wealth is nearly the multiplication of limited resources. When individuals, organizations, or nations can collect a large number of valuable resources or items, they are said to be wealthy.


Intangible assets, such as people, expertise, relationships, and intellectual property, now account for a larger percentage of the overall value of most businesses than tangible assets, such as machinery and equipment.

In this article, we will learn about how intangible assets affect or impact wealth. 

Do Intangible Assets influence purchase price?

According to Billy Crafton from San Diego, Intangible assets are non-financial assets that do not appear on a company’s balance sheet and have no book value. As a result, when a firm is bought, the acquisition price is frequently more than the book value of the assets on the balance sheet.

Goodwill is an intangible asset and in practically every aspect of a person’s life, cultivating goodwill is essential. Spreading goodwill makes people feel good about themselves and motivates them to do the same for others. In business, goodwill can help you create relationships that will secure your company’s long-term success. The goodwill will eventually help to get more cash flow statements and due to the brand recognition, business often increases their product pricing. 

Can an intangible asset increase in value?

Tangible assets can benefit from intangible assets as well. Intellectual property, such as copyrights and patents, and goodwill, which comprises the company’s reputation and brand awareness, are examples of intangible assets. Billy Crafton from San Diego thinks that intangible assets increase value of wealth but that is indirect effect and thus not visible.

How do Intangible assets increase the value of tangible assets? 

Tangible assets can benefit from intangible assets as well. Intellectual property, such as copyrights and patents, and goodwill, which comprises the company’s reputation and brand awareness, are examples of intangible assets.

Coca-Cola, for example, may have a large inventory. Intangible assets like brand awareness and a strong reputation, on the other hand, considerably raise the value of that inventory.

Why can intangible assets contribute to business value?

It helps to distinguish a company from others on the market and can help to increase a company’s value if it’s well-known and valued by customers. Intangible assets, according to ninety-five percent of respondents, hold critical information about a company’s business model’s future strength because strong intangible asset positions provide a competitive advantage that translates into higher market share or margins, increasing the business’s worth significantly.

If a company generates an intangible asset, it can deduct costs associated with the process, such as filing a patent application, hiring a lawyer, and other fees. Patents, a talented workforce, software, know-how, strong customer relationships, brands, and distinctive organizational skills are examples of intangible assets. Shareholder value and business growth are generated by these intangible assets.

PDF stands for Portable File Document. They are a “read-only” document. To modify it, you need to leave an electronic footprint on the file. Some digital files have a security risk associated with them. With PDFs, this risk is highly minimized since users can add security layers to them without a hassle.

Word documents are an alternative to PDF files; however, PDFs have the edge over them in many ways. Let us discuss these reasons.

PDF files are universal

PDF documents can be opened anywhere and are not dependent on the operating system, software, or hardware. Even though it is easier to edit documents on Microsoft Word, but suppose the user stores the Word file on Mac, then he might face difficulties transferring the file to a PC due to the difference in operating systems.

With PDFs, there won’t be such an issue since their appearance is the same on every device. You can view PDFs on a mobile seamlessly. You can also convert the PDF to Wordif such a need arises.

PDF files have more security

You cannot forge or edit a PDF document without leaving an electronic footprint. Only specific editing software can be used for editing a PDF which makes forgery complicated. This makes your document foolproof and resistant to any tampering efforts. You can also protect the PDF file with a password. This adds an additional layer of security to your document, which ensures that only you can open and view your document.

You can create PDFs easily

Any file format, irrespective of its original format, can be converted to PDF format. You can create PDFs without spending too much time or effort. You can also convert the PDF documents back into the older formats using tools such as PDFSimpli. You can also take help from online editing tools to alter the PDF format files.

PDFs have a smaller size

You can convert various file formats with high resolutions into PDF format, and the file still won’t have a larger size than the old format. You can use the PDF version for uploading purposes on your website since they are portable and take up less space. There is also a provision of merging multiple file formats into a single format, i.e., PDF. For example, you can add images, spreadsheets, and presentations into an individual PDF file.

Interactive documents

PDF files have an added feature for being interactive. The creator can embed hyperlinks, videos, other media, and music files in the PDF files they create. In this manner, the viewer can enjoy an interactive experience and immerse himself fully in the document. You can edit PDFto add these elements into your document.


Accessibility is an added feature in PDFs that makes them universal. You can make the PDFs accessible by inserting alternate text and tags, bookmarks, and much more. In this way, even physically and mentally challenged persons can access these files. Such features seem to be missing from Microsoft Word. Text to speech tool is an example of one such tool that can do the job. Accessible PDF documents are appreciated by individuals as well as organizations.

Office supplies including papers, notepads, pencils, folders, envelopes, pens, and much more are some stationery products for which there can be no replacement even when most of the business operations are now digitalized. Even after trying to become paperless for environmental conservation, large companies still end up using a lot of paper, which usually gets discarded in the end. 

Inconsiderate use of office supplies especially paper-based products can have 2 negative impacts:

  1. It goes against the environmental conservation rules because a substantial number of trees are cut every year to make paper for our use, which needs to be minimized.  
  2. It increases wasteful spending when we are trying to get more efficient in the management of our finances. 

There are certain supply stocks that we still need for smooth functioning of business operations. One way to cut the cost spent on buying stationery products is by buying them in bulk from a wholesale supplier like Greenstationery. It is an online superstore for ordering all sorts of office supplies at the most affordable prices. They provide seamless operations right from order placement to doorstep delivery in the UK. 

5 steps that you can follow in the office to reduce stationery costs

  1. Set electronic record-keeping policies:
  • Use a computer database to store all office records instead of the traditional way of keeping them in folders. 
  • This will serve 3 purposes.
  • It will reduce the need for papers.
  • It will lower down the cost that is spent each year in purchasing papers and printing supplies. 
  • It will also reduce the need for storage space for organizing these important files. 
  1. Encourage correspondence through digital means of communication:
  • Using digital communication is a faster means of correspondence. 
  • In addition to that, it reduces wastage of paper, envelopes, and stamps. 
  • You must also encourage new applicants to apply for a job profile via email applications. 
  • Encourage the HR department of your company to keep a record of resumes digitally. 
  1. Print test documents:
  • Test printing is very essential and is very important for reducing the primary source of paper wastage. 
  • If you test print and fix any errors before you have printed multiple copies of the same, you are saving hundreds of paper each day. 
  1.  Use high-quality office supplies:
  • This might sound contradictory when we are talking about cutting costs. 
  • However, investing in good-quality supplies ensure that these will be more durable and will last longer than the cheaper products. 
  • This does not mean that you should waste money on premium brands. Instead, choose brands that you have trusted for years. 
  1. Keep track of your ordering habits:
  • Avoid impulsive buying. 
  • Assess the requirement of office supplies in your organization for a year. 
  • Place order in bulk through whole suppliers to get products at huge discounts.
  • At the end of the year, assess the amount of stock that was used, wasted, or was bought in excess. 
  • You can make graphical reports to determine where you can cut costs without depriving your staff of essential supplies. 

Keep your employees motivated and encourage them to follow eco-friendly practices. You can arrange a seminar to inform them about their responsibility and obligation towards environmental preservation. These habits once inculcated will also cut unnecessary stationery cost. 

Should I start investing in mutual funds? How do I know if it will be beneficial for me in the long run? Before investing, is there any way where I can get a roadmap of my investments? There are too many questions to address.  So let’s dive into the reasons why investing in mutual funds serves to be beneficial and also answers the questions above.

  1. Generating wealth for the future:
    You. Me. Every one of us has been given an earful on saving a dime for the future. So why not do it the right way? Mutual funds are favourable tools to start the onset of investing. When you begin to invest in mutual funds from an early age, you can literally end up with a bigger corpus. At an early age, you can afford to take higher or aggressive risks depending on your own risk tolerance levels. Hence you can pile up bigger investments to equity funds. Eventually, bigger slices of your savings can actually go into wealthy assets!

  2. Financial discipline:

Filling up the coin jar or rolling in notes into the savings box is just not enough to stabilize financial discipline. With mutual funds, you can invest in small amounts. SIP is the tool which comes in handy in building a habit of regular investing. You can invest as small as ₹100 and eventually help you come into a disciplinary habit for future savings. 

  1. The rise in risk appetite:
    They say an investor must risk as per his appetite. Bearing in mind the risk tolerance and the financial stability, one can realise which funds suit them best. One can always modify their plan of action and experiment for better return opportunities.
  2. Save some taxes: Today getting taxed on everything is common. You are taxed on your savings in fixed bank deposits, mutual funds, stocks and more. However mutual investment can help you save upto 1.5 lakh rupees under section 80C in the taxes by an equity-linked saving scheme or ELSS.

  3. Transparency: SEBI guidelines have made the investors distinguish the risk levels of all the mutual funds’ products. This helps investors understand the safety and risk involved before investing. Colour coding is helping to understand the risk levels. For example, the colour blue indicates low risk, yellow suggests medium risk and brown becomes the code for volatile and aggressive schemes.

  4. SIP calculator:
     How can a SIP calculator help you with investments? A SIP calculator can give investors a good idea of the potential capital gains from their mutual fund investments made via a Systematic Investment Plan.Your monthly funding, along with your interaction rate is calculated to give you the estimated amount of returns for any particular tenure.

There are many other benefits of investing in mutual funds. You can start small to save big. Mutual funds help you keep an even uniformity of financial discipline and stability. Moreover, it’s an easy and convenient way to start your investment journey.