I am diabetic or hypertensive for the last 2, 5, 10 years, Can I insure my life?

Believe me, as a health & life insurance agent, believe me, this is the quote I have heard the most. And my dear friend, depending on your health situation, yes you can get yourself insured for the life risks.

So, if you are also having similar doubts like that hundreds & thousands that I have faced earlier, read it below. At the end of the day, surely you will have a clear idea in your mind regarding the options that you have & you can choose.

Eligibility check for diabetic patients

The insurance companies have set different parameters as per their standards for patients with diabetes. Depending on the percentage score on the parameters they calculate the risk associated and the premiums. And they have a separate medical team to do that.  

Common questions that you will find on the forms of the insurance company providing coverage to induvial with compromised health status

  1. How long are you being diagnosed with the disease? 

Ans: The first and foremost question to the health section. As per the internal assessment results, the longer that you have endured the issue inside your body keeping your daily activities fit and fine is better for you to get higher coverage.

2. What are your health issue indications?

Ans: This includes a lot of key health parameters upon which the insurance company decides the coverage value, annual premiums, and eligibility.

  • Recent HbA1c reading and how risky is that
  • Recent fasting blood sugar levels
  • Recent post parental blood sugar levels
  • Type of diabetes mellitus: DM Type 1 or DM Type 2
  • Dosage and administration of oral hypoglycaemic drugs
  • Requirement of regular parental insulin shots 
  • Associated complications & risks like diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy

3. Is there any contradicting lifestyle issues? If yes, what are they and how are they impacting the health standards?

Ans: Now, this is one major reason behind the declination of the application. Some of the major lifestyle habits that are a serious issue for a diabetic induvial are chronic chain-smoking, chronic cardiac immunonopathies, excessive-high BMI index, improper sleeping schedule

And here where our award-winning helpful councilors come to ‘pay. As they know which insuring companies would allow what parameters. And we have a separate dedicated medical team to the medical reports complied as per the standards. click here for more information.