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It had not been long, since HROne released new features to add more value and help businesses in the current unfortunate time. As if that was not enough, HROne has now introduced one more new feature named as shortcuts. They say that this feature will help save peoples’ time to a great extent.
The users can now-

        Add 10 Apps of relevance to them on their HROne dashboard

        The apps can be L&D, Social or work-related

        Every department can add different app shortcuts as per their need.
At the time of onboarding as well, the manager can add the relevant apps to the new joiner’s dashboard.

        The employee can also add the shortcuts as per their reference later.

When asked as to what made Mr. Karan Jain, Co-Founder, HROne introduce this new feature to help businesses in this situation, he said, “The time wasted between switching apps at the time of work is enormous. According to research, the employees, on an average, an employee switches 35 job critical applications more than 1,100 times in a day. So, we thought as to what we can do to help them save this time and invest this in something more meaningful? So, after a lot of brainstorming session, we came up with this feature. It consolidates all you app requirements in one place so that the employees can get things done quickly. It would not be wrong to say that HROne is now a launchpad for all your applications.”

To this, Project Manager, Mr. Magnum Gupta added, ‘ We were just waning to announce the feature as we consider this one of our best. It is similar to that of how your mobile asks you to make a shortcut of your emergency contacts or people you chat frequently with. We are just waiting to see how our new clients find it as the existing ones are having a good time using it! Not, to forget, the feature is available on both mobile and desktop versions.”

If you want to know more about their product, you can get in touch with them by fill the form and schedule a demo.

HROne Journey

Incepted in 2013 with an intent to simplify and automate HR functions, the Founder by 2017, after automating more than 250+ companies HR processes successfully realised that the jigsaw was only half- completed. While automating the functions helped save time, the problem-solving approach adopted still had scope for improvement. So, after analyzing the market, and associating ourselves with experts from IIT, ISB, ISC they worked together to make the HROne HR software and application extraordinarily smart and easy to use just like Ola and Swiggy!

Now, it stands still in the HCM marketspace with record 3,00,000+ satisfied users and 350+ happy clients across 18+ industries. They further plan to keep mechanising and humanising HR tech and make it as simple as ABC for employers, HRs, managers, employees, and contract-based workers.


With everything going on in the world right now, PR consulting may be at the bottom of your business’s to do list.


But hiring a PR agency to get your name out there, cutting through all the post-lockdown noise, could be the smartest thing you ever did.


Not convinced? Here are three good reasons you need a public relations agency right now.


You want to grow        

You used to have steady annual growth but things have leveled out recently and you want to find a new way to boost sales.


While PR isn’t strictly speaking a sales-based service, increased awareness of your brand will position you in front of your target audience, maximising the chances of growing your business. It’s not a quick fix, and most agencies will tell you to play the long game – it can take 12 to 18 months to see a real difference – but once you have a powerful brand, you will reap the rewards.


You want to be known

You believe that your products and services are the best, but that’s not really much use if nobody knows you exist.


PR and marketing services can make your brand stand out in a crowd. A consistent, well-executed campaign is worth any number of adverts, and has a drip-drip effect. You’ll find that as more and more potential customers find out about you, more and more will turn to you and your product/service first.


You want to change

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way many businesses operate and, in some cases, even their core services.


If you’ve had a change of heart, a PR campaign is the best way to spread the news, setting out your new agenda on your terms.


Or maybe the pandemic has made you realise you need to change the way you communicate; with face-to-face contact falling by the wayside, now’s the time to make sure your digital side is up to speed. A PR agency can help with this, making sure your social media accounts are running smoothly and your website is working wonders.


If you’re thinking of getting someone in to help boost your brand, PR consulting experts like Harvey & Hugo can help, whether on a long-term contract basis or with a more flexible approach – what have you got to lose?







In case of a yearly or longer residential lease, if you need a tenant in California to move out, you can give them a Three-Day Notice to Quit or Pay Rent. It is very common for landlords to send tenants such notices, and you need to know how to proceed if you do it yourself. There are many reasons for sending a notice to quit to a tenant. Some examples include if a tenant moves a pet in that is prohibited by the lease agreement, the tenant causes damage to the property, he moves in too many roommates, or he is committing crimes on your property.

While preparing and writing the notice, you must list of some details, like the tenant’s name and the reason for requiring him to move out. The notice must be legally served, and there are strict laws around service of notices in California.

If the tenant broke the terms and conditions you both agreed to in the lease or is not paying the rent or not paying it on time, you have the right to send the notice to quit. Before jumping into the process of serving notice on the tenants, it is necessary for you to include the reasons for the eviction.

About the Notice to Quit 

A notice to quit is the formal, legal document from the landlord to the tenant telling him he must move out. So, before a landlord files an action against a tenant, he must be certain the notice includes everything the law says it must include. Look for further details on writing and serving the notice at That website explains all you need to know in California about the Three-Day Notice to Quit or Pay Rent.

Why do you need to serve notice to the tenant to quit?

Generally, you can find a lot of reasons to send the notice to tenants in order to quit. Once the terms and conditions are broken or rent isn’t paid, then is your chance to serve the notice. It makes sense that a landlord serve notice if he can prove fault by the tenant.

If the landlord does not have documentary proof of failure to pay rent, for example, and it goes to court, the judge may throw the case out and allow the tenant to stay. If the landlord prevails, the sheriff’s office will move the tenant out of the property. Many times the case does not even get to court; the tenant gets the notice and just moves out.

Whose name should be added on the notice?

When writing the notice, include the name of all the adult tenants. Also, you must add the address of the rental property. Before serving notice on the tenant, the signature from you or your representative is always vital.

How to issue the notice to the tenants to quit or pay rent?

Be aware of that each and every state is different, and the law must be followed carefully. So, before going to send the notice, it is important for you to check the eviction laws of a particular state. For information, some of the states demand the landlord’s representative serve the notice to quit. In California, you can even send certified mail to the tenant instead of visiting the person directly to provide notice in hand.

When should you issue the notice?

If the notice isn’t written correctly and served according to law, the tenant need not move out if he points out the faulty documentation to the judge. Some cases have dragged on for years, though this is rare.

As stated, the first thing you need to do is serve the formal notice to the tenant to quit or pay rent. If the tenant does not make good on the rent even after receiving the notice, then the landlord can move to have the tenant removed.

Once the notice is issued to the tenant, the landlord has to wait to wait until the deadline mentioned in the notice, If the tenants agree to pay the rent on time, then they can stay on your property. However, there could be a chance that a tenant may fight the notice in court to get more time than the given deadline.

It is important for landlords to be thoroughly versed in how to write and service notices and then how to present the case in court, if it gets to court. If you, as a landlord, are not familiar enough with the process and law to get the tenant out on the first try, then we urge you to hire a lawyer to do it for you. The longer a non-paying tenant stays in your rental property, the more it will cost you.

Our question, when you sell business in Indonesia or buy a business, is this: what are the assets considered to arrive at an accurate value? Here we will look at some of the most common assets. There is a business for sale that the entrepreneurs keep an eagle eye on.

·         FF and E

This abbreviation stands for furniture, fixtures, and equipment. These are the tangible assets used by the business to operate and make money. All businesses (with a few exceptions) will have some amount of FF&E. The value of these can vary greatly, but in most cases, the value is included in the value as determined by the income.

·         Leaseholds

The leasehold is the lease agreement between the owner of the property and the business that rents the property. The agreed-upon leased space typically goes with the sale of the business. This can be a significant value, especially if there is an under-market rate currently charged and the lessor is obligated to continue with the current terms.

·         Contract rights

Many businesses do business based on ongoing contracts, agreements with other entities to do certain things for certain periods of time. There can be immense value in these agreements, and when someone buys a business he or she is buying the rights to these agreements.

·         Licenses

In certain business for sale, licenses do not apply; in others, there can be no business without them. Building contracting is one of them. So is accounting. For a buyer to buy a business, his purchase includes either buying the license to the company or the license to the individual. Often, the buyer will require the access or availability of the license as a contingent element of the sale.

The three main components

When it comes to business for sale, there are three main approaches to value, which are the income approach, the market approach, and the asset approach. There are variations of these approaches, and combinations of them, and things which must be looked at because each and every business will have variations of what gives the business worth.And some of these differences are substantial. First, we must identify the type of sale stock sale or asset sale.

A stock sale is the sale of the company stock

The entrepreneur is buying the company in Indonesia based upon the value of its stock, which represents everything in the business: earning power, equipment, goodwill, liabilities, etc. In an asset sale, the buyer is buying the company assets and capital which enable the company to make profits but is not necessarily assuming any liabilities with the purchase. Most small businesses for sale are sold as an “asset sale”.

For any warehouse or manufacturing operation, a modular palletizing system can not only save time and money but can also maximize warehouse space and allow for increased productivity. However, choosing the right pallet racking as a part of that system is imperative.

In the same way that planning for your palletizing system starts with the big picture, so too should your approach for integrative storage. Start with the data that drives your business. What are your inventory requirements for optimum operation, and should you be trying to improve those numbers? If you are considering expansion, first look at the space you have now and whether it is being utilized to its best degree.

With some initial planning, the pallet racking system you choose will fit into the space you have, optimize the storage you need, and be compatible with any automated palletizing system you use. Let’s break each of these areas down.

If the square footage of your facility is inadequate, begin with an evaluation of space utilization. Consider vertical space availability as well as horizontal floor space. How high is your ceiling and do you have, or can you acquire, the equipment needed for safe vertical storage? Is there room for the convenience of a drive-in or drive-thru system of pallet racking? If you plan to optimize vertical storage, work closely with your racking supplier to discuss issues of weight requirements. Consult with your company’s safety director during planning to see what additional employee training and education a new system might necessitate.

As we mentioned before, improving the storage you require should be an important consideration when venturing into a new system. Given recent, unprecedented world events and the uptick in ecommerce, the ability to track and continually update every square foot of storage is increasingly vital to the success of businesses. You know what you can store and retrieve now, but how well can you forecast what your company’s needs will be in the near future? Or even a few years from now? Considering what trends might be coming can help you make the most of any storage restructuring at your facility. Agility is key.

No amount of planning will help your business if you have not successfully integrated all parts of a palletizing system. A modular system is the best way to ensure that future flexibility needs can be met. The ability to grow and evolve as your product and market needs change should not be delayed in the final stages of your operation. Having a modular palletizing system that adapts to your specific needs will save money and allow your company to maintain momentum during times of market change.


We all love college life because there is so much fun there spending time, making new friends, enjoying classes, and many more. Being college students, we all get exposed to a whole unique atmosphere because we enjoy freedom at this time. Among all one of the essential things that the students learn here is how to save money for college. Though it is the last thing to concern about, but this habit will going to help you throughout your life. Students are finding difficulty in maintaining their budget because of raised tuition costs and high living expenses.

To help you out, we are explaining here a few tips that you can follow to save money for college.

  • Go for old textbooks

The textbooks are the necessity in colleges but are quite expensive. To cut down this hefty cost, you can borrow old books from a book store, from seniors, or visiting the university library. There are websites as well that provide the facility of renting the used textbooks.

  • Get involve in campus activities

Planning out for movies every weekend can drain out your pocket. In spite of this, you can take part in different events going on in the campus. Throughout the semesters, colleges plan out various events from movie nights, parties, live music, and others. You can be a part of all these and ideally save the money.

  • Use your credit cards smartly

College campuses organize booths for credit card companies for students. Having a credit card is quite challenging for the students as they have to maintain good credit and budget as well. It is advisable that use the credit cards only at the time of emergencies.

  • Selective eat out

You will be agreed with this fact that on-campus food is quite repetitive, and if you plan to eat somewhere out, it causes a burden on your pocket. To avoid this, the cost can be cut down by going for lunch or dinner when you feel happy.

  • Use the college gym

Presently, most of the colleges have opened their own athletic centers, which are absolutely free for the students. In case your college is not offering free membership, then you can opt for an intramural team.

These are some of the tricks by which students can learn about saving their money during college time. You can use this saved money to accomplish further goals.

Traditional banks only offer you a loan at the lowest interest rates if your credit score is good. But what if you need investment in an emergency and credit score is bad? No worries get in touch with a licensed money lender. Without checking your credit history, they will offer you a loan at the best interest rates. 

What is a bad credit score?

According to the FISCO, the credit score lies between 350 to 850. If your credit score is below 650, then you come in the category of bad credit score borrower. Whereas, if your credit score is above than 650 then you are a good credit score borrower. After seeing your credit score, a bank will decide your interest rate. Though you will get the bad credit loan from the lender, the interest rate you will repay is relatively higher than the right credit loan. 

  • 750-850- Excellent. 
  • 700-759- very good. 
  • 600-669- Fair. 
  • 620-659- Poor. 
  • Scores under 600- Bad

What is a bad credit loan?

A bad credit loan is a type of loan which is offered to borrowers who have a bad or poor credit score. A lender who offers you a loan without seeing your credit history will ask you to pay a high-interest rate. The reason is to offset the risk of losing money. Your credit score implies how true you are when it comes to repaying the pending bills. If your credit score is high or good, then you are an ideal borrower in the eyes of the lender, and he will offer you a loan at the lowest interest rates. But, if your credit score is low due to any reason like not paying pending bills, repaying debts and so forth, it is very tough to get a loan at the lowest interest rates from the traditional banks. To help bad credit score people, a licensed money lender came into the picture. They offer you the loan without checking your credit history and other documents. But, the interest rates they charge are relatively higher than other good credit scores

A bad credit loan doesn’t need a guarantor: 

A bad credit loan is a type of loan which doesn’t require a sign of guarantor. You don’t need to show your educational, income proof to get these types of loans. All you need to share some basic information about yourself like your name, personal identity proof, address proof and income proof and credit score details. Once the lender gets your documents, he will approve your application and transfer the loan to your bank account. 

How to apply for a bad credit loan?

Applying for a bad credit loan is a straightforward process. The following are the steps that help you in applying for a bad credit loan. 

Search the lender: First, you begin the bad credit loan process by finding a reliable and licensed moneylender like Crawfort who offers you the bad credit loan at the best interest rates. You can take the help of Google to find the authentic lender. When you search on the internet, you will come across plenty of lenders who offer you bad credit loans. But you need to choose a reliable one. To do that, all you have to do is just get a quote from every lender and then compare it, pick a lender who offers you the bad credit loan with the best interest rates. 

Fill the form: Once you choose the lender, you need to fill an application form. Enter all the information that is asked in the form correctly. You also need to submit the documents along with an application form. 

Review an application: As soon as a lender gets your application, he will review it, and if he finds everything good, he will approve your application. 

Loan Transfer: When your application gets approved by the lender, he will transfer the amount to your account within 24 hours. 

Repay the loan: According to your tenure period and frequency of repaying a loan, you need to repay the loan in the form of installment periodically. 

Pros and Cons of Bad Credit loans:

It makes sense to take caution while taking a bad credit loan from the lender. Be careful; if a lender doesn’t require your credit check, income proof, guarantees and you don’t see any review online, it’s a red flag to stay away from the lender and might be a time to look elsewhere. 


  • Bad credit loans are instant approval loans. 
  • Depending on a lender’s repayment terms and conditions, you have to repay the loan. 
  • If you repay the loan on time, it will increase your credit score. 
  • Easy loan application process. 


  • Interest rates are higher than conventional loans. 
  • If you are unable to repay the amount on time, they charge high penalties.  

The healthcare industry has always been an important sector for any country. It has become even more important now, with the world going through a global pandemic. With technological advancements, there’s always a need for new, advanced medical equipment. Starting a medical equipment trading llc in the UAE has great scope because the country’s vision is to become one of the best healthcare providers and medical tourism destinations in the world. 

In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, the governments of the respective emirates have developed neighbourhoods dedicated to health and wellness. They are Dubai Healthcare City, Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, and Sharjah Healthcare City. Here you will find world-class international and regional hospital groups, specialty clinics, wellness centers, and medical training centers. 

To meet the demands and standards of these healthcare cities as well as those of the many clinics and hospitals across the seven emirates, there is a need for licensed medical equipment trading companies in UAE. You can only import medical equipment or trade medical devices if your company as well as the equipment and pharmaceutical products are registered with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention. 

If you want to start a medical equipment trading llc in Dubai, you need a commercial license issued by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), the government agency authorized to issue business licenses in the emirate. You must also identify the type of activity your trading company will undertake. 

Types of business activities for trading medical devices 

There are two groups under which you can sell medical equipment in the UAE: 

Medicines Trading – this group includes the trading of medical instruments, surgical articles, and related apparatuses for treating specific medical conditions. 

Mechanical & Engineering Equipment Trading – this group includes trading equipment and instruments used in hospitals and clinics for x-rays, physiotherapy, surgical operations, etc. 

Steps to register a medical equipment trading llc in Dubai 

In order to begin the registration process of your trading company with the DED, you must complete the following requirements: 

  • Submit 3 trade name options. 
  • Determine the business activity your company will undertake 
  • Submit the passport copies along with visa details of all the company shareholders 
  • Submit the Emirates ID of the local sponsor 

Once you have submitted the above details, you must carry out the following steps to apply for the commercial trade license for your company.  

  • Get the initial approval 
  • Get approval for one of the 3 trade names submitted 
  • Draft and sign the Memorandum of Association 
  • Rent an office space and submit the tenancy contract 
  • Get any additional approvals that your business may need 
  • Pay the fees and get your trade license 

However, getting a trade license alone does not authorize you to commence your business. In the case of medical equipment trading llc in the UAE, you must register your newly licensed company, and all the equipment you wish to trade, with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention. If you will be importing your equipment into the UAE, you will also have to register your company with Dubai Customs or the ports & customs authority of the emirate where you plan to operate.

Worker’s Compensation in Texas is a state-regulated insurance program for employers. This coverage is offered to employees who are injured at work. The insurance also extends to employees dealing with work-related diseases or illnesses. It even protects participating employers from a civil lawsuit by injured workers. The employer and aggrieved employee reach an agreement that protects both from lawsuits, but wounded workers must receive some form of financial restitution or medical coverage.

Worker’s Compensation in Texas is not mandatory for all employers. In other words, all employers do not have to carry Worker’s Compensation, but they must have some form of insurance coverage and benefits for injured workers. For WC in Texas, the injured employee must file a claim with the employer or company he or she works for. The employer usually mandates that injured employers see company doctors before benefits are paid out. This is to protect the employer from false claims and unnecessary legal entanglements.

How much are Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Texas?

In Texas, the weekly benefit amount is 70% of the average weekly wage before the injury occurred. This, of course, depends on how much the injured employee was earning on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis. This only determines the exact financial amount that will be paid out, but it is 70%. The injured party will also receive benefits that will cover his or her medical costs, expenses, emotional trauma, stress, and related factors. Again, the guidelines and rules within Worker’s Compensation or another plan the employer offers will be the deciding factor.

The compensation also covers financial woes due to job loss. This includes past and future wages, as well as reimbursement for medical expenses that are incurred. The injured employee may also claim additional costs for physical rehabilitation due to injuries sustained. Texas employers even offer a form of fatality insurance with benefits paid out to surviving family members. If the employee passes away due to injuries sustained at work, his or her spouse and dependents will receive the compensation. Similarly, a person that covers funeral costs and expenses may also be reimbursed for the finances assessed and spent.

What limits are there in Texas Workers’ Compensation?

As with any form of medical or health insurance, there are limits on coverage. For example, emotional duress, anxiety, and stress are normally not covered in these plans. While they are undoubtedly related to physical injuries, they are not considered payable damages. Still, there have been cases in Texas in which injured employees did collect for emotional damages due to slips and fall at the workplace. However, these cases had employees that did not agree with the form of coverage offered to them by employers.

These employees hired attorneys and filed lawsuits against negligent employers. With Worker’s Compensation in Texas, this is not permitted since the employer and injured employee agree to keep all legal claims or matters out of their agreement. These are some of the essentials of state-mandated employer/employee insurance plans in Texas. There is more information available on the web for both company owners and employees that want to learn more about compensation for on-the-job injuries.

It has taken years of blood and sweat to reach your current position: A fast-growing e-commerce outfit that’s poised to become the “Next Big Thing.” Or so the local press has claimed — while you appreciate just how far you’ve come, you know that there’s still a long way to go before that happens. It’s for this reason that you’re always scouting opportunities for upward mobility. And it is this constant pursuit that has you now considering outsourcing your SEO efforts to a consultant.

It’s About Time

Most small business owners are acutely shy of outsourcing key operations — and you too probably are. You know the benefits that a proper SEO campaign stands to bring (improved visibility, more traffic, a better user experience, etc). But you’re not quite sure if you need to partner with a consultant just yet. What’s the incentive in outsourcing an initiative you could very well run in-house?

Well, this would be a high time to embrace a new approach. Let’s see why hiring a Dallas SEO expert could be the best decision you’ve ever made:

  • Knowledge and tools: SEO requires expertise in multiple disciplines; keyword research, competitor analysis, coding and content marketing et al. Running your campaign in-house would mean hiring a bunch of professionals who’re well-versed in all these areas (or, worse, gambling on your abilities). And it’s not just the want of expertise you need to worry about; your efforts could also be sabotaged by the lack of tools. Why not just partner with someone who’s well-equipped on both sides? A good consultant will have all the manpower and tools needed to get your campaign in gear.
  • Keep up with trends: Do you know how fast SEO evolves? Some search engines are known to update their algorithms hourly. Keeping up with trends on your own would mean abandoning everything else just to stay on the lookout — and even that might not be enough. Why not rely on someone who’s already used to the lightning pace?
  • Save time and money: Hiring an agency doesn’t exactly guarantee you of a speedy turnaround. But you can bet that it’ll take less time for your campaign to bear fruit than if you were running it in-house. Speaking of which, outsourcing will free up man-hours that you could put into other more critical tasks. And the fees charged will be lower than what you’d pay for the resources highlighted earlier.
  • Additional services: Your agency will be more than happy to provide any extra services you might need besides optimization –analytics, keyword position tracking, website maintenance and such — at a discounted rate or no additional charge in some cases.
  • Assurance: Once again, you should never fall for any promises hinged on a given time-frame as far as SEO goes. But there’s one guarantee that a Dallas consultant will offer you; that your campaign will be implemented strictly with white-hat techniques. This eliminates the risk of your website getting blacklisted for malpractice.

In a Nutshell

It’s understandable that you want to stay in control of your operations. But there’re things that are best handled by a specialist, and SEO is one of them. Just do your homework before hiring an expert; check that they have a good track record in following industry best practices. Also make sure they can fully cater for all your SEO needs.