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Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about payroll. But if you don’t have a good payroll system in place, it can cause major headaches for both you and your accountant.

If you’re an accountant, chances are good that you’re always looking for ways to save time and be more efficient. Payroll software can be a big help in this regard, as it can automate many of the tasks involved in processing payroll.

What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software is a system used by businesses to automate the process of paying employees. The software can be used to calculate wages, withhold taxes and other deductions, and generate pay stubs or paychecks.  Some payroll software programs also offer time tracking and human resources management capabilities. Payroll software can be deployed as a cloud-based solution or installed on a company’s own servers.

Payroll software can save businesses time and money by automating a process that is otherwise time-consuming and error-prone. The software can also help businesses comply with government regulations related to payroll taxes and employee compensation.

Here are seven time-saving payroll software features your accountant will love:

Automated Payroll

With automated payroll, you can say goodbye to the tedious task of entering employee hours and calculating paychecks manually. Automated payroll software does all the work for you, including calculating taxes and deductions. This can save you hours of time each week.

Online Access

With online access, you can view your payroll information from anywhere at any time. This means you can stay on top of your payroll even when you’re out of the office. And if you ever need to make a change to an employee’s payroll, you can do it quickly and easily online.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a time-saving feature that allows you to automatically deposit employee paychecks into their bank accounts. This means your employees don’t have to come to the office to pick up their checks, and it saves you the time and hassle of printing and distributing paper checks.

Employee Self-Service

With employee self-service, your employees can view and manage their own payroll information online. This includes viewing pay stubs, updating personal information, and requesting time off. Employee self-service can save you hours of time each month by reducing the need for you to field payroll questions from employees.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Time and attendance tracking is a valuable feature for any payroll software. It allows you to track employee hours worked, sick days used, and vacation days taken. This information can be used to calculate paychecks and track overtime. Time and attendance tracking can save you time by reducing the need for manual data entry.

Tax Management

With tax management features, you can easily file and pay your payroll taxes. This includes federal, state, and local taxes. Tax management can save you hours of time each quarter by automating the tax filing process.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics allow you to track your payroll data and create custom reports. This information can be used to improve your payroll process and make informed decisions about your business. Reporting and analytics can save you time by giving you the ability to track and analyze your payroll data.


Choosing the right payroll software is essential for any business. The right software can save you hours of time each week, freeing you up to focus on more important tasks. Look for a software that offers automated payroll, online access, direct deposit, employee self-service, time and attendance tracking, tax management, and reporting and analytics.

If you’re an accountant, be sure to look for a program that includes the time-saving features listed above.

No other structure can compete with the Museum of the Future as the most magnificent structure in the world. It might be the lone low-lying impressive sight that can divert your attention from the imposing structure. Without giving away too much, you should know that everything to know about the museum of the future is extremely marvelous. So, you should know why to look for it. This is because time is limited, and nobody can wait for the future, especially the upcoming generation.

In the given points you will find the three most basic reasons why you should visit the museum of the future along with your friends or family.

  • It gives an authentic feeling to visit: What gives you the intensity to visit the museum of the future? Well, there are several reasons to visit the museum of the future. The first and foremost is the feeling that you can get after entering the museum. The decorum itself can give you the feeling of being in the future. You can feel like jumping straight away in the year 2071. Now, you may think that why 2071? Well, to be exact, that year remembers 100 years since the union of the seven emirates and the birth of the United Arab Emirates. The museum features a futuristic utopia established several years from the current time, in which technology and people live in peace and where humans have harnessed artificial intelligence (AI) and robots to address global warming, find new sources of renewable energy, and revive extinct species and ecosystem as nature is therapeutic. This is the basic and most enthusiastic reason why people love to visit the museum of the future.
  • It allows you to learn more: It can be said that visiting the museum of the future is an opportunity to learn more about how to preserve of future for our upcoming generation. There is a DNA library within the Museum of the Future that allows you to discover more information about environmental issues and how you can contribute to making the planet a more pleasant place to live. Here, more than a thousand different species and natural masterpieces are investigated with the sole intention of improving the future. We can analyze the future existence of our next generation by improving the climate change issue of the earth. The museum of the future will be able to show you how the future can be protected with the help of our coexistence. This can be treated as another important reason why you or any student must visit the Museum of the future.
  • It allows you to see the future heroes: Kids are the backbone of our civilization, and museums provide a space to them where they can enjoy, discover, and enter a fantastical world. Children will take part in expeditions in this exhibition that will motivate them to cooperate to achieve objectives. The exhibit aims to encourage a screen-free atmosphere for children and place a greater emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. Then once the children complete their task, they will receive unique medals or badges as gratitude. For this reason, you should visit the museum of the future with kids. You can bring your child to the museum of the future if you want to enhance their well-being and presence of mind. It educates them that a bright future is a common objective. The museum operator will be in charge of them the entire time.


Visiting a museum with your friends or family will enhance your knowledge about many historical things. But when it comes to visiting the museum of the future you will get to know about the various ways how you should preserve the future for your upcoming generation. You can get the golden visa dubai and start exploding UAE buys the first crucial step of visiting the museum of the future.


If you need money in a hurry, you can easily apply for Cash Advances and payday loans in Ohio online through direct lenders. You don’t need a high credit score to get approved for such a loan. This type of loan is available for all US citizens and the application process is quick and easy.

Unlike traditional loans, no credit check cash advance loans are unsecured and you can use them however you like. However, you cannot take out more than one payday loan in Ohio at a time. Generally, the amount of these loans is limited to $1,000. You can also apply for installment loans or other types of loans in Ohio.

Applying online is quick and easy. Online lenders generally deposit your funds on the same day. Almost 80 percent of requests are approved online. Many direct lenders have easy-to-understand online applications. Once you have submitted your information, you will receive your money within minutes. If you are approved, the amount can be deposited directly into your bank account.

Cash Advances and Payday loans in Ohio can be a great option when you need quick money. However, you should remember that they require repayment within a few weeks of the loan’s issue date. If you are uncertain about your ability to make your repayments, cash advances are not the right option. You can also apply for one of these loans online through storefront lenders. When you fill out a simple form, lenders will review your application and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Twelve million people took out a payday loan in 2013 Although states have tightened restrictions on what interest rates can be charged, it is difficult to regulate the practices of short-term lenders like title loans and payday loans. A car title pawn works in the same way as a traditional car loan. The borrower uses both the vehicle title and the vehicle which is usually kept by the lender to secure the loan.

Although there are the same risks and factors involved, the borrower will typically receive more cash because the lender has both the title and vehicle. Cross-collection is when a bank uses this opportunity to collect debts owed to another bank. Over a third of bank customers took out more then 20 payday loans in 2011. The Oregon cap on interest rates for payday loans was 150%. This led to a mass exodus from the industry, and a decrease in borrowers taking out payday loans.

Companies need to stay ahead of their competition in a global marketplace by quickly reallocating resources and expanding geographically. Business process outsourcing allows businesses to do both of these. As a result, outsourcing allows companies to increase their profits and reduce costs. It also allows businesses to engage multiple service providers easily and respond to changing market demands.

Description of business process outsourcing

What is the definition of business process outsourcing? Business process outsourcing (BPO) is delegating one or more IT-intensive business processes to an external provider that, in turn, owns, administrates, and manages the selected processes based on defined and measurable performance metrics.

The advent of business process outsourcing (BPO) has brought with it many benefits for companies. The process helps companies leverage the talent and skills of other countries, thereby saving them a lot of money. It also provides access to a bigger talent pool than the local labor market. As a result, businesses that outsource their operations can expand globally.

Business process outsourcing services include payroll, human resources, accounting, and IT support. In addition, there are various front-office services, such as answering customer queries, customer support, and more. Business process outsourcing services are provided to various government agencies and for-profit and nonprofit enterprises. Typical services include human resources, marketing, and accounting.

They may be technical or non-technical and can be provided to businesses of any size. However, many companies consider payroll and prime accounting candidates for BPO, so it is important to understand the business processes involved before outsourcing them.

Outsourcing is a great way to reduce costs and increase efficiency. As a result, outsourcing services are increasingly popular, and the global market for them is projected to reach $230.2 billion by 2027.

Cost savings

Business process outsourcing (BPO) helps companies grow and maintain low overhead costs. It allows companies to hire skilled professionals overseas, reducing labor costs while increasing cash flow. Businesses can improve their turnaround times for products and services by partnering with BPO providers. They can prioritize projects according to urgency and utilize automated workflow processes to meet deadlines. The use of AI and RPA can also speed up workflow processes. Finding the right partner is the first step in leveraging your operations. BPO services have other advantages. They enable companies to focus on their core business instead of handling administrative tasks.

Before outsourcing, you must calculate how much your current business process costs. First, determine all costs associated with the process, including direct and indirect costs. For example, include money spent on services no longer necessary, such as training staff. Also, determine whether you can avoid future costs if you outsource the process.

The cost savings from outsourcing processes can help your company reduce its budget and expand into other areas. For example, businesses can add 20 to 30 percent to their marketing budget by reducing the cost of data entry and marketing.

Increasing profits

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a great way to improve your bottom line. This process uses subcontractors to perform your business operations. It is a proven strategy for improving profitability and is a growing trend among companies. Businesses of all sizes are benefiting from BPO. However, there are some things you should look for when determining whether outsourcing is right for your business.

Outsourcing your processes is a great way to increase speed, accuracy, and capacity. For example, a BPO specializing in records management can index documents, keep your company compliant with laws, and automatically store records. In addition, this will free up your team’s time to focus on core business functions.

BPO is one of the fastest-growing business strategies because of its convenience and cost-effectiveness. It is used by all Fortune 500 companies and is being adopted by businesses of all sizes. It is used for the core and additional business functions and continues to grow in popularity as new services emerge.

Business process outsourcing also allows businesses to expand globally. By using a global workforce to perform business processes, a business can better serve its customers in multiple languages, 24 hours a day. Outsourcing can also allow companies to reduce redundant divisions by leveraging the presence of multiple countries. As a result, companies can act faster to introduce new products and reassign resources to critical business functions.

If you plan an event without the expert help of an event company, prepare for quick turn times, high pressure, and fast-paced decisions. When it comes to events, top event companies in Singapore have seen it all so investing in their help makes perfect sense.

While making mistakes is part of the planning process, there are many avoidable mistakes that tend to occur repeatedly. For events that are bulletproof, below are some of the common mistakes top event companies in Singapore avoid at all cost:

Losing Sight of the Event Goals

What is the focus of the event? What do you want to accomplish? How are you measuring success? These are some of the questions you need to answer when planning your event. It is important to keep in mind that every decision you make can bring you closer to accomplishing your event goals or move you further away from it. 

Bonus Tip: Identify event goals clearly and make sure every decision is made with them in mind. You can use a whiteboard to share the goals with everyone in the team and make sure it is visible for everyone to see at all times.

Doing Everything All By Yourself

Event planning is a team effort and it will require individual assignees to get the job done. In addition, you will also need someone who will coordinate all the efforts. If you are knee-deep in the trenches, you can end up missing out on a lot of high-level coordination.

Bonus Tip: Hire team members that know how to get a job done and keep them. Having competent people on your team is crucial to the success of your events.

Competing with Others

If you constantly compete with other planning and event planners, you can easily get derailed. While it’s okay to pull ideas and motivation from others in the industry, make sure you won’t spend your time and energy in useless competition or jealousy. 

Bonus Tip: Pick the best ideas from other planners and add your own special skills and ideas to create something completely different.

Being Enticed by Shiny Objects

There are countless possible experiences that are introduced into the planning event industry on a daily basis. Understandably, it can be tempting to try every shiny new object and integrate it in your event. However, if you don’t have a good reason to implement it, it would be best to just wait until you do.

Bonus Tip: Always refer to your goals and ask if the new addition aligns with them and can help you achieve your objectives in a better and more efficient way. Otherwise, give it a hard pass.

Missing the F&B Minimums

Even if you read and re-read the contract repeatedly, sometimes things happen. Missing the food and beverage minimum at your event can be a costly mistake. Make sure you set up periodic check-ins so you have enough time to make the necessary adjustments. If the tickets are prepaid, make sure to triple check the numbers before giving them to the caterer.

Bonus Tip: If you have an audience that is notorious for no-shows, consider implementing a no-show penalty.

Selecting a Venue That Is Too Small

A small venue with too many people can be downright uncomfortable. Check if there is a way your chosen venue can be adjusted in case you will have more attendees that you anticipated. If on the cusp of capacity, it would be best to opt for a larger room.

Pro Tip: If you will use a bigger room for a smaller crowd, cluster tables together so you can create a larger entertainment or lounge area.

How to Move Large Items Quickly and Smoothly by Truck Loads

As a result of the recent increase in freight transportation, many companies are looking for ways to move large items quickly and smoothly.

One of the best ways to do this is by hiring a truckload carrier company. Truckload carriers are able to handle any size load, from moving a few boxes to moving millions of pounds.

There are many benefits that come with using these services. Some of them include:

– Hiring a company with experience in handling large loads

– Moving large items without having to worry about damage or breakage

– Decreasing the amount of time it takes to move your items

How to Move Large Items Quickly and Smoothly by Truck Loads

Truckload movers are an essential part of a company’s relocation process. They help companies move large items quickly and smoothly by truck loads. These movers use their specialized equipment to help companies transport their belongings across the country or across the world. They also provide customers with moving services that include packing, loading, unloading, and storage.

Companies need truckload movers for moving tasks such as packing, loading, unloading, and storage. With these services in place, companies can rely on these professionals to get the job done without worrying about time-consuming details like loading furniture or packing.

How Moving with a Truck Load of Things is the Best Way to Get your Heavy Stuff Moving

Moving with a truckload of things is the best way to get your heavy stuff moving. With this method, you are able to save money on labor and time by not hiring help for loading and unloading the truck.

The average cost of hiring help for loading and unloading a truck is about $250 per hour. That’s how much it costs to hire someone to do this job. However, if you pack your items into boxes before moving, you can save on labor costs because it takes less time for the driver to load and unload the truck.

If you want to move with a truckload of things, make sure that all your items are packed into boxes before moving them so that they can be loaded in one trip by your driver.

5 Tips for How to Move Your Heavy Stuff Without Breaking Your Back – Pain-Free!

Moving heavy objects can be a pain, but with these 5 tips, you can avoid the pain and still move your heavy stuff without breaking your back.

  1. Use dollies and dolly pads
  2. Use a hand truck or cart for smaller items
  3. If you are moving a couch, use furniture sliders to keep it from sliding around on the floor
  4. Use boxes that are designed to fit in your car or truck bed
  5. Get help from friends and family members if necessary

How Do You Know If you’re Moving Too Little or Too Much?

Moving too little can be detrimental to your health and well-being as it can lead to a lack of activity. Moving too much, on the other hand, is also not good for your health.

Moving too little or too much can lead to a variety of health problems. If you are moving too much, it could lead to a variety of issues such as sleep deprivation, chronic fatigue syndrome, and hormonal imbalances.

If you’re moving too little, you may experience muscle tension and stiffness that may make it difficult for you to perform at work or in your personal life.

It may sound cliché but immigration law is complicated. You need to be absolutely sure of what you are doing and must know every detail to make the most of your circumstances. One of the key reasons why people hire an immigration lawyer is to know their options. For instance, if you want to get your Green Card, talking to a Dallas permanent residency visa lawyer can give insight on merits and demerits of your case. In this post, we are sharing more on 5 ways in which an immigration lawyer can help. 

  1. Help with the paperwork. Paperwork, as boring and extensive as it is, is necessary for acquiring a visa to stay/work in the US. With an immigration lawyer working for you, there is no need to worry about the paperwork and related aspects. Attorneys know immigration law in depth and can help in avoiding the common mistakes, which can impact your prospects.  
  2. Assistance with specific issues. If you run into trouble with immigration authorities, you definitely need an attorney. An immigration lawyer knows what it takes to defend a client, and they will ensure that your rights are not violated and denied. For instance, if you are facing deportation, your lawyer will consider all possible options. Experience and expertise of your attorney are really valuable in such hard circumstances. 
  3. Suggest options for family immigration. If you are working in the US and want to bring your family, talking to an attorney will help. As a citizen of the US, you can sponsor other family members (including brothers and sisters) to come and work in the US, and a skilled immigration lawyer can explain all details. ‘
  4. Get help with permanent residency. Even when you have a work visa, there are special laws applicable only to immigrants. A lawyer can help you understand these rights and laws, so that you don’t get deported for a small mistake. Also, if you are dealing with employment issues, or are not getting the support you expect from your employer, consulting an attorney will help. 
  5. Know all steps in advance. Besides the paperwork, your immigration lawyer is key to knowing all relevant steps that are relevant for applying for visa or permanent residency. Your attorney will give an overview of what to expect from the due immigration process. You can expect to have a clear understanding of how to deal with interviews and other things. 

Check online for top immigration lawyers in Dallas now!

Smartrr is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive reviews of online tools that you may use for your personal needs. We’ll speak about paraphrasing tool and all that goes with them in this article.

The word “paraphrase” means “to speak like others” and is a term associated with saying something in a long, complex but easy to understand form. You may not think you are paraphrasing a sentence or passage. But the meaning comes through if you use the exact words of the original author and put them in quotation marks. This can require anything from adding or changing words to create a brand new sentence.   

You must identify the source material and provide the name of the author. For example, when the original authors quote exact words in Dr. King’s verse, you give them credit in the sentence. By paraphrasing a source, you can rewrite a passage without changing the meaning of the original text.   

Paraphrase is an alternative to quotation marks, where you copy exact words without putting them in quotation marks. It is safe to use because it produces plagiarism-free content without taking ideas from others. Paraphrase tools are a safe term from an SEO point of view, because they help to better place search results with better and fresher content.   

Paraphrase tools take the source content and reformulate it to avoid plagiarism problems. If your goal is to remix the text content of your website, professional work, business document, email, tweet, etc., then free paraphrase tools can help with this trick. Paraphrase tool itself can be used to reformulate or rewrite an entire essay or article in a new way by specifying a simple sentence or phrase in a single word.   

The idea and meaning of source content is retained as long as you use as few words as possible to express the idea or message of the content.   

Paraphrasing tools use artificial intelligence (AI) and automatic dynamic word processing, which use special algorithms to enable phrase expression, reformulation of whole sentences, word synonymization and recognition of the exchange of infective forms.   

An online article rewriter is a perfect web utility for creating high-quality content. With the help of this tool, the essence and meaning of your source remain intact, while the whole wording is changed according to the structure of the sentence or paragraph. Unique content created by an article spinner means that we can customize the content of our website to be SEO-friendly.   

These tools are not suitable for academic writing where students must understand the meaning of the text before they write it in their own words. Many tools, such as the article rewriters and reword tools available online, allow users to rewrite large chunks of text to create unique content for a website. Some tools replace words in the text with their synonyms, while some tools rearrange them.    

You can also use paraphrasing tools to expand your blog’s SEO footprint into a kind of reference website for high-quality content. When a large creative writing project is bouncing back at you in the face, you can use rewriting tools to get your mental momentum going and to keep it going until the final product is written.   

You don’t have to look for a professional human paraphrase that you can use unless you pay someone to do the job. If you are looking for free paraphrasing software, Quillbolt might be a good option for you. You don’t even have to buy a key to access and use the tool, as it was developed using advanced algorithms.   

If you want to generate unlimited SEO-friendly content, this tool will allow you to do just that. The content generated by ParaPaging Tools is a human-friendly, readable text that has true meaning and originality.   

It can help you in the mass production of blog posts, website content, descriptions, sales copies and other forms of text content. As a researcher, you have to siphon and process large amounts of source code when doing research. 

You can use a paraphrasing tool to paraphrase up to 10,000 characters, making your content sound clearer, clearer, and smarter via Smartrr platform. Software paraphrase tools weigh several factors, including the context of each word, phrase, or sentence, to decide how best to paraphrase your content. The process begins when you insert content into the Paraphrase Editor and your rewritten content appears in an adjacent text box.   

You can also click on words or replace them to see definitions and other suggestions. If you are one of the many people trying to find new ways to express an idea, as mentioned above, conversion tools can suit you very well. 

We hope this article was useful to you. Visit Smartrr’s website for more similar blogs.

There are many clichés and preconceived ideas about almost every profession. But clichés have a hard life, they say. The profession of chartered accountant does not escape this rule. The received ideas on this profession have the unfortunate consequence of discouraging many young people who however are seduced by the work of chartered accountant and dream to excel in this field. It is then important to dismantle a certain number of received ideas on this profession so that the people who aspire to this branch can have the courage to launch out…

Useful link: Banking Jobs in Africa

Through this article, we listed some of these so-called truths on the profession of chartered accountant…

1. You need to be a math pro 

This thought is anything but true. You don’t have to be good at math to be a CPA. In fact, it is very common to come across professionals in this field who have studied literature. However, it is still true that you have to like to manipulate numbers, cross-check them, and interpret them to be a good accountant. However, this should not lead young people who want to become accountants to believe in the exaggerations that this profession can only be practiced by mathematical aces. You will need neither geometry nor algebra. You will simply need logic and analytical skills before anything else.

2. It takes eight years of study to do the job

This is another misconception about the accounting profession. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree plus 8 years to become a public accountant. The truth is that you need to complete 5 years of studies after the baccalaureate and do a three-year internship in a firm or a company before obtaining the famous diploma of certified public accountant (DEC). These three years of internships are very rewarding in terms of knowledge in the field of public accounting.

3. The job is rather boring…

This is also the case for the profession of public accountant. Forget the image of the guy with glasses, overwhelmed by numbers and paperwork. He works for structures of very different sizes and sectors of activity: SMEs, VSEs, ETIs, start-ups, associations, craftsmen, shopkeepers, farmers, etc. He carries out various missions in which contact is of prime importance. It is an exciting job that allows you to be in contact with various types of companies and fields of activity.

4. The ideal is to be the head of your own firm

 This perception is far from the reality of the automobile, not all accountants are interested in entrepreneurship. Many of them become teachers or work as employees in a company. Within companies, they generally occupy the functions of management controllers, financial analysts, CFOs, auditors, managers… According to Françoise Savès, president of the Association of Women Chartered Accountants, two thirds of women who graduate in this field choose this path. They get their DEC at the age when they want to be mothers. They then prefer to join a company to better reconcile their professional and family lives,” she says.

As Google’s Core Web Vitals enter its launching month, understanding the various aspects of page experience and how to improve your site for each of them is crucial.

With that in mind, here are five suggestions for improving your Google’s Core Web Vitals compliance.

1.  Minimize JavaScript (JS) Execution

A low FID score indicates that your page interacts with users for more than 300 milliseconds. When such results occur, it might be time to think about optimizing and minimizing your JS execution. This option reduces the time it takes for your browser to execute JS code and display the page.

According to Google, Deferring unused JS is one method of reducing the execution time, thereby leveraging Google’s Core Web Vitals requirements. Here is the best way to check if your website contains any unused JavaScript:

  • Begin by going to your website and right-click on it, then select “Inspect.”
  • Then go to “Sources” and check at the bottom for three dots. You should include a tool called “Coverage.” Once you have added it, hit the load button.
  • When the load is complete, you will check how much JavaScript does not get used on your page.

When you’ve figured out how much JS you have left excess, you should start cutting it down. You can do that in a variety of ways, one of which is code splitting. Minimizing your JS entails breaking up a JavaScript bundle into smaller chunks.

2.  Enforce Lazy Loading

If you use photos on your site, it is critical to use lazy loading to protect your site’s User Experience (UX) and Google’s Core Web Vitals score. Essentially, lazy loading enables you to load images as users scroll down the page, preserve your website’s loading speed, and ensure a high LCP score.

3.  Optimize and Compress Images

Images are the most important features for several websites. As a result, optimizing them is critical because it can render your page substantially lighter, boosting loading time, LCP score, UX, and search engine ranks, and ultimately, optimize your Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Compressing photos with tiny jpg and increasing your LCP performance may minimize the full page size. You might believe that image compression reduces image quality or reduces resolution. However, the disparity is only visible when you zoom in or if the image gets stored in the incorrect format; otherwise, everything is fine.

Additionally, whenever possible, utilize the jpg format for landscape photographs and the png format for graphics. You can use next-generation formats such as JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP. However, you should conduct some research before making your decision.

4.  Input Proper Dimensions for Images and Embeds

A CLS score of more than 0.1 is considered poor, and it often gets caused by elements in the CSS file that lack dimensions, such as photos, advertisements, or embeds. Thus, dimensions do matter if you want to increase your CLS score and thus, increase your Google’s Core Web Vitals. Setting the correct width and height allows the browser to enable the appropriate amount of space on the page while the element loads.

For instance, if the proportions of a picture are incorrect, it will normally appear later on a page. While a user consumes the content, it may abruptly drop due to an image that did not load quickly enough since it did not have the right dimensions. In this scenario, the browser could not determine how much space is required for that specific image.

To avoid this picture shift, you may want to set aside a place to display the image ahead of time. If it is loaded off-screen, this operation will prevent layout shifts.

5.  Improve Your Server Response Time

The longer it takes for a browser to get content from the server, the longer it takes for anything to render on the screen. A speedier server response time, on the other hand, directly increases every page-load measure, including LCP.

A long server response time can significantly harm your SEO and your website’s user experience. Thus, using Time to First Byte (TTFB) to determine server response time can be beneficial. This metric determines when the user’s web browser obtains the first byte of your page’s content.

However, it might be wise to gather statistics on your server’s present performance before you begin to grasp how you perform. Here are some pointers to consider when you have completed the report:

  • Examine the speed of your site hosting.
  • Make use of a content delivery network (CDN) for your website.
  • Examine your plug-ins.


The response time of a server should be less than 600 milliseconds, according to Google. As a result, following Google’s Core Web Vitals can improve your website’s visibility and ranking in browsers while also giving your users a top-notch browsing experience.