Some companies opt to hire respondents for a certain period, usually weekly, monthly, annually, or for several years. It allows the firm to focus on a single group of respondents. Equally important, the team usually comprises the target audience. In research, it is often referred to as a research panel. Why do the organizations opt for this option? Keep reading to learn how research panels benefit market researchers.

  1. They are interested respondents

Not everyone who receives your survey responds to it, but that’s not the case with research panels. Since they are consulted and have already agreed to do be respondents, they will respond and complete the surveys at all times. Having agreed to be part of the team shows commitment which they also exhibit when handling the questions. Since the respondents will take the surveys seriously and give the questions the justice they deserve when answering them, you can rest assured that the data you receive will be of high quality.

  • They are Flexible

Besides being respondents to your survey, there is more than market research panels can do. They will also participate in other research endeavors, including interviews and focus groups, as long as they remain the company’s recruits.

  • Perfect for Changes and Trends

For someone planning to track changes and trends, it becomes necessary to ensure that the same respondents handle a certain survey again and again but in various intervals. Since you have little control over the people who respond to your surveys, it can be hard to ensure that the same group of respondents comes again and again. That’s where a research panel comes. They help you ensure that it is the same people who tackle subsequent surveys. As a result, comparison becomes easy, accurate, and relevant since you will compare responses from the same people.

  • They simplify surveys and save time

Since you have the contacts of the research panel members at your disposal, it becomes easy to reach them out every time you have a survey. On the other hand, lack of research panels meanssearching for participants whenever you need survey respondents. That’s undeniably hard since not many people are willing to participate voluntarily. The panel helps you save a lot of time which you could have used to gather their contacts and even convince them to participate. Some will agree to be respondents, but you will have to chase after them to remind them to respond to the surveys later. That becomes hard and time-wasting hence the need to have a dedicated research panel instead.

  • The respondents are a great source of immense knowledge

As you interact with respondents over and over again, it becomes easy to understand them deeply. However, how do you ensure that the respondent you are dealing with this time will respond in the next one?  Research panels are the solution to the uncertainty of respondents. With the repetitive responses, you understand the participants and have a deep and rich source of insights.


When it comes to market research, panels are the real deal. They come bearing many benefits, including saving you from the agony of finding survey respondents. Therefore, if you want to enjoy all the above benefits, give a research panel a shot.