Pearl Lam refuses to be labelled as a feminist, or female entrepreneur, but by virtue of her work and gender, she has become a prominent female entrepreneur in the art world. It’s been quite a while since she held the first contemporary Chinese art exhibition and then other different works not only in Pearl Lam Galleries but around the world that helped in West understand contemporary Chinese art. 

All these, however, have been written about Pearl Lam, the authority on Asian contemporary art and design. One quality often overlooked of international gallerist Pearl Lam is the way she has been modernising the art world by promoting artists who would often be overlooked by traditional art galleries.

But the work of this prominent female entrepreneur as a gallerist doesn’t end there. Pearl Lam is interested in revolutionising and modernising the art world by incorporating a variety of modern technology-based pieces into the art.  

International Gallerist Pearl Lam Combining Art and NFT

Most art gallerists, mainly the puritan and traditionalists would condemn the idea of incorporating virtual art in their exhibitions. Lam as a visionary and prominent female entrepreneur understood the path the world has taken towards the virtual world and blockchain. So, in 2001 Pearl Lam announced the release of NFT (Non-Fungible Token, art of Mr Doodle. The virtual art would bring Mr Doodle’s animated work to life for the audience where his doodles would assemble, change, interact, and even dismantle after a time. 

In the process of staying ahead of the ordinary, Lam stated that she had very little knowledge about digital art. The prominent female entrepreneur Pearl Lam hired people of the generation who understand this digital platform and could help her in launching Mr Doodle’s NFT.

According to international gallerist Pearl Lam promoting NFT was a new experience, and she was not sure whether it would be a profitable one. But Lam wanted to understand the new trend of virtual art. She knows that to keep galleries relevant Lam needs to speak the language of the younger generation who are into the virtual world and NFTs. 

Pearl Lam The Prominent Female Entrepreneur

Many would say that Pearl Lam is a maverick and she does not shy away from this tag. According to Lam, it’s true that neither traditional buyers, art collectors, or galleries would dabble with NFTs or virtual art because they do not have any credentials. However, the younger generation of collectors and artists is paying attention to NFTs. There are quite a few young artists who are selling their NFTs online for $50 only and in a way cryptocurrency has democratised art. It is no longer limited to a closed-door auction and is for ‘art connoisseurs’ and ‘art collectors’ only. 

If art galleries do not keep up with the new trend and take the risk of investing in modernisation and the use of technology in art then the chances are traditional understanding of galleries will become obsolete. Hence as a prominent female entrepreneur, Pearl Lam is excited to push the limits of how one not only perceives art but constructs it for their audience. 

A True Pioneer

According to Pearl Lam, who has become a prominent female entrepreneur, the pandemic has changed the way artists used to work, the process of viewing art, and the relationship between the artist and the viewer. Social media has become an enormous space for virtual art and showcasing art, where artists do not have to depend on galleries anymore, and neither the buyer. So, gallery owners need to see the change and embrace it. 


Lam’s work as an entrepreneur doesn’t end with art and galleries. She finds and promotes the fashion and clothes of designers because she finds them to be wearable art.