No employer would want their employees to waste time at work. They wouldn’t want them to slack off during working hours and waste time performing leisure activities. When employees slack off and waste time, they affect the company’s overall productivity and business. Most data breaches also occur due to employee negligence and error. 

The best way to ensure employees are working and performing their job diligently is to keep a check on their activities with the help of employee monitoring solutions. Since employers do not want their staff workers to waste time, they resort to monitoring both their online and offline activities. 

Many employers consider installing spy apps for Android or iPhone on the employees’ devices, based on what device they are using, and then remotely keep an eye on their smartphone and online activities. Spy apps for Android and iPhone help employers know what their employees are doing during working hours. 

It is suggested that employers monitor their employees in a subtle way and only use monitoring solutions when they believe it is beneficial for the company. Also, employers should inform about monitoring before installing spy apps for Android or iPhone on their employees’ devices to avoid any confusion. 

Below, we have outlined some ways employers can keep track of their employees’ daily activities in the workplace. Let’s take a glance at them. 

Self-Tracking Program 

One of the effective ways to keep track of your employee’s daily activities is to introduce a self-tracking program in the workplace that allows employees to keep a log of their activities every day. This method will help improve the company’s overall efficiency and productivity. 

Also, employees wouldn’t take this program as something that keeps track of their activities. They wouldn’t take monitoring in a negative light. When you involve employees in the tracking activities, you develop a bond of trust with your team. 

Use Employee Tracking Software 

You can use employee tracking software in the workplace to monitor your employee’s computer and internet activities. That way you can know what each employee device is being used for. You can monitor your employee’s emails, phone calls, chats, text messages, internet browsing activity, social media activity, and even GPS location with the help of employee tracking software. 

Employee tracking software also comes in the form of hidden spy apps for Android and iPhone. You can either tell employees about the tracking software before deploying it on their device or don’t inform them about it at all. However, the former approach is recommended because it makes you appear more forthcoming and honest before your employees and it will also prevent them from misusing the company’s resources.

Be Alert of Workplace Environment 

All employers should pay close attention to what’s going on in the workplace. They should be alert of the workplace environment. As an employer, you should interact and communicate with your staff workers regularly and keep a close eye on anything that seems unusual. For instance, you should take notice of employees who spend a lot of time in the bathroom or outside smoking puffs of cigarettes. 

Besides installing spy apps for Android and iPhone, you should also pay close attention as an employer because it will help reduce incidents of misuse of the company’s resources and wasted time. 

Install a CCTV in the Workplace

Another effective strategy to monitor employees’ daily activities in the office is to install a webcam or CCTV technology in all the rooms. If you doubt that an employee is likely to steal something from your company or is sabotaging your business operations, then you should install a CCTV in their room. 

You can also install a webcam in their room to find out whether they actually work on their assigned tasks and not spend time on leisure activities. However, you should only take this step if you feel it is absolutely necessary. If your employee finds out that you have installed a webcam to watch their activities, they may feel violated and insulted, no matter what reasons you give them for doing it. Therefore, you need to take this step only when you’re in doubt about someone. 

Keep Track of Employee’s Location

You can also keep track of your employee’s GPS location by deploying a GPS tracker or location tracker on your employee’s vehicle. Usually, location trackers are installed on an employee’s company-owned vehicle. A company is only allowed to track their employee’s location when they go out on a business trip or field trip. Location tracking is not allowed on personal use of the vehicle.