Farming is the practice of growing food and rearing animals. Without farming many industries would not be able to survive. It is the core or backbone of every industry. For successful crops, we require the right technique and equipment. The Equipment has improved a lot with the passage of time. Earlier Farmers used manual methods to grow crops. But now machines are available and that has made farming an easy task. Various types of Farming Equipment or Agriculture Equipment are available like tractors, cultivators, plows, sprayer, seeders, planter, anchors. So, many types of equipment are available for Farmers to make Farming an easy task. But all these types of equipment require good service and parts. Parts used in these types of equipment should function properly otherwise the machinery would not function properly. Let us now discuss about these parts-

  • Tiers – Well tiers are used in many Farming Equipment. Whether it is a Tractor or a Cultivator you need a tier. The requirement of the tier changes according to the vehicle used. Tiers are designed to work on different surfaces like off-roading tiers.
  • Drill Discs – These are used for tilling the soil and then seeds are planted after it. With the help of this equipment, we are easily able make the soil fit for growing crops of any kind and it helps in plowing the field properly.
  • Chisel Plow- It is a part that is used with a Tractor to plow a field. As the name suggests it has chisel points that helps in tilling or plowing of the soil. It helps in making farming easy for you.
  • Separating Unit – It is a very important part of a Harvester and for the proper functioning of the Harvester you need to replace it whenever this part gets old. It is used to separate the straw from the grain.
  • Chopping System – It is another part of the Harvester. If you need to process the straw so that you could use it further you can use this system for it. It makes stubble management easy for you.
  • Hydraulic Pump- It is part that is found in the Tractor. It is used to provide power to the Tractor. Without it, a Tractor cannot function properly. So, we need to get a good replacement for it whenever we require one.
  • Fan Belt- Another important component of a Tractor is a fan belt. It is used to provide power to the engine. If you get a strange sound whenever you turn on your vehicle that means you need the replacement of a fan belt.
  • Shanks- Shanks are parts that are used in cultivators. These are teeth like structure that provides sharpness to a cultivator. Without it, you would not be able to cultivate the crop and you should get it replaced if you want to cut crops.

Many Companies such as sell these parts to you. You can choose from them easily. A Farmer may buy a expensive equipment but this equipment always need constant service and replacements of its parts.