Building strong relations with customers is an important activity for any organisation. Offering good service along with a reason to come back for more help in forming a relationship with your client. Once a cordial relationship is formed, you have to maintain it as well to make it last.

Maintaining relations with your clients is what will help keep your business running and growing through word of mouth. A strong customer base can bring you more business and increase your goodwill in the market.

 If you want to take your company relations with your clients’ one step further, a B2B incentive program may help you in achieving that goal. This kind of program gives your clients a solid reason to come back for more business.

A B2B incentive program may also be known as a business rewards program. What such a program basically does is it gives you clients a way to get more out of your business relation. It gives them an incentive to do business with you. Under such a program, the client gets rewarded for good performance, such as an increase in sales. This motivates the clients to do better for better rewards which directly benefits the overall business. There can be many kinds of rewards, such as discounts, bonuses, rebates, etc. Such a program helps in retaining the clients, thereby aiding in building a solid, loyal customer base.

Here are 7 strategies you can use to create a successful business rewards program:


  1. Gain their trust and be transparent.

 This is the first and foremost thing you need to do if you want your rewards program to be successful. Your clients should be able to get all the information they need to be sure if they want to enroll in the program or not. So, provide full transparency about the process, when and how they will be rewarded, in which form the reward will be provided and when they can use the rewards given to them. Also, you need to assure them that this is for their benefit as well as yours and that their hard work is going to be valued.

  1. Offer customisation in reward programs.

Every client has a different kind of business approach and may have needs that are not the same as most others. For such clients, you can offer a customised rewards plan that accommodates the client’s requirements and fits the client’s business cycle. Most clients expect to have a personalised plan specific to them. Providing a rewards plan that compliments the client’s objectives and goals will help gain their loyalty. A personalised experience is always appreciated by clients.

  1. Give attractive incentives

If you give your clients the kind of incentives they are looking for, they are bound to come back to you for more business. It goes without saying, if you give them attractive offers they will want to continue to work with you and you both can benefit from such a reward plan. Incentives can be in the form of discounts, rebates, cash bonuses, first access or free trials of special features and services, gift packages, and many other things. Small things like this may help attract a lot more business and build a loyal customer base.

  1. Make the clients familiar with your program.

Just like new employees in an organisation go through an onboarding process where they are introduced to the workings of the organisation, in the same way, you can curate a similar process for your clients where they will get to know about your program. Take this opportunity to throw light on the incentives offered and the benefits your clients will get from the program. This will help them understand the process better and lead to better transparency between you and the client. This process will also help make your clients feel welcome which helps in increasing their contribution to your business and having good relations with them.

  1. Create a progressive rewards strategy.

Having a program that offers incentives to the clients based on their level on the program might turn out to be beneficial for your business. Some clients have a higher level of business than others, such clients can give you good returns. Having a program that ranks your clients and offers them incentives accordingly will help in motivating them to boost participation to get better rewards; all of which benefits you in the long run. All clients can start at the base level of the program and gradually move up the ladder with a higher contribution.

  1. Make your incentive plan accessible

Sometimes clients are deterred by reward plans because they can be complicated and confusing. Making it easy for the client to understand helps in removing that confusion and frustration. They will be more willing to be a part of the program if they are able to understand the system and redeem their rewards easily. Make the process hassle-free and easily accessible. This can be done through mobile applications or making a simple profile for the client on your website where they can view their activity and rewards received.

  1. Regular follow-ups.

Once the clients are a part of the program, regularly check in with them and get their feedback. This will help in improving customer experience, which is ultimately important for retaining them. Your customers’ feedback is valuable in curating a customised incentive plan and helps in giving them the experience that encourages them to keep working with you. You can regularly get an insight into what the customer is facing and accordingly improve or maintain their plan. You may also introduce new incentives that match the customer’s expectations based on their feedback.

The above 7 strategies will help you in creating a successful B2B incentive program that is beneficial for both your client and you. Programs for B2B incentives can really help you take your partner relationships to the next level and build long-lasting relations with business partners.

In this rhetorical analysis example, the educational system issues are studied. It was found out that a lot of institutions do not boost children’s creativity as it should be. In the Ted Talk by Ken Robinson, “Do Schools Kill Creativity,” the author proves that institutions lower their motivation and uses logos, ethos, and pathos in his narrative to hook the addressee’s attention.

Logos Analysis

While enumerating the weak sides of the studying system he shows the use of logos appeals to demonstrate his reasoning. Robinson claims that the reason for low productivity at work is that half of Americans are not committed to what they do at work. According to him, it is a common thing for learners to continue their studies after getting the first qualification to become scientists which leads to a low salary.

Ethos Analysis

In addition, the spokesman uses ethos to convince the public that the school system can be developed to reveal students’ potential. A perfect pattern of rhetorical appeal can be observed when he gets the trust of people by using motivational statements and the trustworthiness of a teacher assuring the listeners that all kids are talented and creative in the proper conditions.

Pathos Analysis

A successful connection between the speaker and the listeners is called pathos.

Professor tells the story where he explains how easy it is not to see the creativity of the learner and misunderstood it. In addition, Robinson’s opinion is that every child needs a unique program to see how bright they are. Here the author uses pathos and the listeners attach emotionally to the failure of the study system.

To sum it up, according to Professor Robinson, a strict school system destroys the talent of children. He uses pathos, logos, and ethos to get the addressee’s attention and trust.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has found various uses over the years. It is now more relevant than ever as more than a third of organizations are employing AI in some way.

Of course, this impressive technology has found its way into the insurance sector as well. Every industry that has to deal with customers regularly can utilize AI. As we know, insurance companies constantly interact with their clients, and AI insurance solutions can help every step of the way.

Here’s what they can do.

AI Uses in Insurance Companies

AI digital assistants in the form of chatbots are becoming huge across various industries. Insurance is no different, and these assistants coupled with automation can make a world of difference for any company.

Providing Quotes

As many as 42% of all customers prefer live chat to phone calls and other options for reaching the company representatives. It’s simply much more efficient. Now insurance company representatives can be AI bots. These chatbots can provide customized quotes to customers quickly and with no fuss.

Onboarding Customers With Ease

There’s no need for live representatives, even during the onboarding process. Thanks to conversational AI technology, these bots can guide clients through the whole process. They can understand and answer any question along the way, as well as collect and validate documents that customers provide.

Assisting Customers in Updating Information

If a customer needs to change any details of their policy, they can do it with the help of AI bots again. This process used to take agents some time and energy, whereas bots can do it quickly and efficiently. They can offer options along the way to speed up the process for the client.

Helping Clients File a Claim

Filing an insurance claim used to be a real nuisance that involved numerous steps and phone calls. Now, an AI assistant can walk the customer through the process step-by-step, facilitate it, and do all the heavy lifting on its own with minimum assistance from the client.

Customer Support

Chatbots can answer customers’ queries and complaints 24/7 and handle both simple, routine tasks and more complex ones. They can provide any necessary information or resolve billing issues. Digital assistants can also be integrated with live chat so that agents can take over if necessary.

Customer Retention

Chatbots can reach out to customers for policy renewals automatically before the renewal date. They can help the customer by analyzing their data and providing offers and changes that would better suit their needs. This can help retain many customers who would otherwise leave.

How Insurance Companies Benefit from AI Assistants

AI changes the whole process in insurance companies, from handling quotation inquiries to reaching out for policy renewals. Relying on bots rather than agents brings many benefits to the company. Here are some of them.

Streamlines the Workflow

AI assistants walk the customers through the process in clear and easy-to-follow steps. There’s no need for live agents to rummage through the customer data and history — bots pull out all the necessary info and calculate the best offers in a matter of seconds.

As customers get used to bots, the company gets fewer emails and calls, and the onboarding is a lot faster than it traditionally was.

Collecting new information from customers is also easier with data validation and image recognition, which means there’s no need for manual input — the data is automatically added to the system.

Saves Time and Money

From handling repetitive customer support tasks to filing claims, bots can do anything independently and quickly. Of course, there’s a possibility of agent handover, but customers will rarely request it as bots can understand complex human language and respond accordingly.

This independence means that bots can save a lot of time for the company employees, who can focus on other tasks. It also means that the company will need fewer agents as the brunt of the work will be handled by AI assistants.

As these bots are great at customer retention, they will also prevent numerous clients from leaving, thus saving even more money for the insurance company.

Eliminates Human Error

Finally, one of the greatest advantages of AI is the accuracy and precision with which it handles any task. When agents input client data manually, there is a lot of space for error. With AI bots, there’s virtually no possibility of such mistakes occurring.

As you can see, AI can not only help insurance companies change for the better — it can transform them completely and make them much more efficient and lucrative.

Are you thinking of starting a jewelry store? Well, if your answer is positive, you are in the right place. Nowadays, jewelry is the most profitable business, because it adds a new style vibe to the fashion world. Women love to wear a lot of jewelry. Gold, platinum, diamonds, etc., are their first choice. So, if you open your jewelry store, you can make progress so fast. But how? When you are about to start your own company or store, you always have this one question, and how can you make it? What’s the secret of successful jewelers? Well, you will get all your answers.

The secret of Successful Jewelry Companies: Business Hack

In the marketplace, you will get a lot of competitors who are running their company successfully. So, as a newcomer, it can be tricky for you. But you can make progress with your hard work and your unique ideas. To start a jewelry store doesn’t mean you only have to work with one item of jewelry. You can offer your customers diamonds, platinum, gold Platte, etc. diamond jewelry is the fashion world’s trendiest. You can work with it and run a profitable company. But what about the investments? Aren’t diamonds expensive? Well, diamonds are costly, and as a new jeweler, you must invest a large amount of money. But there is another best way that will help you a lot. The natural diamonds are hard to get, so it costs a lot. But there is another way to get diamonds at a low price. And those are lab-made diamonds. These diamonds are made of carbon, and it grows in the lab. These look exactly like natural diamonds. If you are thinking of opening your stone in Australia, you can get lab made diamonds Australia at the best affordable price. Now you are ready, so let’s dig in the secrets.

Hack no 1: Get a suitable place.

To open a new store or company, you need to find a perfect place to get the customers and grab their attention with your product. You can open your store in an urban location where one or two jewelry shops. So, the customers will come to your store and purchase stuff. You can start a branch in a shopping mall. If you are offering expensive items, you should choose a wealthy place. So that people will buy your costly things.

Hack no 2: Create your design.

Another secret of a successful jeweler is the unique design. It will help if you offer your customers unique jewelry designs that hard to find in other places. Many times, the same item with the same designs are available everywhere. Some sellers provide it at a cheap rate, but you are selling it at a high price. So, people never purchase the same things from you. Make your design so that people buy your product at your fixed price.

To start a jewelry company can put you in a competition. So, sometimes it can be hard for you to make profits. But always stick with your new ideas and hard work.

Finding the right flooring contractors for new construction or home improvement projects in Australia is not all that easy. Even if you are able to find a local contractor, they might not agree to take up your project on time. Mot of the time, it is difficult to find contractors to do the projects within your budget.

How to find the best local flooring contractors in Australia?

FlooringDomain is an excellent online resource to find the local flooring contractors for your flooring and related services like decking and artificial grass. They provide an extensive listing of flooring companies, decking installers, carpet cleaners  and tile installation contractors, across most of the places in Australia.

People can post their projects related to flooring tiles, concreting, artificial grass, floor heating, paving, decking, floor repairs, etc, on the website along with the specifications, and request for price estimations. They can also mention the deadline for completing their works.

The contractors listed with FlooringDomain will directly contact the customers and let them know about their availability, and provide the price estimate for the project. The best thing about using FlooringDomain directory is that customers get more choices. They can compare the offers and make the choices that best suit their personalized needs.

In addition to providing the platform for the customers to connect with flooring service providers, FlooringDomain is also an excellent resource for people to know more about the various flooring options for their residential or commercial projects.

If they are looking for information like how to remove the wine stains from the carpet, , how much would it cost to hire a local carpet cleaners,

or about the cost of hardwood decking, or about flooring with engineered wood, Flooring Domain has a nice library of informative section to answer such questions. They keep updating their website with informative articles related all different types of flooring. It helps the customers to decide on the right type for flooring solutions for their customized requirements.

How to market your flooring solutions business in Australia?

FlooringDomain is also an excellent platform for the flooring contractors and material suppliers to get regular business. Flooring companies can register their business on this platform for free and market their services. They get access to customer requirements on the portal, so that they can give the quotes to those prospective customers. 

The registration process for service providers and suppliers is pretty straightforward and simple. All they will need to do is fill out the online form on the website, verify their registration, and get started. They can then build their profiles in their own unique ways to attract the attention of customers who are in need of flooring solutions. 

Flooring Domain also offers pro accounts to service providers and provides additional marketing and tools to them. They can try the free membership, and then decide on upgrade if it helps their business.

Other ways for flooring service providers and suppliers to market their company on FlooringDomain is with targeted banners and SEO backlinks in the Flooring niche. It helps those companies in attracting targeted audiences to their business website. These quality backlinks also work towards improving the search engine rankings of their websites.

Payroll outsourcing is one method for paying employees using a third-party payroll provider in a domestic or international venue. To outline the pros and cons and the key reasons for outsourcing the payroll to workers on assignment, we have put this fast guide to payroll outsourcing.

What is Payroll Outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing is essentially using a service provider to manage to pay workers’ administrative and enforcement functions. It is necessary to remember that payroll services are just that, and do not provide a multinational corporation with a local record employer. This implies that local incorporation is still necessary, and DIY or other professionals must manage the different aspects of hiring employees.

When is Payroll Outsourced?

Whether to outsource payroll depends on various factors, such as the number of workers on assignment, whether a business has a local agency and the complexity of jobs and withholding regulations in the host country. The time and cost of setting up and managing a local payroll can not be justified in certain situations, so the payroll features are outsourced to another organization in the host country.

Although many small companies regularly use payroll outsourcing in Singapore, when sending employees on foreign assignments to a new market, larger businesses may profit from this service.

In that case, a business can choose to use either a local payroll provider or a GEO service that provides its customers with comprehensive job support, including a compliant payroll for all employees in that region.

A business can customize the payroll services they outsource,

depending on their needs while maintaining control of other aspects.

Usually outsourced to a third-party supplier, the payroll roles include:

  • Running payroll and making estimates for employee pay and withholding
  • Direct depositing of funds or issuing checks to employees
  • Calculating state and federal payroll taxes and making contributions with tax withholding
  • Needed Government Reports Filing
  • Administering opportunities for workers
  • Withholding payments to social security and insurance

Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll

For both small and large businesses, outsourcing payroll benefits are various, and a large percentage of companies use this form of service abroad. The advantages of cost and time savings, monitoring and avoiding enforcement problems make outsourcing a common service, such as outsourced accounting services. In international markets, where payroll rules and tax laws are unfamiliar to a new company, these advantages are compounded, and a local payroll provider can be a valuable partner.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing Payroll

Payroll outsourcing is a restricted, administrative international jobs option and does not guarantee compliance in the host country with taxes, immigration or labour laws. The payroll provider does not provide a local employment entity to a foreign company, so incorporation and registration and other enforcement measures are still required.

Other functional drawbacks include loss of control of wages and employee records, security problems and lack of quality of service or timely reporting. These can be offset by detailed analysis of the country’s payroll providers and choosing the best available business.

Picking the appropriate school for your youngster requires plenty of studies, as well as a lot of thought yet at the very same time it can be a really challenging task. Whether your youngster is beginning college for the really first time, moving up, changing schools, or moving to a new area, selecting the right institution for your youngster is an uphill struggle. Every college adheres to a particular educational program, has its own mentor approaches, worth as well as benefits. The majority of international schools give worldwide educational programs like IB and CAIE, which offers child exposure to worldwide societies that upgrades, as well as boosts their knowing procedure. Here are some of the advantages of examining in an international school.

  • Direct exposure to brand-new cultures

The curriculum that is complied with in most worldwide schools must be accepted worldwide, only after that it is helpful to the trainee.

Kids are exposed to various cultures, customs, communities, as well as discovering which aids them to value various cultures around the globe. Youngsters that most likely international schools gain expertise, insight as well as the confidence to take care of all kinds of people, culture, and histories. The discovering process in worldwide colleges is created in a manner that the trainees are subjected to optimum global practices. In addition, kids commonly have classmates, as well as even educators that come from different countries as well as societies. In short, they live, as well as find out in an extremely diverse ambiance. Which helps them face the globe with a different viewpoint.

  • Development in personality

International schools greatly commemorate distinctions in countries, society, as well as personalities. Due to examining in an international school, children obtain lifelong friendships with close friends from various other countries. And they stumble upon many daily challenges such as language obstacles, emotional barriers, etc. When youngsters get over these barriers, they recognize a sense of self-reliance as well as a sense of self-confidence. Knowingly or unknowingly, they gain a sense of maturity, responsibility, as well as a terrific feeling of knowing. Actually, it helps students tip outside their convenience zone and try new points and challenge their own ideas as well as capacities. It aids them to raise their self-confidence as they see themselves in an extra favorable way.

  • Gaining more job possibilities

Kids that research at international schools can feel great when seeking job chances because of their exposure to numerous global societies and also languages, while still in school. Students who have studied in a global school have a suggestion of varied culture as well as they can conveniently recognize and adjust in various types of environments. The majority of recruiters look for staff members who have worldwide exposure as well as being multilingual, and therefore if a child is researching in a worldwide college they have already discovered an extra language, as well as are devoid of any sort of cultural shock. Trainees with a worldwide education are better prepared even for entries to universities in other countries.

The rapid progress of technology today has paved the pathway to digitisation in all aspects of life. Businesses often undergo a digital transformation to improve key processes in their work. They are taking this step to develop digital strategies for their business plan and extend their capabilities and reach.

  • A faster-digitized economy: Nowadays data is mostly stored digitally. Technological advances such as faster broadband services and internet connection have blurred the lines between the physical and digital world. The improvement of the network of underwater cables across the world has given a platform for people to build cloud or internet-based businesses, giving them a 26% increase in profit than their average competitors. 
  • Providing the right strategy:  As days go, technology will only evolve, and thus having an innovation advisor on your side, adapting to your needs, providing you with effective technological solving for your business problems is very essential. A CIO or Chief Information Officer acts as the office in charge of information technology that can help you achieve your strategic digital goals with their extensive experience. 
  • Improving process: The Internet is a fast-paced ever-changing platform. Many of the IT systems that a business may use might have been introduced a long time ago, resulting in a lack of efficiency in the process or worse, a lack of data transparency. By undergoing a digital transformation, a business can reduce its operational risk by equipping itself with a modern technology platform, which ensures steady automated real-time monitoring process architecture. 
  • Future-proofing your business: With the rapid advancement of technology, it’s quite hard to say that the technology implemented now will still be the cutting-edge solution in ten years’ time. Ground-breaking technologies like Artificial intelligence and Blockchain have already been a part of this transformation, and who knows how much they will improve in the coming days, giving businesses new boundaries to cover. 
  • Helping your business internally: While your business undergoes a digital transformation, you too need to get familiar with it. By taking the help provided by digital training programs, you will have the opportunity to learn, adapt, and grow alongside the fast-paced digital world. This helps in maintaining data transparency and a good healthy relationship with the customers. 

Eficio transformation numérique ensures that with their team of CIOs, digital strategies, and digital transformation experts, you propel your business to the next level within no time. 

Getting excellent Commercial cleaners Long Island that meet all your requirements can be difficult if you don’t know what to look at. However, if you’re careful enough to ask the right questions and understand the qualities to consider before hiring such a company, you’ll get the right one that will meet your needs.

Here are some things you need to look at when selecting a commercial cleaning company.

  • Experience

Inexperienced companies don’t have adequate knowledge to clean your home or business premises properly. Experience doesn’t just mean the number of years, but it also refers to the number of clients the company has worked for. If you have a business premise, ensure you find out how your prospective company has cleaned other business premises. You can do this by contacting the clients they’ve worked for. 

From this information, you can make informed decisions. Getting such information doesn’t only rely on the clients they’ve worked for but also on the company’s ability to answer your questions. 

  • Professionalism

The professionalism of a cleaning company doesn’t necessarily refer to their etiquette and behavior. On the contrary, it also refers to the professional associations and organizations that the company is affiliated with. Ensure you do a background check of their certifications. Good cleaning companies need to have the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certificate. 

Every genuine and professional cleaning company will make an effort to obtain the relevant certificates. They’ll also join top-notch professional associations and organizations to ensure they’re up to date with the industry’s latest developments.

  • Consistency

Consistency should be a key tenet of any great commercial cleaner. Before hiring the company, ensure you check the number of years they’ve taken to work with other clients. If they have long-term clients who’re satisfied with their services, then they’re probably reliable. When you hire a cleaning company, you need to trust their services and expect them to perform their work to the highest level. 

Regardless of the workers cleaning your building at a given time, the results they deliver should be the same. But this can only happen if the company performs quality training for all its workers.

  • Reputation

The reputation of a cleaning company also matters a lot. What people say about them is the real picture of who they are. A good company will be glad to refer you to the clients they’ve served in the past or those they’re still working with. But even if they don’t give you referrals, ensure you do your research.

Most companies currently have websites that market their services to potential customers. From these sites, you can read customer reviews and know whether they were satisfied with their services or not. Social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter can also help you to understand what customers are saying. As a rule of thumb, ensure you hire a company with many positive reviews and a good customer experience.

Final Thought

Determining the right cleaning company for your residential or commercial property can be simple if you know what to look at. The company’s reputation, consistency, professionalism and experience are vital qualities that you need to check out before making a hiring decision.