Sasquash presses are also known as rosin press, now quite a common name in the gardening industry. Once the consumer became conscious about eating healthy and pure food the need for such presses arose and since the arrival of rosin press it has been in popular demand. 

Sasquash press is used for the extraction of oils from the produce right at home using the machine. The process involves using a combination of heat and pressure to create solvent-free oil by making use of the heating process. The entire process can be completed within minutes and leaves behind a favorable golden-yellow sap that is fit for consumption. The potency, purity, and production capacity is what makes rosin press so popular these days. There is a great hype about the same in the market.

The sap created by the process does not require further cleaning because all that was required for its creation was the heat and the pressure. This makes it pure and fit for consumption. 

There are certain pros of making use of a rosin press and they are listed as follows:

  • The press ensures a solvent-free extract which means that your produce is organic. There is a great demand for pure and organic sap these days which means you already have a market for supplying the same. No explosive or volatile solvents are used for the creation of the extract which removes any risk associated with the same.
  • The process is quite time-efficient as you can make a good amount of produce within 10 minutes. Here, it is important to note that it is labor-intensive considering that you cannot create it in bulk quantities but still quite effective.
  • The terpenes and potency of the sap remain the same after extraction. This is possible because of the low heat and high-pressure environment inside the press. So, if you think that the flavor or potency would be any different, you need not worry about that. Butane and ISO extractions tend to lose flavor which is not the case here.

So, if you plan on making your own rosin at home then how about you invest in sasquash presses of your choice. You can easily purchase one online or by your local store. Make sure that you check reviews for the same online and buy the one that suits your requirements. There are varieties to choose from as per your specific needs.