Where do potential customers go to learn about your business?  Most likely, they go to the web.  They will either find your business via a Google search for your goods or services or, knowing your company name, will search for your company by name in Google.  What’s that?  You do not have a website for your company? Why not???  Oh, you have been in business for decades and so far, you have not needed one?

The biggest reason for having a website is that consumers have changed and now they expect a website.  Often, a business without a website seems “less than” when compared to competitors that have websites.

Many small businesses have avoided having a website for a number of reasons, not all of them good, sound business decisions.  Landau Consulting, a web development company in New Jersey, has published a list of 7 myths about small business websites in the following infographic.

Some small business owners think that a website is too costly and is just another expense or that their business does not need a website.  Some fear being spammed once they put their website and contact information out there.  Some think that they are not a tech company and therefore cannot produce a high-quality, engaging, and appealing website.  

These are valid concerns but with today’s technologies, they need not be concerns at all.  A good NJ small business web design company can help you understand the details of creating a compelling and effective website, even if your business is located outside of NJ.  They will guide you through the many decisions, much like a good contractor will guide you through a home renovation or construction project.

It is time to act!  So contact Landau Consulting today to get started on your new or improved company website.

7 Myths about a Website for Your Small Business Infographic Landau Consulting