In today’s Era companies don’t want to spend months and years developing apps, which is now possible with less coding or even without coding too!

Microsoft Power Apps redefines the way your company builds applications.


  • Model-driven apps are built from existing data and workflows.
  • Power Apps’ portals allow you to build applications from information that users outside the organization share and manipulate.
  • Canvas apps start with the user experience. A blank canvas can be customized by connecting it to over 200 different data sources, which can then be compiled to run on the web, mobile, or tablet.
  • Dynamics 365 apps are modeled and stored on CDS.

Applications developed in Power Apps can be easily shared with all members in the organizations.

Power Apps fuels up the automation of processes and easily predicts their results with recently designed tools like AI Builder. This is a ready-made solution that allows you to take advantage of artificial intelligence by leveraging model and canvas applications. Many of the organizations are benefiting from improvements in process automation and their impact of resources optimization.

The right use of artificial intelligence also allows organizations to streamline their processes and take advantage of time & resources that require greater precision or that can simply release the heavy workload.

In summary, organizations today must be keeping up with the pace of change. For this to happen, app development has to be democratized! Power Apps from Microsoft is allowing exactly this, ensuring competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness for organizations of all sizes.