It is all about the partner of the Egyptian businessman Mohamed El Kashashy, namely Chris Farnel. They both have potentially quoted to buy Burnley. The Premier League has accepted the bid of the Egyptian businessman and his partner along with a challenging offer from ALK Capital but there was not any ratification yet. From that, it came to know that there was no relationship between Burnley chairman Mike Garlick, El Kashashy, and Chris Farnel for six weeks. The only bid on the table was of ALK’s. After 12 months of negotiations, the details have been agreed upon between the club owner, El Kashashy, and his partner Chris. 

It came to know that the US-based businessman Alan Pace who is an owner of the sports investment firm wants to finalize a deal on time for Clarets manager Sean Dyche so that they can be active in the transfer window of January. Because of the release of the out-of-contract players, Burnley has got weakened seriously last summer. But, they come up out of the top flight’s relegation zone on Monday in their last Premier League game. However, El Kashashy decided to invest big in the Burnley club at the time of being in the relegation zone. They were just waiting to receive the green light from the Premier League.

El Kashashy generates his income from the industry of food and leisure. At present, Chris Farnel is a football lawyer and he was having issues acquiring Charlton Athletic in the past after he failed in the test of the Directors and Owners. Because of this, the deal has sped up. Anyhow, the difficulties in the championship had led them to buy right at the moment at low cost due to the coronavirus. Moreover, it has been made sure that the investment will definitely pay off in the coming days.