The Melbourne Pawn Shop is the number one voted pawn shop in Melbourne.  It is also the leader for the industry in Melbourne due to the premier cash loans, rate, and valuation that they provide on the customer’s jewelry items. The store is located at the heart of Melbourne which is a conveniently accessible location for all.

The Melbourne Pawn Shop provides its customers with completely transparent and accurate charges and interest rates which makes the costumers well aware of the market and helps them profit with the best negotiations and deals available.

The Melbourne Pawn Shop is a strong competition for its other counterparts because of being one of the most honest and fair pawn shops in the area. The shop helps its customers get the best prices on their valuables among all other stores and hence tops the list of being customer friendly and trustworthy.

This pawn shop in Melbourne is the best place for customers to avail the best deals on all their valuable and precious beholding. The best profit with the least hassle and the best customer support is only found here and hence it is the place everyone wants to come for any deals or loans on their gold or silver jewelry, watches, or diamonds.

The procedure for pawing or selling valuable items at the Melbourne Pawn Shop stores is very easy and convenient. All a customer has to do is to visit the secure office along with their valuable items which they wish to pawn or sell away and after talking and consulting with the pawnbrokers and experts at the office the customers get cash in return for their valuables instantly on the spot.

As a pawnbroker, the Melbourne Pawn Shop office only lends on limited items which include gold jewelry, diamonds, luxury watches, bags/purses, gold/silver coins, and gold/silver bullions.

With the service being straightforward and extremely simple all the transactions with the customers are done on the spot. The best part is that the customers get the optimum quality of service absolutely free of cost.

Customers are requested to carry their identification proofs as these crucial documents are required for the safety and security of all the fellow customers.

Once the deal is done the customers are sent a courtesy message every month as a reminder and the customers can also pay back the loan in full or they can extend it for as long as they find it suitable for them by just paying the monthly fees.

We provide the best rates in Melbourne and hence we invite all the people wishing or trying to pawn their valuables to visit our office and experience the finest customer service and the best rates and costs in Melbourne. Once you experience our service you will inevitably be attracted to our office every time you wish to pawn your valuables and we enthusiastically wait for the same. We continue to strive to further improvise on our services to give our customers exactly what they want and expect by being completely honest and transparent with the customers.