When you are working in ecommerce, your goal is to sell to earn profits. But ecommerce can be a very competitive and complex industry to getting involved in. One area that is essential to learn about is personalization in ecommerce. Personalization is a process where you can deliver personal experiences to people who are viewing your site. This is accomplished through showing content, special offers, and product recommendations to individual customers through a look at their data. By reading on, you can learn all about ecommerce personalization and why you should use this for your business.

What is Ecommerce Personalization?

As previously mentioned, this is a process that uses data collected on individuals in order to get them a more personalized shopping experience. The data collected for this purpose include browsing behavior, demographics, and their purchase history. This is not just an important tool needed to engage your customers, but it’s an effective approach to improve conversion rates, drive up your sales, and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

There are a few approaches to personalization that you can use for your ecommerce business, such as:

  • Personalized recommendations on the product detail page or homepage.
  • Using cart abandonment tools
  • Marketing emails
  • Onboarding quizzes that offer a product showroom of relevant items after completing the quiz.

These are just some of the ways that you can use personalization in ecommerce. 

Benefits of Ecommerce Personalization

Now that you understand the basics of ecommerce personalization, it’s time to take a look at the benefits so that you know why you need this for your ecommerce business.

Improve Conversion Rates

Personalization is the perfect tool for helping you to better target your customers and engage them long enough to buy something. There is some science to this. The fact is that people will pay more attention to something that interests them. Consumers today don’t have a great attention span if they don’t see something that they like. By offering the information they are interested in when they come to your page, they will be more likely to browse around and buy something.

Get More Sales Per Visit

Thanks to offering product recommendations that really speak to your customers, you can increase the number of products that the customer purchases. For instance if someone is looking for a tie, you can recommend a tie clip or matching pocket square that they may also be interested in. This may inspire them to purchase these additional recommendations.

Better Customer Experience

If a customer has an amazing experience on your website, they will be more likely to continue to return to your website. When they go to your site and see a customized landing site specifically for them or targeted ads for items they actually care about, these are things that they notice. This will create a long-term relationship between your brand and the customer and then lead to keeping their loyalty to your brand. It’s incredibly beneficial to your company to keep your current customers happy as well as trying to gain more customers.