It is important to spread the word about your work. That is why you must know how to write a press release for an event. If you want to know how to write a press release for an event, you are at the right place. We have gathered some basic information, which will help you to write a better press release for your upcoming or ongoing project.

Companies have used press releases for many decades. Although marketing and journalism have been modified over the Internet, they are still relevant today. A well written press release can help you getting more people to attend your event, raise more money for your cause and increase awareness around your brand. The way you write a press release is not much different from writing an event post.

The release date

You need to decide on the release date of your event press release. You must inform the media if it is for immediate publication or for a limited time. Don’t forget to mention if the event is coming up soon: “For Immediate Release “. If there is still time for the event, you should specify when the press release should be published.

The holder

Your headline should be eye-catching. It is the first thing that people will read. Your headline should entice the reader to read the rest of the press release. Here are some basic rules for writing a good headline:

  • Use title letters.
  • Use popular keywords and search terms.
  • Do it in a maximum of 80 characters.
  • Include the event name, theme, and location.

The subtitle

The subtitle is the next stage to capture the reader’s attention. You can include a little more information here, but it should also be concise. You must expand the headline information and lead people to read the first paragraph. Keep the length to a maximum of 20 words. Write a headline and subtitle that will attract attention.

The first paragraph

Congratulations. It has made the reader curious enough to read the actual press release. Now you need to keep your attention. To do so, you must include all the vital information they need to decide if your event is for them. You must include these in the first paragraph: what is the event about and what will happen, why the event is occurring and for what purpose, when the event takes place, etc. It should still be relatively concise at this point.

The body and text

Now that you have covered the basics, it is time to develop your press release. The body will give you another two or three paragraphs to work on. Use the body to expand the points you covered in the first paragraph. The most important part of your body is the call to action (CTA) at the end. The final part of your press release is the text. The text should be around 100 words in length. You should use it to build credibility around yourself and your brand as a business or event planner.