Laboratory ovens are used in a wide range of applications across various sciences, necessary for a variety of industrial research and development purposes. These ovens are required in industries such as biotech, pharmaceutical, materials manufacturing, etc. These laboratory ovens come in different types and sizes as per their need in different fields. Hence, knowing the various uses of these ovens is important. Here is a guide to its various uses in the field of science:

  • Baking- In baking, it heats the substance without dehumidification. Another use of lab oven in baking is the polyimide baking. In this, the liquid polyimide is added to the oven which is then thermally baked into thin film or layer. It is mainly used by the pharmaceutical, material, and manufacturing science labs. These laboratories prefer choosing gravity convection oven for various types of baking applications.
  • Curing- In this process, curing hardens a chemical composition of a substance by using a combined action of baking and drying. This is a way of creating epoxies, glues, plastic, and rubber, which is used in polymer research, nanotechnology, and semiconductor industries. Due to the increased bond strength in the material, it is also useful for directly adhering components into the circuitry used in military, space and the medical system.
  • Drying- One of the most necessary usages for many environmental, biological, and clinical labs, the gravity convection ovens, forced air and vacuum ovens are used for drying materials, removing moisture from them. Forced and vacuum ovens are the best in the field for drying samples at a lower temperature. 
  • Sterilizing- The most basic use of laboratory ovens is to sterilize lab equipment and glassware. This one is carried out in a hot aired oven with contents monitored at an ideal heat temperature of a minimum 160 degrees Celsius for about 40-60 mins. This process then requires a slow cooling period as removing it directly from the heated oven can cause the equipment to either crack or break.


  • Annealing- The process of annealing involves heating and cooling the material such as glass or steel to reduce its hardness and increase ductility. Similar to sterilizing, high-temperature ovens are required to heat the material in annealing. It’s often used in metallurgy, medical device manufacturing, and material science industry labs. 

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