The medical facility, physicians, and patients often opt for nurse practitioners to handle specific medical care tasks. But the main challenge that always comes up is that where to find trustworthy and highly-trained nurse practitioners that serve the job effectively. This is where TridentCare comes into action. TridentCare is a leading provider of mobile diagnostic services across the United States, but it also provides highly-trained and experienced in-house nurse practitioner services.

TridentCare Nurse Practitioner Services

TridentCare nurse practitioners are fully licensed and provide regular care visits or intermittent visits, as per the demand.TridentCare NP services serve a diverse range of institutions, such as skilled nursing facilities (SNF), nursing homes, assisted living homes, rehabilitation centers, and many more across the United States. Nurse practitioners are well-trained to ensure that they deliver top-quality care and have high expertise in utilizing the latest technology and clinical protocols. They keep the company goal in mind, i.e., to avoid the patient re-admission to the hospital, reduce unnecessary travel to offsite physicians, and keep the health care under a cost-effective figure. The schedules of patient health care are set up based on the physician’s instructions and diagnostic tests. The patient’s health is always kept as a priority and schedules are well-planned to ensure that the patient receives proper and timely medical care.

Common TridentCare Nurse Practitioner Activities

Following are some of the common activities in which a nurse practitioner may be involved when assigned a job:

  • Examine and treat patients, along with coordinate with other team members.
  • Directly respond to medical issues when performing duty in a facility.
  • Act as a primary person for medical management in the facility of every patient, except for the ones where the physicians refuse to participate.
  • Carry out medically essential regular or episodic management visits.
  • Start medical workups and triage medical issues.
  • May serve as the main contact point for nursing staff who are coached to go to the concerned practitioner when any issue related to the patient arises.

Benefits of TridentCare Nurse Practitioner Services

TridentCare nurse practitioner services cover all the aspects of practitioners needs and provide tremendous benefits to patients, physicians, facility, as follow:

  • Patients: Providing high-quality services and comfort to the patients is the primary aim of TridentCare, and the nurse practitioners are well-trained to serve the aim effectively. The nurse practitioners provide physician instructed care, continuous availability for necessary visits, continuous patient medical care, and extra emphasis on the management of medication.
  • Physicians: TridentCare nurse practitioners provide customized, high-quality clinical support to the physicians based on their specialties. The highly trained nurse practitioners provide the medical care completely following the physician’s instructions, thereby reducing the number of calls/faxes from each facility.
  • Facility: TridentCare nurse practitioners are ideal practitioners that any facility might desire. They provide several benefits, such as higher patient satisfaction, trained-expertise to handle higher acuity patients, decreased chances of re-hospitalizations, enhanced documentation, on-call support, and many more. They increase the facility’s reputation and act as a vital staff resource. The TridentCare NP services also facilitate facility in regulatory support.