The UAE has an online shopping addiction. Recent events are only set to accelerate this trend, with annual growth estimated at 23% through 2022. And for those looking to trade online, there can be few better locations than Dubai. The emirate is ideally located to deal with every primary world market, has a 0% personal and corporate tax rate, and numerous free trade zones offering custom tax exemption, zero currency restrictions, and other rewarding benefits.

Plus, it’s easy to apply for a trade license and form a company in the UAE with the proper expert guidance. So, if you’re looking to start an online business in Dubai, here are five simple online business ideas dubai to get you on your way.

Start a digital marketing agency.

Digital marketing is a huge business in this part of the world. Arabic language countries account for around 70% of internet users, while the UAE has more active internet users (80%) than the European average (66%). This presents a vast potential market for online marketers and their clients.

Moreover, provided you have the skills to make it a success, starting a digital marketing agency is quick and simple online business ideas dubai. It would help if you had a trade license, a website, and a place to work. And once you have a process in place, there’s little need for further investment. Over time, you can grow your client base and increase your recurring income with minimal impact on your overheads.

Set up a job search portal

Dubai’s recruiters are almost always in demand. The emirate is home to thousands of businesses with aspirations of growth, and they all need new hires to achieve those aims.

And today’s job market is almost all online.

Of course, in such a vibrant business environment, recruitment-related industries can be a little crowded. But there remains plenty of opportunity for those who can carve a niche.

Build a food and grocery delivery app – or pay someone else

The online food delivery market has been overgrown in recent years. The global market will exceed 100 billion this year – and could end up far higher than initial predictions given the coronavirus pandemic and its resulting increase in demand.

Creating an online activity booking platform

What’s more, after a frustrating year, we can expect the tourism authorities to exceed even their high standards when encouraging visitors to our shores in 2022. That’s all to say; there’s never been a better time to get into the Dubai tourism market. And running an online booking platform is a great way to do just that. You could sell tickets to local attractions, activities such as skydiving, or packages at local hotels, restaurants and bars. In most cases, you’ll earn a commission on every successful booking.

Sell your skills on a tutoring marketplace.

More people than ever are learning online. Whether supplementing their education, revising for exams, or learning a new skill, there is plenty of demand for tutoring services.

This sector has grown considerably during the pandemic, as more of us are getting comfortable with virtual experiences, whether they’re a business, social or education.

And the best part is, you’ll likely already have all that’s required to start this online business ideas dubai.