Churches are not known only as prayer halls, but they are known for social works too. Reaching to the needy people and catering to the needs of this generation have become their motto. And this social welfare is only possible when the churches are provided proper donations. This is when the Church Online Giving importance.

Why Online Donations are Important for Churches?

It is very clear to us nowadays that people often prefer digital payment methods over cash for their safety and comfort. But some churches are seen to be with their age-old approach to offline donations only. As a result, there remains a chance for a lack of funds. 

Moreover, donations of a bigger amount become quite risky for both the donator and the church authorities to do safely. Survey shows that most people are using mobile apps, or official payment websites of the respective churches or some other media available to them except in cash.

Top 3 Platforms Used for Online Donations to Church

  • ShareFaith Giving


It is an online platform through which you can donate safely. You need to take membership for making payments. They charge a very reasonable transaction fee with credit/debit cards. With the prime membership, you can send any text messages while making donations like other digital wallets too. 

Besides, this platform has some unique features like transaction dashboard, event registration forms, etc. As a member, you can open your donation account through which you can track your data of Church Online Giving.

  • PayPal

 It is one of the best-known and oldest platforms for online payments. Apart from churches, it is used by some companies too. Unlike others, Paypal does not charge any monthly fee which attracts the common people. It has a non-profit account facility for the people who are charged for transactions and other non-profit payments or donations.

  • EasyTithe

This medium is a good competitor of other donation platforms. The monthly fee for each member in this platform varies depending upon the needs of the church and the amount of donation. In the case of a church, the authority needs to give additional security fees for having a kiosk payment option. The transaction fees are a bit higher than ShareFaith.


To conclude, there are many other options to avail of Church Online Giving facilities. But you should always choose the best for you depending upon the affordability of charges and other benefits.