Earlier farming involved families working on fields, days, and months. Commonly it was the just farmers going routinely to the market and aiding their farming business. They on their basis of judgment predicted the weather and somehow worked out what crop suited their piece of land. Trial and error methodology has brought farmers a long way. Today to give support to this ancient knowledge, technology has built a few benefits that will not only aid farmers in agriculture but also give a scientific justification to their successful farming experiments. Let’s dive right into some.

  1. Tractors & ploughers: Wonder how farmers would have reacted when tractors were introduced? Some farmer would have smirked proudly on how technology made his business easy while there could be a skeptical one walking hesitantly behind his plougher. Times have changed, farmers are now accustomed to tech-based farming aids. It was not so easy for cattle back then but it’s good they can take a rest now.
  • Weather predictions: It’s awe-inspiring when traditional experiences are given words to carry on generation to generation. One of such is ”Red sky in the morning, Shepherd’s warning. Red sky at night, Shepherd’s delight.” It was believed that the red sky was associated with excellent weather conditions for farming. Interesting as these sayings seem, some have science behind their existence. In order to aid and understand farmers’ judgment, today there are many tools that work on predicting accurate weather conditions. One of such is online mobile applications like agrostar, Plantix, and many more.
  • Farmers’ market: Out he stepped, losing a day’s work at the field, the farmer came home disappointed because the fertilizers were costing him a major cash cut. Negotiations worked a day or two but in the end, needs got addressed and profit was dropped. Today the picture is different. Markets are tailored to the needs and requirements of farming. Today there are market applications like Krishify, bharatagri, and many more that aim to bring ease to farmers in many ways.
  • Farmers’ community: Farmers are widespread, grooming crops around every corner of the world. They work hard on stabilizing the economy and more importantly, filling stomachs. Sometimes when the lone farmer is shaken by the failed crop growth, or a budding farmer anxious about using fertilizer, it becomes quite essential to slide in a shoulder tap. Technology brings farmers very far apart, reachable to each other. This isn’t a farmer’s phone call. It’s a huge community and growing network of support and help to farmers. Apps like mp kisan app, & Krishify bring a platform for farmers networking. They can communicate, sell, market their tools and solve each other’s doubts.

Technology today has made a major impact on farmers. Today a farmer can set a GPS installed tractor, grab a coke, sit on a beanbag, and scan through the latest farming news. Quite an absurd picture but best believe it, the strong man can be a relaxed tech whiz today!