The search for a reliable and dependable refrigerated transport company is fraught with an overwhelming selection. Those who are seeking the service tend to make the task a bit more difficult in their approach. A lot of companies seem to sweat over the prices and quotes which are presented, rather than thinking about the full scope of things to consider when the entirety of service is taken into consideration with the price. It is important to recognise that not all couriers will be the same standard, as well as the service and dependability. How does one look deeper than just the price point when considering providers?


Specialised expertise and services.


Because of Brexit, COVID19, and other factors affecting international trade in this day and age. You need to make sure that the company is knowledgeable on all of the new regulations and restrictions, as well as being certified in order to cross the borders with the permitted cargo.


The transportation of food means that specific expertise is required and that not all companies will be equipped or certified to handle. As such, the company requires more than just logistical know-how but is also well versed in the nuances of legal issues which come part and parcel of delivering food.


Cleanliness and Safety


The importance of health, safety and hygiene cannot be understated – especially nowadays. This is even more true in the food industry than in any other sector. It demands that goods be handled with the highest sanitary standards during transportation.


Any potential partner in the transportation industry should meet all of the necessary health and safety regulations for where you are in the world, as well as the variety of your consignment.


Exemplary equipment


It is also important to consider the equipment that a refrigerated transportation company will utilise to transport your goods. If it is possible, you should visit to the company’s headquarters. This can assist you in making a decision if the operation meets the standards that you require.


A fleet that is lacking the correct maintenance is going to cost you delays. The importance of the issue is even more heightened if the shipment is in the form of food, which is by its nature perishable if not kept under the right conditions. If you have faulty refrigerator equipment, then it could spoil the entirety of the shipment. If insurance reimburses the loss, then the delay that is encountered does harma reputation and is then passed onto the customer’s supply – everyone is a loser.


Ask about the load requirements, as some refrigerated transport companies only allow for the full size of the load.  It is important to consider that the equipment a refrigerated transport uk business service will utilise.





You should also ask about a record of reliability, online reviews are a great tool. You should seek out testimonials, as well as case histories. You should compare food grease carriers’s websites, as well as social media pages as these are going to be a great resource to get an idea of the quality of service.