Imagine working in a beautiful, well-planned place, with wide, colorful spaces, with a bar, a kitchen serving various delicacies and even ottomans and sofas to relax? This is a reality that grows every day not only in large companies, but also in small ones. Companies like Google, Face book, and Wal-Mart have relaxed environments to stimulate the creativity and productivity of their employees. It is also suggested to call the Undercut Junk Removal service to remove all the unwanted materials of your office (old furniture, broken tiles, old PC systems, etc).

Why relaxed environment is beneficial?

Relaxed environments are gaining momentum in the business world, especially as it has been shown to increase employee productivity by 30 to 50% and reduce layoffs. According to a survey, the quality of the work environment is the 3rd biggest concern of employees. The new generation of workers are looking for not only a place to earn money, they are also looking for a job with which they identify and that offers the possibility of professional growth, with challenges, without leaving aside quality of life, especially social. What do these employees want?

  • Respect,
  • More humanized corporate environments,
  • Engagement,
  • Feeling of freedom and relaxation,
  • Pride of the place where they work.

Tips for creating relaxed corporate environments

So, how to transform an outdated design environment into a “cool” space, adapting it to this new corporate profile? Remember to call Nassau County junk removal to take away all the junk materials of your office.

Open floor plan

Integrate the environments as much as you can. Wide spaces are more lit and ventilated and allow the team to interact. Another secret is the fact that the environments are integrated and are on the same level, so there is no “boss space”. With this, communication is faster and better and the employee feels more valued.

Differentiated design furniture

Beautiful pieces will be the hallmark of the office. This is a practice already integrated into the culture and makes all the difference. This sense of well-being generates a sense of pride. Integrated spaces and furniture with differentiated design are used in offices that want to convey seriousness, but at the same time the feeling that they are engaged with the most modern and technological.

Spaces to relax

Rooms with a pool table, video games, TV, kitchen, bar, hammocks, ottomans and sofas, become important havens. Here, a survey on what employees would like to have at their disposal during work / lunch hours is essential to rest and recharge.


Explore the use of colors, fabrics, pictures, wall stickers, wallpaper, vases with plants, etc, to generate a feeling of comfort and well-being. It will be necessary to first define the type of decoration to be applied and this choice will depend on the profile of the company and its employees.


Allow each employee’s space to be decorated according to their tastes and preferences. Vases, frames and various ornaments, bring the psychological comfort that everyone needs. Good equipment makes routine easier, inspires safety, and connects the company with the most modern equipment.