One of the most often used choices now is the Pilot G2 rollerball refill. The problem is that it may be difficult to track down a cap that works with the Pilot G2. In fact, a cap-equipped rollerball is quite rare to come across. It’s encouraging that more options are now accessible to people. To give you an idea of what we mean, consider the following:

Among the many options for a pen with a cap and the ability to use a Pilot G2 cartridge, the Pilot Metropolitan stands out as one of the most popular and widely accessible models. This pen is a workhorse in every sense of the phrase; it’s constructed of brass and stainless steel. Due to the fact that it was built by Pilot, it is guaranteed to function perfectly with Pilot’s replacement cartridges.

It goes without saying that this isn’t the only available pen whose cap fits the Pilot G2. I’ll run down in a nutshell all the best options you have.

Flying the Met As A Pilot

If you need a pen that works with the G2 cartridge, the Pilot Metropolitan is a great choice. In fact, a lot of people think this is the best G2 pen ever made. You need to choose the pens that take pilot g2 refills.

It’s a gorgeous glossy black with stainless steel embellishments. The pen was made with solid brass and finished up with engraving.

Lamy 2000 rollerball pens

You’ll notice a big difference in quality between the Pilot Metropolitan and the Lamy 2000. Nevertheless, the cost will skyrocket, increasing by a factor of four compared to the Pilot Metropolitan. However there are many who argue the advantages are substantially greater than the costs.

This pen, made in Germany, has a fibreglass finish that lends it a sophisticated look. Also, the hand may be able to acquire a considerably firmer hold on it. It’s a top-notch writing instrument, and that’s crucial for those whose jobs need them to have pens in their hands all day long.

One of what makes the Lamy 2000 fascinating is how understated it really is. Several people are unhappy with this and have expressed their disapproval. The Lamy 2000 may not seem like a high-priced item when initially removed from its package. This is an accurate depiction. As a matter of fact, it does not. You can’t tell the pen is wonderful or that it’s worth the price until you actually hold it and start writing with it.


It doesn’t take much work to switch out the cartridge in a Lamy 2000 with a Pilot G2. The cartridge won’t go everywhere if you use the cap that clips on, which also stops leaks.