There are several methods to capture a perfect sunset. This post wants to give you some advice to start on the right foot, even having only essential equipment available. Let’s look at some needed items for capturing beautiful sunset photographs.


There’s not much to say: a camera and a tripod. That’s all. If you have not yet purchased a tripod, you can use another support (also “do it yourself”) to stabilize the camera. To have a good result, especially as sharpness, it is essential that the camera is well placed and remains perfectly still during shooting.

And how do you aim? To start, a classic 18-55mm is excellent, so even here we have no big claims. You can learn more about needed equipment for sunset photos from this link

Camera setting

We must remember that the sun is not motionless in the sky but, especially when it is near the horizon (sunrise and sunset), it is visibly moving (and please do not make inquiries about who goes around what!). This means that we will not be able to use too long times, but we will have to limit ourselves to staying around 1/250 of a second (this also makes it easier for us to work if we are not using the stand). The aperture should be adjusted accordingly; however, try to stay around f / 16 (or max f / 8), to maintain a good depth of field.


Try to get there at least 40 minutes before sunset to have plenty of time to find the ideal position and arrange the equipment. Also take some test photos, to understand if there is something to fix and, at the same time, also have an idea of ​​what the final result will be. Then, when the show begins, start taking pictures and continue, with due parsimony, until the sun goes down completely. During sunset, the colours change, as does the resulting scenic effect. So, it is better to have several shots taken at different times, so you can later select the best ones. You can learn more from this link here