Immediate Steps for Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic

Despite the extended lockdowns across the globe and increasing case load, the world seems to be ready to resume amidst COVID-19. The pandemic has changed many things for businesses in particular. While many can afford to get their employees on the ‘Work From Home’ option, others don’t have that choice, especially essential services. If you own a shop that must stay open or start doing business as usual because of financial constraints, it is important to ensure protection of your employees. This is not just against general premise security concerns, but also against the virus. Simple steps like using Displetech counter shields can go a long way in keeping customers away, maintaining social distancing.

In this post, we are discussing further on on-premise safety during COVID-19 pandemic for businesses.

  1. Create barriers. Like we mentioned, social distancing is something that we all have to get used to. There is no getting away from that, at least not for the next six months. Businesses, for obvious reasons, cannot shut shop for that long, and it is important to have barriers, because protecting your own employees is an absolute must. Create barriers and use counter shields, especially if your employees have to interact with customers directly.
  2. Promote use of masks and face shields. Unless entrepreneurs and business owners insist on it, employees are unlikely to follow the protocols meant to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. Ensure that you have enough masks and face shields at work, and check for the necessary guidelines as when and how to replace these products for the employees.
  3. Make someone accountable. It is absolutely necessary and essential to make someone at the workplace accountable for maintaining safety. If you have a facility manager, ask them to create a timetable for sanitization of premises after every working day. Also, the manager will keep a tab on all relevant measures beyond sanitization and ensure that employees follow the protocols.

Final word

It wouldn’t take long for us to get accustomed to the COVID-19 pandemic, and businesses are on the forefront of ensuring safety, given that gatherings are more likely at storefronts. Make sure that you have installed the best quality products like barriers and go for counter shields that will last for months. As for supplies of masks and shields, there are many companies that would offer such products for a discount for large orders, so use the benefits of economies of scale.