Lion raisins is the largest grower and processor of top-quality raisins and raisin products.  Lion Raisins processing capability is first class. From harvest and field-drying the grapes, to processing the sun-dried raisins, our commitment centers on producing the cleanest, highest quality product possible. This commitment is evident in every meticulous step the raisins undergo.

Our state-of-the-art plant in the raisin capital of the world, Selma, California, is unsurpassed in its ability to process, package and ship the finest raisins and raisin products in the world. Lion Raisins is here to serve our customers with quality, service, price, selection, technical information, custom packaging.

Every step in the production of our Lion quality raisins from incoming raw fruit to the loading of the processed products for shipping is monitored by both Lion Raisin’s own quality assurance personnel and onsite USDA inspectors. This program is part of Lion Raisin’s ongoing total quality management program. Quality begins at the vineyard, where growers continually work to improve their grapes for raisins. At the time of harvest, the USDA and Lion Raisin’s quality assurance personnel inspect incoming raisins to assure the highest quality and cleanliness of the raw product. Each bin of raisins is examined, graded and tagged prior to fumigation and storage. Our Lion quality assurance staff monitors and records data on several control points throughout the raisin processing for product analysis purposes. The frequency of finished product sampling is maintained to ensure a consistent, high quality finished product given the inconsistencies of the raw product at the beginning of the process.

Lion Raisins can provide raisins to customer specifications no matter if the requirement is a dry moisture raisin or a specific berry count. We can also assist in writing product specifications to meet customer needs as well.

In addition to the meticulous quality control checks during processing, our quality assurance personnel also inspect each and every load before any Lion product is loaded and shipped. A complete food safety program, including good manufacturing processes and HACCP assures that the raisins are processed in the most sanitary environment possible by checking product lot codes every 15 minutes during processing. The quality of the raisins and customer specifications are sustained at consistently high levels.

Lion Raisins’ quality control personnel also evaluate raisins for berry count per pound. To some of our customers, the berry count is an important piece of information.

Independent third-party agencies, audits by customers and Lion’s in-house inspection team frequently inspect the facility and grounds. The American Institute of Baking has consistently awarded Lion Raisins superior ratings. In addition, Lion has passed sanitation and food safety audits required and performed by many customers for their vendor approval process.