Today we have a secret to buying an UV protection umbrella is to choose or look at dark colors will help you protect from UV light better than light colored umbrellas and fabrics that are woven until firm. It will protect against UV light more than transparent fabrics. The problem that many people are very curious about is Should the silver side be on the inside, or should it be on the outside?

The answer to this problem is Whether the silver side (sliver) is on the outside or on the inside Be able to protect your skin from UV rays equally. If you use an umbrella to prevent UV light in the sun Not very often The silver color will be on either side. There will be no slight difference.

However, if you use the umbrella very often in the sun, the silver-colored umbrella on the outside should be able to extend the life because UV rays and sunlight will be reflected back since being exposed. The silver side There is a rest, maybe a little bit into the fabric inside.

The umbrella with patterned ridges on the outside and There is a silver (silver) part inside Some people may like it because they show off beautiful colors, beautiful patterns, and if you use it often in the sun, the color of the fabric may fade a little faster. But it should not reduce the effectiveness of the skin protection from UV rays at all

The umbrella is currently Rainproof sun protection equipment Made from paper or fabric Umbrellas can be folded into umbrellas for easy storage and can also be carried easily and conveniently.

The part of the umbrella Will consist of 3 important parts which are the handle part, the umbrella part And the umbrella spokes

The umbrella will look of a long material. For retracting and straightening the umbrella and coming as a handle The materials most commonly used are Materials made of metal or wood

The umbrella will be made from a fabric that is resistant to rain spread out into a circle or will be made of paper coated with rain protection. Fixed on the spokes of the umbrella Or the frame of the umbrella

Umbrella spokes are the most important component of the umbrella. They are small in size and can be folded in and out