Artists are some of the most important people in the world. Through their creative work, they can win the attention of many. They use their talents to pass across integral information to the multitude of listening.

Women are facing a big challenge to make themselves famous in art history. Only a few manage to feature and be among the top-ranked in this industry. Globalization is one of the commonly used means of creating awareness. Several women are making use of this opportunity to market themselves to their target audience.

Joey Horn, a business person and renowned is philanthropist, has had a great significance in making a positive impact in supporting women in the art industry.

About Joey Horn

Joey Horn is a renowned business lady and philanthropist, who is dedicated and determined to support women in the art industry. She attended Yale University, graduating with an MBA. Immediately after graduating, Horn ventured into a field dominated by men, investment banking. She worked closely with a New York-based company Credit Suisse First Boston. Later, she was appointed as Boston Consulting Group’s consultant. Currently, Joey Horn is Oak management Managing Director.

Because of her passion for giving back to society, Joey focuses on supporting learning institutions and less privileged parents and children to live a normal and healthy life. As a philanthropist, Horn advocates for fairness, self-sufficiency, quality education, and independence. Some of the organizations she works for hand in hand with to ensure this is met include cancer Research UK and Music UK.

Besides education and supporting humble backgrounds, Joey Horn is committed to supporting women through art. Joey has a passion for creative and determined female artists on the entire continent. She will always acknowledge any female artist who strives for success. Some of the female artists who have benefitted from Joey include Layla Ali, Shilpa Gupta, and Lin Tianmiao. Below is a summary of these artists.

Shilpa Gupta

Gupta is an Indian artist known for her creative works that are electrifying, interactive and portray the highest order’s creativity. She explores native Indian censorship and boundary-breaking through video installations, manipulated objects, and sculptures. According to Horn, Shilpa Gupta is an influential and thought annoying musician. She is worth to be celebrated.

Wives of the Disappeared is one of Gupta’s creative works, which she came with in 2006. It primarily focused on some of the challenges widows in Kashmir face. As a viewer, you will learn some of the afflictions and pain caused to women in Kashmir after their husbands die. Gupta’s most recent works are ‘My East is Your East’ and ‘Measure Your Existence.’

Lin Tianmiao

Lin is a China-based artist and textile designer. She uses her creative works to showcase the transformation of Chinese culture ancient female roles. She is among the Chinese internationally female musicians.

Through her works, Lin Tianmiao has managed to achieve the following: transforming social barriers and give a new viewpoint on women’s gender responsibilities for observers globally.

Lin’s 2004 creative work ‘Boy And Girl,’ showed the boy and girl gender to handle and carry out themselves. For instance, a boy is not expected to cry aimlessly while a girl has to be soft.

Joey adores and complements Tianmiao for her commitment to modernize female experience. Tianmiao is an international star with her creative works held in leading art museums in New York, Australia, and Singapore.

Layla Ali

Layla is famous for her unique Gouache style. Her artistic works focus on an ancient harsh motif based on what is currently happening. She tries to pass a message to her audience about the repercussions of violence, criminal activity, violation of human rights, and other illegal activities that can cause pain.

Acephalous is one of Ali’s works and can be found in Contemporary Art Museums in Chicago, Massachusetts, Boston, and New York.

These are some of the female artists who have been uplifted and empowered by Joey Horn.