For the two years, the Inchcape shipping agent has led worldwide in offering maritime services. The agency has 240 offices spread in 68 countries employing more than 3800 people. The agency has a diversified customer base serving container and bulk commodity sectors, cruise, and intergovernmental clients. The company is led by the able leadership of Frank Olsen, who has worked hard to sharpen the company’s focus on values of ship agency and traditional business.

About the Company

The company offers humanitarian logistics, landside commercial, offshore support, transit, and other related marine services. It also provides a growing variety of outsourcing services, including spare marine logistics, global crew, port agency management, and sophisticated project planning solutions. The company uses modern technology to deliver its services and operations, thus gaining its clients’ trust in managing cargo and vessels globally.

Frank Olsen points out that the company is unique by having a single-minded focus and being heavily involved in logistics. Although the agency has other activities, all of them revolve around the ship and port. The company launched a transparency initiative that aimed to create and build meaningful relationships with the clients, thus solving the problem of the ship agency market being fragmented by smaller players who lack trust from the clients.

Company’s Role

The shipping agent works on behalf of ship owners, ship managers, and charters to ensure that port operations, services, and crew changes are carried out efficiently. The agency makes sure that all documentation needed by the port authorities is taken care of before the ship arrives. It also makes sure that everything is paid per the requirements to enable smooth operations in the port. Inchcape also takes care of any issues that may arise and maintains constant communication with the ship-owner. Inchcape Shipping Services is a financially stable agency, thus gaining the trust of many clients who are always sure that their operations will be carried out smoothly without financial constraints. The company also arranges crew changes, thus ensuring all the operations carried out by the crew run smoothly without any hiccup.

The Agency Focus

The shipping agency is working hard to demonstrate and prove trustworthy, valuable, and transparent partners to its customers, thus building a corporate culture that enhances service delivery. Inchcape is also investing in modern technology in its services, such as ports digital database of the ship and port information. During this Covid-19 pandemic, the agency is offering vital details on ports across the globe and continuously updated by the staff located in different zones that collect the information needed in its global network. The company has been working with ship managers, operators, and several international groups to find a global solution to the crew’s changes.

The agency has been determined to ensure that all crew problems are solved, and full collaboration is enhanced between different parties regardless of their competitive factors. This means that the agency has always been focused on improving service delivery to its esteemed customers. With an able leadership of Frank Olsen, the company has moved to greater heights and has gained customer’s trust due to its quality services.

With Inchcape, the shipping industry has grown to a higher level, and there are encouraging signs that aim to improve services at the port. This means that the human factor that is delivered by the agency trumps everything. It has made it easier for ship owners to monitor their ship without accompanying them all over the world. Olsen believes that the company will expand in the coming years, thus serving more people worldwide. The shipping industry has a fragmented market, but with transparency-based operations, the agency will always be unique in its customers’ eyes.