Creating a decent initial impression is important for any hotel. That is why it’s crucial to make sure one of the initial real interactions your guests have with your hotel is a soft one. Here are a few tips to streamline the check-in process of hotels for consumers and start their stay on the right foot.

    • Make the times of hotel check-in more adaptable

Why do guests love it?

It’s a well-known fact that guests detest conventional check-in times. A good contract of comings at major international airports happens around noon. The formal 3 p.m. check-in and midday check-out just do not suit that plan. And at the same time, a ton of long freight flights usually come in the morning hours, and many withdrawals late at night.

The last aspect people like to withstand after a redeye flight is the irritation of check-in, and if you have the potential to remove this for them, they will surely adore you for it. And sing your applause, via online hotel reviews.

Nowadays, the recent guest admires efficiency. And hotel check-in times should indicate this. Smart hotel owners are understanding behavior modification, and many of them are reacting by inaugurating a check-in-anytime system. 


  • Allow for remote check-in

Why do guests love it?

Travelers love several options, along with technology. And both of these things improve the hotel check-in process.

One of the paths to integrate technology into the hotel check-in procedure is to allow for Remote check-inThis facilitates your estate to leave the check-in process to the visitor. Remote check-in can be web-based or through an affectionate mobile app. Best of all, it enables your guests to search and book their cabin of choice.

To entice loyalty league partners, why not use it as a pattern of reward to allow them to bypass reception? You could go a step ahead and have the app double up as a smart room key, or activate an RFID key card that the consumers could take up when they arrive at the lobby.


  • Enable visitors to pay for late/ early hotel check-in

Why do guests love it?

That 3 p.m. check-in time does not appear to be leaving anywhere. So why not permit your guests the additional switch room? For a small extra charge, you can provide your clients the freedom to check in as fast or as late as their plans allow.

This is gradually coming to be a trend, and not just within the small property area. Well-known brands are giving this perk. It’s another tremendous path to develop auxiliary revenue for your property.


  • Add check-in kiosks in the lobby

Why do guests love it?

Hotel groups are taking advantage of more advanced mechanization, such as check-in kiosks.

The advantage of these self-service check-in kiosks is endless. It enables consumers to bypass the line. At the same time, it slashes labor costs for you.

Ideally, kiosks are found in the lobby. And the technology helps to make it possible for visitors to do more than just complete their check-in. The kiosk should authorize them to program their room keys, poll their reservation, and make any crucial corrections without the help of hotel staff. 

We are Gtriip are excited to help you Incorporate these smart turns into your hotel check-in process, and provide secure access for tenants

Your guests will no longer require to line up at the reception desk and with this, you’ll make a stellar first impression.