It had not been long, since HROne released new features to add more value and help businesses in the current unfortunate time. As if that was not enough, HROne has now introduced one more new feature named as shortcuts. They say that this feature will help save peoples’ time to a great extent.
The users can now-

        Add 10 Apps of relevance to them on their HROne dashboard

        The apps can be L&D, Social or work-related

        Every department can add different app shortcuts as per their need.
At the time of onboarding as well, the manager can add the relevant apps to the new joiner’s dashboard.

        The employee can also add the shortcuts as per their reference later.

When asked as to what made Mr. Karan Jain, Co-Founder, HROne introduce this new feature to help businesses in this situation, he said, “The time wasted between switching apps at the time of work is enormous. According to research, the employees, on an average, an employee switches 35 job critical applications more than 1,100 times in a day. So, we thought as to what we can do to help them save this time and invest this in something more meaningful? So, after a lot of brainstorming session, we came up with this feature. It consolidates all you app requirements in one place so that the employees can get things done quickly. It would not be wrong to say that HROne is now a launchpad for all your applications.”

To this, Project Manager, Mr. Magnum Gupta added, ‘ We were just waning to announce the feature as we consider this one of our best. It is similar to that of how your mobile asks you to make a shortcut of your emergency contacts or people you chat frequently with. We are just waiting to see how our new clients find it as the existing ones are having a good time using it! Not, to forget, the feature is available on both mobile and desktop versions.”

If you want to know more about their product, you can get in touch with them by fill the form and schedule a demo.

HROne Journey

Incepted in 2013 with an intent to simplify and automate HR functions, the Founder by 2017, after automating more than 250+ companies HR processes successfully realised that the jigsaw was only half- completed. While automating the functions helped save time, the problem-solving approach adopted still had scope for improvement. So, after analyzing the market, and associating ourselves with experts from IIT, ISB, ISC they worked together to make the HROne HR software and application extraordinarily smart and easy to use just like Ola and Swiggy!

Now, it stands still in the HCM marketspace with record 3,00,000+ satisfied users and 350+ happy clients across 18+ industries. They further plan to keep mechanising and humanising HR tech and make it as simple as ABC for employers, HRs, managers, employees, and contract-based workers.