No wonder why Stefan Durina and Turbado successfully remained at the top in mobile phone categories for two consecutive years. Their reach to 1.5 million customers clearly shows their quality of service.

So the question is, what is so different about them? Well, Turbado is as simple and easy as any service can be. As we agree that not everyone is rich enough to buy brand new electronic devices, gadgets, and smartphones. One has always to compromise on their budget while buying them. In such circumstances, Turbado provides you a much better option.

The company lets you access these brand new electronic devices and smartphones like iPhone at a much cheaper price, and you keep using them until they get old, damaged, or you are done using them. In other words, you get a product as service at much lower rates and you do not have to stick to them forever. Moreover, they require you to pay even lesser upfronts and zero to low monthly installments. Not only this, but the company also offers a lifetime warranty, so they maintain and repair your phone free of any charges. Isn’t that amazing?

Reselling can be a tasking job at times when you do not find suitable offers at your desired rates. Since there are so many devices being sold online every day, there is always a chance that buyers will notice your offer. So, how does Turbado help you? You can simply return your phone to the company for reselling the phone or recycle it. If your phone still holds any value, the company will sell it online and let you get a new one.


  • Pay less money and be easy on your budget
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited Warranty as long as you keep the device
  • Get rid of your unwanted devices without any hassle
  • Recycle electronics ensuring zero waste generation
  • Quality Customer service
  • Fast and secure delivery to your door
  • A fast exchange and repair policy