You’re now ready to teach yoga in the world after completing your yoga teacher’s training. Your focus might shift to creating a new career in yoga after you’ve received your yoga certification.

There’s so much to learn as a new yoga teacher! After completing your certificate, you’re ready to learn more about the business side of yoga.

Read on for advice from the experts to new yoga teachers!

  1. Finding the right yoga studio

As a new instructor, it’s crucial to start teaching as soon you can. You’ll gain confidence as you teach more.

One of the most rewarding aspects to teaching yoga is developing relationships with students.

It is also a great learning experience to teach at a studio.

You may want to own your own yoga studio one day, but you can get a good idea of your goals by working in a studio as an instructor first.

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  1. Make Sure You Have Yoga Insurance

You cannot assume you will always be covered. Many yoga studios offer yoga insurance. This may or may NOT cover individual teachers. As a yoga teacher, insurance is a safety net that will help you to continue your career.

  1. Create a Professional Web Site

Everyone relies on internet in this age of technology! It’s a great way for students to find you as a yoga instructor and keep track of your class times, location, special events and more.

A professional website will help you gain credibility and get your name out there. Don’t miss the opportunity to be found by online searches for all kinds of teaching opportunities.

Reserve your URL and choose a name that describes your teaching style and you. Bluehost, a company that hosts your website and can reserve your URL, is a great choice.

  1. Create your social profiles

You need a profile on social media for the same reasons you need to have a website.

Facebook and Instagram, the two most popular social media platforms, are great for sharing your class schedule, upcoming events and expressing yourself as a educator.

Social media is a great tool for teachers to connect with each other and with yogis. They are also contacted by social media on a regular basis about a variety of opportunities. Don’t miss this opportunity to build your community and find new students.

It is important to have a successful career in yoga!

  1. Brand Yourself

You are creating a brand of yourself from your website to social media. Your brand should reflect who you are. This is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your true yoga teaching colors so that you can attract students who resonate with you. It is important to your yoga career.

It’s crucial to follow all seven steps with purpose – choose a name and social media account that embody your teaching style, align this method and branding to the classes you teach and where you decide to teach.

  1. Take your classroom beyond the classroom

Private lessons, special events, retreats . . . All of these are ways to increase your student base, earn more than you would normally be paid for a class in a studio and diversify your portfolio.

Private yoga lessons are popular with students who appreciate the attention they get from their teacher. You and your student can grow together by offering private yoga lessons.

You can also create your own name by hosting special events and yoga retreats (weekend workshops or hosting themed classes with a DJ).

  1. Keep Your Personal Practice

Sad but true, we instructors often have less time to practice yoga the more we teach. Maintaining a regular yoga practice will keep your teaching fresh and fun.

A personal practice will not only keep you motivated in your teaching, but it will also help you to stay grounded, balanced and empowered throughout your yoga career. You will improve as a teacher, student and individual the more you practice. The more you practice yoga, the better your career in yoga will be!

Salutations to your successful yoga career!

As you prepare to become a yoga instructor after completing your YTT, you should approach this exciting new phase of your life with focus, determination, and intention.

You can create the career in yoga that you want by following these seven steps. The sky is the limit!