According to a global survey, females suffer more stress and fatigue than men at the workplace. Whether it is a supervisory position, service or production or upper management role females suffer more than ales. 

However, that doesn’t mean men don’t suffer. Stress and fatigue are hampering every generation, nowadays. 

Study shows that the younger generation is working hard keeping themselves sleep-deprived to work harder. The busy and fast life and to achieve everything quickly is making people restless and impatient. Employees, irrespective of any position and any department, are overstressing to retain their position in cut-throat competition. This over-stressful work cannot keep a person healthy and active for a long time. 

As an employer, it is the core responsibility to see that all employees are getting proper rest and at the proper time. Installing ergonomic furniture, providing weekends off, and maintaining a healthy environment at the workplace should be the role of an employer. For example, the in-store staff is mobile all day to ensure that all customers are attended to properly and the shelves are covered with proper supplies. Their continuous movement and long hours standing can be hectic. Thus, the employer can install anti-fatigue customized mats to make their employees feel comfortable while standing for long hours. 

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There are various reasons for fatigue in employees. Fatigue is the main reason for the drive-in cost at the workplace.According to the National Safety Council fatigue workers cost more to the employers? This is because fatigued employees will lead to productivity losses. Let us not forget chronic illnesses and injury claims due to fatigue which is also an expense for the company. Some fatigue management programs can help to raise the awareness of the risk of fatigue and preventive measures to avoid them. 


More than one-third of Americans sleep less than seven hours a day. This is the reason for fatigue at the workplace which is impacting absenteeism greatly. Workers sleeping less than six hours a day deliver six days of less productivity in a year. Workers sleeping more than six to seven hours deliver 3.7 days of less productivity. 

Shift Timing

Rotational shifts extend long working hours, and regular night shifts increase the rate of missed workdays and the chances of injuries and accidents. Long work hours diminish focus and performance. This can also lead to injuries. For example, a truck driver who is forced to work day and night can often doze off during his shift hours which can lead to road accidents. 

Lack of sleep can often lead to distraction, mood swings, frustration, irritation, and anxiety. Many employees spend hours standing in their office. Cashier, receptionist, store person, etc. have to spend hours standing. Standing for hours can lead to tiredness and they might stumble while working and twist their ankle or damage a few items. Employers should protect their employees by installing anti-fatigue mats on the floor which gives comfort to the body by adjusting and distributing weight. 

If employers can think little for their employees, they can save a lot of money on injuries and increase their productivity.