Working in Egypt as an Expat is a fantastic option if you’re interested in getting work experience in the Middle East. As a regional and national driving force, the country provides various business opportunities for expats.

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Employment in Egypt with an Employer of Record Service (EOR Egypt)

Good to know:

  • The Egyptian economy was hit during the revolution, leading to the tourism industry growth being stagnant for a long time.
  • Today, many multinational organizations provide job opportunities for expats and local nationals.
  • The financial reforms undertaken between 2004 and 2008, with their market-oriented strategy, brought many overseas investors.
  • Annual growth rates which seldom fall below 5 percent gives a good notion of Egypt’s financial potential.
  • The tourism sector accounts for one in eight jobs and over 11 percent of their GDP.
  • In 2015, greater levels of international exchange aided GDP growth to rally after the troubled period that imposed a hit on the market.

Egypt’s Economy

Although only 2.8percent of the nation’s total area is arable, Egypt is quite agriculturally oriented. About a third of the workforce is employed in the principal industry, and the typical flooding on the banks of the Nile supply them with lots of effort: Multiple yearly crops will be the standard. The agricultural industry has been doing well, because it’s sheltered from political unrest and intense weather conditions.

Egypt is home to different industries like auto and textile manufacturing, chemicals, and steel. The manufacturing business, which included 15.5percent of GDP in 2015, is getting back on course following a recent downturn throughout the Egyptian revolution. The services industry remains the most significant part of Egypt’s economy, accounting to 47.5 percent of their entire GDP.

A third of the country’s industry can be found in Cairo. Concerning natural resources, Egypt gains greatly from its own oil supplies. The Suez Canal is sheltered from inner political ongoings and, consequently, its earnings remain stable at roughly 5 billion USD annually.

Egypt’s Business Hub

Cairo is the undisputed centre of Egypt in virtually every respect. Over one in ten of the nation’s inhabitants are living and working in Cairo and its metropolitan location.

With almost all the country’s film studios and major papers found in the town, operating in Cairo is a significant step in the livelihood of several Egyptian press creatives. Egyptian films are appreciated throughout the Arab world, and functioning in Cairo has frequently become the first step on the path to stardom for an aspiring actor.

As operating in Cairo has experienced a sudden rise in popularity as the 1990s, the town government had difficulties keeping up with the accelerated pace of building. Thus, there’s a continuous demand for individuals working in Cairo’s building industry and about the construction sites of several new jobs.

Obviously, tourism is essential to the town too. However, the city retains many sights of its own, and working in Cairo’s roads as a tourist souvenir or guide seller is a favorite among the local people.

Opportunities for Expats

Owing to the regional and global significance, workers working in Cairo-based branches of transnational corporations play an essential part in the amount of expats making up the Cairo workforce. Oil companies and communications suppliers particularly offer many tasks which need their holder to be functioning in Cairo. Additional expat-heavy branches of business include structure, engineering, the chemical business, and renewable energies.

A number of Western-educated physicians are currently operating in Cairo’s global hospitals. A number of different expats earn a living from the tourism industry, frequently in management or executive positions.