To keep your consumers happy and your inventory current, you must continually be aware of the newest items and trends in your industry. Electric squirt guns are one product that has lately seen a rise in demand among consumers, including children and adults. These weapons will keep you amused and entertained for a good portion of the day and provide several opportunities for your wholesale company.

The following are a few arguments in favor of the idea that you should consider adding electric squirting guns to your supply of weapons:

Increased sales

In particular, electric squirting pistols are a popular commodity throughout the warmer months of the year. Both children and adults like utilizing them for events such as backyard parties and other activities that take place outside. You may expect increased sales and customer satisfaction if you include these firearms in your b2b wholesale offering.


Customers of various ages and interests may choose an electric squirting pistol that suits their needs, thanks to the range of options available in terms of form, size, and color. Your wholesale business has a better chance of generating a sale because it can accommodate a diverse group of clients thanks to its adaptability.


In contrast to conventional water cannons, electric squirting guns are constructed from long-lasting materials that can handle rigorous play and repeated usage. Customers will have less problems with their firearms, which will result in fewer returns and fewer complaints.


Squirting guns that are powered by electricity are straightforward to use and need very little in the way of physical exertion from the user. After you have loaded the pistol with water and pulled the trigger, the fun can officially begin. Customers are drawn to this convenience because it makes it possible for them to enjoy themselves continuously without the bother of continually having to replenish conventional water cannons.

Competitive edge

Your company will have a competitive advantage over other businesses in the industry if you include electric squirting guns in your wholesale inventory. All businesses do not offer these goods. This one-of-a-kind offering distinguishes you from the competition and can bring in new clients seeking the most recent and cutting-edge items.

Environmental friendliness

The fact that electric squirting pistols do not depend on non-recyclable power sources like batteries makes them friendlier to the environment. Customers who are concerned about the effect that their actions have on the environment will find this to be a compelling selling factor. Your wholesale business may promote environmentally responsible business practices and attract ecologically sensitive clients by providing electric squirting guns.

Why do consumers love electric squirt guns?

  • Compared to standard squirt guns, electric ones produce less water waste and consume less electricity, making them ecologically friendly.

  • In comparison, they pack a more significant punch: Powerful high-pressure water streams are shot from electric squirt guns, making them more effective than manual equivalents. You’ll have more range and precision while soaking your pals.

  • They may be used with little effort: Electric squirt guns have straightforward controls and come with easy-to-follow instructions. Quickly get going and have hours of summer fun.

  • Their longevity is ensured: Quality materials and sturdy construction go into making electric squirt guns. Heavy usage won’t cause any damage or leaks.

  • Electric squirt guns are a blast for people of all ages. Electric squirt guns are hard to beat for a refreshing summertime pastime or a lighthearted diversion from the heat.


To sum up, electric squirting guns are an excellent product for distributors to stock. These weapons have a lot to offer your company and your clients, including outstanding sales and adaptability, durability, and environmental friendliness.