Any company looking to transfer their business into digital financing needs to take each step carefully. First of all, making a blueprint of the entire business and its requirements and account details need to be collected. Without collecting information about all these, no financial revolution can be achieved. Hawkchain is at your service. You need to contact them over the phone or by email. Hawkchain assures companies to provide customized digital banking services.

Why Hawkchain is the best option for keeping cryptocurrency safe?

The company assures the customers that every bitcoin from their wallet is safe and secure without any hassle. Some specific reasons also make Hawkchain different from the others-

  • There are no monthly premium cost for keeping the bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with Hawkchain as compared to other digital banks.
  • It works with non-custodial wallets to ensure the wallet is safe without any third party interventions, and even the transactions of cryptocurrencies are also smooth.
  • You get daily interests depending on the number of cryptocurrencies you kept securely at this platform.
  • Your cryptos will be kept for a period of 120 days and you will earn daily interest on it
  • Once 120 days are over your capital amount will be refunded with a very amazing cashback.
  • The deposit and withdrawal are not only easy but also seamless and flexible.
  • Blockchain Companies or crypto institutions looking to keep their cryptocurrencies with Hawkchain can get 1-2% interest in different deposit plans. The rate differs along with the plans they choose from the range of offerings.
  • The daily profit the users receive, they can also reinvest again for more daily interest.

So, the institutions looking to make a huge change in the financial ground can share their details with Hawkchain without any doubt. The experts will formulate the plan, and you can be assured to keep the cryptocurrencies secured with them.

Digital Banking with Hawkchain

Hawkchain is coming with a complete digital banking system that uses geographically separated secured hard wallets. It is based on blockchain services. Hawkchain aims to keep and transact the cryptocurrencies safe from being stolen. Though two kinds of wallets are available digitally, the leading banking platform follows the non-custodial wallet to avoid any third-party involvement for key storage. This system can work with two types of keys- Mnemonic sound and Raw private key.

Hawkchain has gained the trust of the users. Visit to experience a banking system that aims to provide regular gain to investors without any potential risk to individuals and institutions.


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