What is security guard?

A security guard is basically a person who secures a building or a property against trespassing or an unauthorised entry. They are typically employed on a private basis. With the help of CCTV cameras they maintain security of that particular building or property e and also make sure that they also maintain proper vigilance.

Security guard jobs overview

There are many such places for security guard is needed such as Mall, office building, private building, events, high security building etc. Their job is to maintain a smooth environment for all the peoples out there. 

For example, at a mall security guards job is to maintain everyone’s safety as well as to take action over those people who vandalises any shop out there by keeping in mind that they don’t have the power to arrest someone. But in severe cases they can call the police and urge them to take further actions against them. Several companies offer security guard service to ensure protection of the infrastructure. 

Minimum age to become a security guard

Although most of the companies prefer those person has a security guard who is above 18 years of age. But in few cases some companies prefers above 24 years of age with few years of experience on that particular field or have a certificate of any training institute.

Security guard education requirements

In most of the cases companies that deals with security guard services prefer High school pass out boys to apply for the job or having a diploma also helps them to make their way in this particular job or few companies demands both of the qualifications to get suitable for this job. There are certain large companies which gives high preference to those who has a training certificate.

Security guard job duties and responsibilities

  • Secure the whole building and making it a smoother environment to work in
  • To maintain 24 hours security even when the whole office is closed for a day
  • To deter vandalism and unauthorised entries
  • Taking strict actions against themwho does a security breach or be a trespasse

How to become security guard

A High school pass out guy should apply for a vocational training where they are being trained for security guard jobs. In most of the cases jobs and placement requires high degrees and level of certifications. It requires a high level of certification and expertise to join security guard services at casino where a bachelor degree with a vocational training certificate is mandatory. An individual with the right education is advised to gain skills for security guard jobs either from the vocational training orfrom the on job trainings of the job placements given by the institutes. A good knowledge of weapons and arms is a must for this job. For example, one must know  where to buy 5.56 ammo and other accessories like this to prove his worth in security industry.

Security guard salaries

The average salary of a security guard is around $27,500 which is approximately $13.25 per hour. Many people earn around $45,000 per year from this particular job by working at a high level sector where as many people earns around $17,250 per year by working at a low level sector. But for those who are working in natural gas and power sector, their salaries are the most as far as every other departments are concerned which turns out to be around $48,000.