Offshore companies are increasingly on the rise due to the advantages they have over national companies. When opened in tax havens, they have advantageous benefits and taxes, in addition to being opened more quickly. For Cheapest offshore company formation this is essential.

They are popular because the tax burden in Brazil is very high, and opening a company abroad ends up attracting legal entities. Throughout this article you will understand better about 

  • offshore companies
  • how to open one

What are offshore companies?

The term “offshore company” is used to designate companies that are opened in a country that is not where its owner is established. The name is commonly given to companies looking for places where there is less taxation, in order to spend less, but legally. You can make the Business Setup in Dubai there.

Offshore operations are not prohibited and, if the process is carried out correctly, there is no problem with having a company outside of your country of origin. 

There are a few different types of offshore. There are those that are complete organizations, with diverse collaborators, directors, coordinators, partners and shareholders, for example. But there is also the type of company created just to manage financial operations. 

You need the help of a specialized accountant and lawyer to help you understand the best model for your needs. 

How to open an offshore company?

To legally open an offshore company, it is necessary to follow a series of specifications, so the help of specialized professionals is essential. 

The first step is always to check and analyze the legislation of the country chosen for the opening of the company. There are countries where it is not even allowed to open a business by someone who is not a resident of the place, for example.

It is also necessary to analyze the local tax burden to understand whether it will really be advantageous for your business. Currency issues should not be left out, as it will be necessary to buy, sell and transfer currency between different countries. For Company set up Dubai this is important.

After carrying out all these analyzes with the help of a good expert on the subject, you must have chosen the country of preference for the opening of the organization, right?

Then it was time to find an agent in the chosen country to help you with all the legal procedures. He will be able to help you with the records and also taking any more specific questions.

It is impossible to develop an assertive step by step to carry out this process due to the specifications of each location.


  • as they are normally constituted in tax havens, such as the Caribbean, the greatest advantage of offshore companies is related to taxation, offering favorable conditions, better than those of the country of origin;
  • easy access to international credit lines;
  • increased property protection for the organization’s owners;
  • assistance in the expansion of Brazilian companies abroad.


Throughout this article you learned more about offshore companies. He saw that they are, yes, legal, as long as all tax requirements are properly fulfilled, according to the legislation of the countries involved.