If you have a friend or relative who has recently passed on, you may want to make arrangements for Singapore funeral services. Although this is not common, the funeral service is conducted in most cities of Singapore for those who have gone through a hard time or for those who were involved in an accident or had a heart attack.

Planning A Funeral Services in Singapore

A funeral service in Singapore has many differences from a normal funeral. There are no open caskets and many people wear funeral suits. There are also singing and dancing in a church. The congregation generally stands as a group when the service begins. It is believed that the souls of the departed are held in the church for about three days.

A special prayer is recited at the beginning of the service. This prayer is followed by hymns and a reading from the Bible. The priest then concludes the service and welcomes everyone back to heaven and offers them good wishes.

If the family wishes to attend the Singapore memorial service, they will be required to visit the local church first. Usually, these services are conducted in the morning and the family can then travel to their final resting place.

In some instances, the burial location of the deceased may be at another city or country while others opt to bury them in the same cemetery where they had lived their life. This can be a painful experience for family members. A memorial service is usually offered to those who have lost a loved one in a similar way.

Before making any arrangements, the family should first find out if it is permitted for them to attend the service. If they are allowed to attend, they should make a short list of the family members who have been notified ahead of time. This list is used to prepare for the family’s arrival at the funeral service location.

The family members are usually seated in rows of three and each row is served with a meal prior to the actual service. At this time, the deceased’s name is read, funeral speeches are made and the readings are recited.

If there are a lot of mourners, the funeral director will host a memorial service afterwards. This is usually a candlelight vigil, and people gather to talk about the life and times of the deceased. After the service is over, they are escorted to the cemetery.

Some people do not wish to sit on the service table during the service, so they will move to the sanctuary of the church where their family members have congregated. Some families prefer to use the space available for a memorial book.

If you cannot attend the service, you can watch it online or listen online. You will also hear a memorial tribute to the deceased and may even get a chance to speak with the family after the service.

Many Singapore families choose not to attend the service in person. Instead, they will receive e-newsletters in the mail or call the family to share their thoughts and feelings. The funeral directors will send you a message about the memorial service that you can sign up for.

Cremation is usually done at a local crematorium. This can sometimes be done outdoors, or you can opt to go to the cremation facility in person.


It is recommended to bring a piece of paper with you to write down the thoughts and feelings associated with the service. You can also bring a picture of the departed and make a memorial book afterwards. Once the service is over, you can go home and keep your memories. It may be the start of healing for the bereaved family.