November 2020


Our everyday lives are changing and evolving, thanks to AI and machine learning. From personal assistants to smart cars, artificial intelligence is everywhere.

As consumers, we can see just the tip of the iceberg. The way AI is transforming the business landscape is much deeper and much more intertwined than it might seem.

Here are seven main areas where AI is already making a significant impact on business:

Research and analytics

Companies can use AI to perform many manual tasks, as well as those that involve significant numbers. As such, it is ideal for use when it comes to research and data analysis.

Machines are capable of processing much more data than humans ever could. The end result is access to powerful insights into your consumer and marketing data. That way, you can determine what strategies work and which ones do not much faster than you usually would, and this saves you time, money, and resources.

Improving customer experience

Fast and precise customer support is an essential part of a good customer experience. Many companies are using AI support bots that can take care of the customers’ need round the clock to provide just that.

Thanks to the power of conversational AI, chatbots can guide customers and respond to their queries with natural language—immediately. Because they can do such a great job, the users remain satisfied and loyal to the brand, service, or product. In the ever-changing business landscape of today, that is very important.


With all the individual data on your customers gathered in one place thanks to AI, you can use that info to create a more effective marketing campaign. Rather than creating one-size-fits-all content, marketers can use AI to develop highly-tailored messaging. They can even create different versions of the same website and then change the content on-demand, based on their source (AdWords campaign, Google search, or geographic area).

Email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO can all benefit from the intelligent analysis that is possible with the power of artificial intelligence. For example, predictive lead scoring could use data that includes a mix of demographic and behavioral info to predict how likely a lead is to turn into a sale. This allows marketers to focus their efforts on their most qualified prospects.


One of the most widespread AI applications is automating everyday, basic tasks to free up employees’ time. Some of the functions that businesses now delegate to AI include:

  • Coordinating schedules, including team meetings
  • Recording and transcribing meetings
  • Translating communications between team members who speak different languages
  • Consolidating data and performing fundamental trend analysis
  • Optimizing sales forecasts and inventory levels
  • Monitoring productivity analytics and identifying areas for improvement

Because AI can be implemented across different work areas, almost every business can improve productivity in some way through the smart deployment of these technologies.


The idea of compromising personal privacy is scary. The upside of software that collects data on individual human characteristics is that it can reliably identify when someone is not you, thus protecting your identity.

Plus, cybersecurity threats change so fast that it’s hard for humans to stay ahead of them, while a machine has no problem with keeping up with the new risks and threats and dealing with them as they come.


Algorithms are already being used to filter resumes and job applications before employers decide who to interview. Currently, too often, well-qualified applicants are filtered out because they fell short on specific keywords in their resumes. Thankfully, artificial intelligence makes finding the right candidate a more intelligent, data-driven process.

Things don’t always turn out so great, though –  some time ago, Amazon’s hiring AI showed to have a gender bias, but there is no doubt that these kinks will be sorted out in the future.


The same technology responsible for handling the self-driving vehicles for object detection, identification, and avoidance is already being applied in factories. It’s already in use with forklifts and drones in warehouse management.

Also, converting paperwork to digital data without being tied to scanning will be possible through artificial intelligence. After an application captures data, it will analyze it to trigger appropriate workflow steps and keep the entire process completely automated.


Just like with other technologies, AI implementation has no universal solution. What successful outcomes look like depends almost entirely on your organization’s specific goals and needs. The one common thread for almost all businesses is that this technology is here to stay. It is up to you to find the mode of AI implementation that suits your needs.

Coaching is essential in the workplace. It doesn’t matter whether the leading managers coach the staff, senior employees mentor the new ones, or a company hires a professional; the goal of coaching is always to help someone improve in some way.

A great coach can improve leadership potential, help employees perfect their skills, maximize management abilities, and even inspire and change negative attitudes toward work.

Unlike many other skills, coaching is not so straightforward — there’s not necessarily a right and wrong way to do it. However, there are four distinct styles of coaching that stand out.

Participative Coaching Style

Participative or democratic style strives to encourage the coachees to take matters into their own hands. Here, the coach merely acts as a mediator. They are there to motivate and give useful guidelines as well as inspire the team to take an active role in the project.

The basic principles of democracy are participation and collaboration, so this style of coaching is great for improving the overall communication in the team. Every participant feels appreciated and heard, and everyone can pitch ideas and contribute to the decision-making process.

This coaching approach can improve the productivity of the team immensely. By empowering employees to take an active role in a project, it also makes them more involved and invested in the outcome.

A democratic coach is more of a friendly enabler than a fierce leader. Since this style is gentle and unintrusive, it can take some time to yield results, but it is worth it.

Autocratic Coaching Style

This style of coaching, otherwise known as authoritarian, is the complete opposite of the previously described one. Whereas the democratic style encourages participation from the coachees, this one is rather instructive, and the coachees have no control and no say in the process.

The coach takes an active leadership role and makes all the decisions, and the participants simply have to understand and follow. There is a strong focus on the outcome and achieving it in the most efficient way possible.

Though this style of coaching is not that popular anymore, and it is even negatively perceived, it does have its own advantages. For example, not every team is ready or willing to take part in the decision-making process. Inexperienced employees would rather follow a strong leader than risk feeling utterly lost.

Another advantage of this style is that it takes the stress off the coachees’ shoulders as all they have to do is do as they’re told.

Laissez-Faire Coaching Style

This is the most laid-back and hands-off style of coaching you can imagine. It stems from the idea that employees are perfectly capable of “leading themselves,” i.e., that they require almost no leadership and should possess a great deal of autonomy.

In this style, the coach is merely a motivator, and the participants have complete control over the process. They are the sole decision-makers.

While this style can greatly improve the employees’ self-efficacy and confidence, a complete absence of leadership is often seen as harmful. It can work in some instances, but if you practice it all the time, it might translate as a lack of accountability and interest no matter your intentions.

To avoid negative outcomes, the coach should be more present and give regular feedback and advice on what and how to improve.

Holistic Coaching Style

Many people are used to leaving their personal lives and problems at the door while entering the office. They are taught to be professional and focus entirely on work while at work.

However, a holistic coach is interested in the employees as whole persons with lives outside of work. They know that various factors outside the office influence their performance, and these need to be acknowledged and addressed.

This style of coaching may include various mental health exercises and deep care for the coachees’ personal wellbeing. It may promote various stress management techniques and relaxation sessions.

There is an obvious benefit to this style, i.e., the human element that allows people to feel understood and appreciated. However, as is the case with any other style, this one too may not suit everyone.

Some employees may find it intrusive and unnecessarily meddling. People deal with problems in various ways. There’s always the risk that such a coaching approach may unlock deep traumas, which the coach won’t have the knowledge and skill to deal with.

It Isn’t Set in Stone

While these are the four most common coaching styles, there are many others too. In reality, no one relies on one style only, but rather, they mix and match to find what suits them.

There’s nothing as essential for the growth of a business as its data. Data helps us understand business processes, predict customer behaviour, make better decisions, and so much more.

Technological progress has allowed companies to take their future into their hands and devise smart plans for improvement. When you analyze your business intelligence regularly, it can tell you a lot about your pain points.

However, businesses often don’t have the capacity (or funds) to support their data and computing needs. That’s where data centres can come in handy.


As a small or medium-sized business, you probably don’t have enough space or resources to create your own data centre. What’s more, such a facility is difficult to maintain and keep up.

Running your own data centre can cost as much as a staggering $25 million a year. So what are your other options?

If you still want to have your own servers and equipment, but running a whole facility is too much for you, you might want to consider colocation.

Colocation is the practice of co-housing your servers in a third-party data centre. If you choose this option, you’ll be sharing the facility with other companies, but you can still be in full control of your equipment.

You shouldn’t worry about data centre safety either as these facilities come with a high level of physical protection.

Data Center as a Service (DCaaS)

If your servers are overextended, and you are in need of new data infrastructure, then a data centre as a service (DCaaS) could be a solution for you.

A DCaaS provider offers you their space and infrastructure. You get to use their servers and storage as well as their networking power and computing resources. Experienced IT staff are also usually part of the package.

Essentially, by utilizing a DCaaS, you outsource your data centre to your provider. Of course, you can always access your data and the provider’s computing resources remotely.

As you can see, there are two options to choose from — colocation and DCaaS. No matter which one you opt for, you’re bound to see immediate benefits for your business.

How a Data Center Can Help You Scale Your Business

A data centre can solve many of your problems, help you get unstuck, and grow your business like never before. Here are some of the ways it will allow you to expand.

Increased Data Storage

The most obvious benefit of data centres is the fact that you’ll have much more space to store your data. Businesses generate more and more of it each year, and even though a lot of it can be weeded out as noise, there’s so much insight to be gained from it.

As your business grows, so does your need for more storage, and failing to obtain it promptly can cost you a lot. Data centre usage allows you to expand your capacity quickly and efficiently so that it can accommodate your future needs.

Even if you have enough storage as is, you might want to consider using a data centre for backup. You never know when it may come in handy.

Better Security

Speaking of backup, it is extremely important to secure your data, and these centres can help with that too. Almost 95% of companies that experience a huge data loss never recover and consequently close.

So if you don’t want to become part of this bleak statistic, even if you have enough storage on your own premises, it would be wise to use a third-party data centre. It will act as data insurance should a disaster strike your business (such as an office fire, which is much more common than you may think).

These facilities are also well-protected against any physical harm through the use of various measures, such as security personnel, biometric authentication, video monitoring, etc. You can rest assured that your data will be secure from any cyberattacks or physical harm.

Better Computing

As you’re probably aware, piling terabytes of data on servers is great, but you also need to analyze it to gain any meaningful insights. Going through such vast expanses of raw information is not an easy task, and you need significant computing resources for such an endeavour.

Machine learning software and cutting-edge algorithms can help you find patterns and hidden tendencies, but only with enough computing power. You can obtain it as part of your data centre services provider and enjoy all the major analytics tools that used to be reserved for tech giants.

Extra computing resources will allow you to be a lot more productive. You can think of them as your hidden superpowers that allow you to expand your services and scale your business in a blink of an eye.

Less (or No) Downtime

When your access to your most precious asset, i.e., data, is cut, you experience downtime. One research has shown that the average cost of downtime is a mind-bending $5,600 per minute. This number does take into account larger companies as well, but it is still a scary average.

So whenever you experience downtime, you lose money, and if you start experiencing it regularly, it can seriously damage your business and make it regress.

There’s no better way to ward off these unwanted breaks than by utilizing the security and reliability of data centres. Thanks to your provider, you won’t experience any downtime, and you’ll be able to progress much more quickly as a result.

Uninterrupted Connectivity

Data centres provide their users with a variety of connectivity options, which allows them to tailor their infrastructure needs from scratch.

You won’t have to worry about connectivity issues ever again. If some problem does occur, you won’t have to hire professional IT help to solve it — just take it up with your data centre, and they will fix it in no time. However, you’re highly unlikely to experience connectivity issues as data centres’ infrastructure was designed with it in mind.


Uninterrupted connectivity means uninterrupted productivity, which is yet another factor that will allow you to scale your business like never before.

Good trading is the basis of all commercial actions of a company. Anyone who thinks that it means simply lowering the prices of their products and services to reach an agreement is wrong. Also because a lower price will not increase your bargaining power, but it will decrease the company’s margin.

  1. Identify the styles of traders

It is essential to know the way the other negotiates, that is, your trading style. So it is essential to note, at the beginning of the meeting, who the other is, what he really seeks and what he is likely to do to get what he wants.

Professor, the researcher, and consultant Richard Shell, in his book “trading, is Precise”, differentiated two styles of negotiators: cooperative and competitive. Next, we’ll show you how to identify them.

Competitive style

A competitive negotiator usually makes unrealistic initial offers and lets the other bid the first offer. This attitude aims to make the most of it, always seeking to have an advantage and make few concessions.

That way, you will avoid providing information and, at the same time, try to make the most of the other. This behavior shows that he is not interested in a relationship, only for his own benefit, seeing the other as an opponent.

Cooperative Style

Cooperative negotiators are the opposite of competitive ones and do not treat tradings as a competition to be won. They prefer to preserve the relationship so that it can be lasting. Thus, they become more willing to reveal data and make realistic concessions and offers.

Therefore, we can say that cooperative negotiator understands trading as a process of sharing ideas, information, and options. Thus, it seeks to obtain mutual benefits.

Now that you know both types of negotiators, you can better understand a person’s trading pattern and work on it to achieve profitable relationships and results for both sides.

  1. Reflect on what stance to adopt during the trading

To increase your trading power, it is very important to understand how you act during a trading, analyzing your posture and what it does to the other. After all, your attitudes can favor or harm your side.

There are two basic stances to consider when trading. The first concerns tradings in which the person does not care about the consequences of his actions, thinking only of the immediate benefit.

This is where the “indecent proposals”, the “forced bar” and the pressures take place. This type of attitude can make the other person uncomfortable and refuse to close deals with your company.

The other posture is more recommended and occurs when the person shows concern about the consequences of their actions in the future, seeking a productive relationship with the other. For this reason, it is common to be interested in the needs of both parties and in good communication that leads to an agreement.

3 Plan the time for tradings

When planning a business meeting, the time element must be in charge of the event. Therefore, it is essential to make a trading agenda with the items to be discussed, the person responsible for each one of them, and the expected duration for each part of the discussion, facilitating the control of time.

On the other hand, it is recommended not to attend meetings without making a preparation or planning, as they will be a restriction on your time and will greatly compromise your results.

  1. Create a sense of urgency

The sense of urgency is one of the psychological tactics to influence the trader’s decision. In the business context, this means communicating with others in such a way that they feel they must act promptly or they will not have another chance to obtain your products/services.

This tactic is usually linked to the notion of scarcity, that is, with the fear of losing or being left without something that makes people take action faster. Offering a discount valid for a short period, for example, creates this notion in the customer, increasing his sense of urgency.

  1. Be prepared to work around objections

In a trading, it is normal for the client to have a moment of hesitation and begin to ponder his proposal. Therefore, you should use your market experience to identify the most common objections and be prepared to work around them when they are raised.

For example, if you hear a lot that your prices are high, you may have a reply on the tip of your tongue saying that, despite this, you offer the best payment options on the market.

Business process management or BPM is the practice of examining, modeling, as well as enhancing end-to-end organization procedures to help fulfill your critical company objectives. BPM approach can be related to tasks, as well as processes that are typically recurring, repeated, or predictable.A business process means a bunch of activities that help a company reach a certain goal. Utilizing BPM, you can evaluate your company procedures to find methods to enhance performance and decrease mistakes and expenses.

BPM is a continual process that results in an improvement in time. With BPM, you can get rid of impromptu operations administration techniques and enhance company operations in order to supply better services or products to your consumers.

BPM approach

  • Style as well as examination: As a first step, you’ll require to examine the process as it exists. Take into consideration what works or where problems exist, as well as how it relates to various other procedures or jobs.
  • Model: Look for means to boost the process, as well as lay out how it would ideally occur. Then model just how the procedure would deal with a range of possible circumstances, as well as variables.
  • Implement: As soon as the process has been designed, you can implement modifications. Make certain to document what has changed as well as why.
  • Screen: After your new process has been carried out, you’ll need to monitor it to see if there is an improvement. Try to find data to sustain whether or not there is any type of development. Do you see an increase in performance? Have expenses gone down? Are items being supplied faster?
  • Enhance as well as automate: When you have applied the BPM method to a procedure, you’ll need to continue to monitor, as well as maximize it with time. BPM is an ongoing process, as well as you need to be discovering ways to enhance it on a regular basis. If the new process is working well, think about if any type of tasks can be automated.

BPM as well as automation

Business process management is not modern technology; it is a technique done by individuals. Nonetheless, BPM software application as well as automation innovation, can be utilized to help carry out determined procedure enhancements. BPM is the initial step right into prevalent business procedure automation.

Automation helps make your company extra reliable by utilizing software applications to carry out jobs to lower complexity, cost, and mistakes. While Breakout‘s BPM is the approach that permits you to recognize your end-to-end business procedures better, service procedure automation can be utilized to check as well as evolve your procedure performances against those efforts.

Choosing a good online media agency in Singapore is nowadays a gauntlet for many companies. Not a week goes by in which a service provider does not present great offers by email, telephone or advertising material that promise great success on the Internet. But which online marketing agency keeps what it promises? What should you pay attention to in order to distinguish the good from the dubious online marketing agency offers?

Things to consider at first

Do not be blinded by company seals, because these are usually very subjective and have little meaningfulness about the agency and its work. Google has no partner agencies in the area of ​​search engine optimization. Membership in the Federal Association of the Digital Economy is not a quality feature. Therefore check the performance. SEO is not an “off the peg” service, but a service based individually on your requirements and your website. Standardized offers with areas that are not relevant to you should be taken aback.

Contract periods are important because SEO is a service that takes time and does not take effect overnight. It does not necessarily mean that lengthy toggle contracts must be entered into. Serious agencies will try to bind you as a customer through their performance and not through long contract periods.

A permanent contact person is mandatory

You have to trust your SEO agency and the contact person, because the agency is working on its main marketing channel, and wrong decisions can have serious consequences. Therefore, you should clarify beforehand who your permanent contact person is in the agency and check that they are also competent. Look out for passionate agencies determine to serve new leads. The agency must not promise you anything in advance. No one can know the future result. But, a professional media agency can tell you how will it work, and what will be the consequences, good or bad. There are people in online marketing who are well known. 

The agency must be transparent

An important criterion for us is transparency. We not only try to understand the goals of companies precisely in order to give a recommendation for sensible measures, but also to explain the necessary steps in a comprehensible and understandable manner. As a rule, it is very difficult to distinguish a good online marketing agency from a dubious one. You can usually only see the sales shell of an agency and this often looks almost identical when compared to the agencies. Logos, seals, references and great brochures: none of these points to identify a good online marketing agency.

Without your own knowledge of the topic, the selection becomes a game of chance. Own know-how is essential. So the first thing you do is build up knowledge directly in the company. Never sign a contract if you have not spoken to the person who will look after you later. Online marketing can no longer be viewed solely in terms of individual topics. Everything is somehow connected. As a company looking for an online marketing agency, you should first be clear about what you actually need.

Sustainable packaging is fast-growing, and more consumers are becoming aware of our lifestyle and consumption on our dear planet. As a business owner, the onus is on you to ingrain sustainable package solutions into your business model. Here are 4 highly valuable tips to help you do this efficiently. You can call them the 4Rs!


Whenever possible, try as much as you can to reuse an existing package. Suppose, for instance, you have some available shipping materials such as boxes from your suppliers. In that case, you can go ahead and reuse them! You, however, need to ensure that the box is strong enough to tolerate another journey. And if it can, kindly go ahead and use it.  Sustainable packaging aims to minimize the production of new items when we can reuse existing items that are still in excellent shape.


Using recycled or biodegradable materials is an excellent way toward sustainable packaging. This is because a lot of materials are used worldwide every day, contributing significantly to environmental pollution. Despite the fact that many of these items are non-biodegradable, other eco-friendly alternatives work just fine, and sourcing for them instead of going for the non-biodegradable ones is a great way to pitch in towards sustaining our ecosystem.


Many people think sustainable packaging ends at patronizing recycled materials. That is not true. Your ability to reduce the box size and the number of materials you use in packaging one item is another significant way of pitching your one cent towards sustaining our ecosystem. There are other benefits to reducing packaging boxes to fit just right. It makes the content safer and less likely to be broken upon arriving at its destination. Too much free space can lead to unnecessary jostling regardless of cushioning materials used in the packaging. Another benefit you enjoy from reducing packaging to fit just right is that you do not have to pay so much for shipping. Most shipping carriers charge by dimensional weight, so the larger the package, the more you will pay for shipping. However, it makes sense if you decide to merge several orders into one large package. This not only saves packaging materials, but it also helps to reduce carbon footprint.

Reach out

You have the power to decide on the shipping carrier to reach out to. Choosing a sustainable shipping company is a tremendous way to encourage sustainable packaging. While this might seem insignificant, it actually goes a long way in reminding other businesses that they are not alone and that your brand supports sustainable packaging and what it stands for.

When we think of the dangerous component of a fire, we normally think about the flames, as well as the smoke. These stand for a noticeable threat. However, it is necessary to know that incredibly harmful elements compose a fire.

These come into play after the fire is out, in the residue, ash, as well as a smoke deposit that is left. Long after the flames are produced, there are several hazardous health hazards still hiding.

When non-organic products are shed, they release toxic volatile organic compounds, which are extremely unsafe to lasting health and wellness, as well as can be fatal sometimes if ingested or breathed in or absorbed by the skin. Occasionally these negative wellness effects are felt quickly, as well as sometimes they do not stand for many months or years.

Every person needs to work out severe care when reentering a home where there was a fire. You need to be aware that even when the fire department says there is no serious structural damage and you might reenter the property, several poisonous chemicals might still await the air.
After a fire, smoke, small particulates, VOCs, soot residue, as well as various other chemical substances take a long period of time to dissipate, and also their nature makes them hold on to constructing products as well as furnishings. When you get debris or damaged materials from your home, these get launched back right into the air, as well as hold on to your skin and clothes.

Keep in mind additionally that if you have to board up your residence for protection reasons, this will raise the prospective threats of the air quality. When you cover any openings, it avoids the aspects from entering, yet it likewise stops the toxic substances, particulates, as well as smoke deposits from dissipating or leaving. Whatever remains trapped inside the house.

The government identifies boarding up a building that has undertaken a fire as “unsafe to life and health.” This means that safety handwear covers, apparel, masks, and breathing devices with efficient filters require to be used by everyone that goes into a structure after it has been boarded up due to a fire.

Therefore, it is suggested that you take help from a fire restoration company as soon as possible so that your residence becomes safe to stay in after a fire.

You are going to get many lifts with job postings, staff member referrals, executive search recruiters as well as LinkedIn, however last I checked, there is no service available where you can download an extensively vetted, interested, and certified A-player. Recruiting leading doing executives is complex, labor-intensive, as well as needs a rare set of proficiency and abilities.

That is why the retained executive search Denver exists. In fact, they are currently in such need that their typical fee has raised despite the recent financial slump.

Firms, as well as employing executives maintain executive search companies because of the following seven factors:

  • Only Good is unsatisfactory

You call for a senior executive candidate that is truly excellent. If hiring leading executing talent offered is necessary to your firm, a search firm is able to assist you to do the extensive job required for game-altering hires.

  • The search is incredibly crucial at the senior exec level

Searches for level-C positions which report the Chief Exec Officer normally are important not to go out to a retained search company. Executives at that level can make or damage a business. A retained search company can mitigate the threat.

  • You are looking for a prospect with a rare mix of skills

If you have an essential search in which you are looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack, a search firm can assist you in getting it done. Better exec search firms are going to deliver a slate of prospects with the appropriate mix of skills, expertise, as well as capacities along with the requisite cultural fit.

  • You have a look for a senior exec setting that you just created

When an exec search drops outside your location of knowledge, an executive search company can plug the understanding space with their domain know-how.

  • You need to change a lesser performing exec when he is doing the job

For firms that require to align a substitution while the senior exec is still on duty, search firms supply a much-needed screen of secrecy.

  • You got to recruit for target business with which your firm has good relationships

If you require to recruit magnate talent from companion firms with which your company works, the discretion that search companies use helps prevent ruffling feathers.

  • Your elderly leadership group does not have a variety

Due to the fact that not all histories of prospects are well-represented at the senior executive levels, search companies can help level the playing field by carrying out an original study to make the sure level playing field for all prospects.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to its knees and caused seismic shifts in all spheres of our existence. Our lives have been turned upside-down, and many are struggling to earn a living in these dark times.

However, not all is grim. In times of crisis, the supply and demand chain gets rattled, and this brings favorable opportunities to many people.

In 2021, residential real estate prices are sure to plummet, which means next year might be the perfect time to buy property. Here’s why.

COVID-19 Effect on Economy Will Cause Property Prices to Fall

As we all know, unfortunately, the pandemic has taken many lives worldwide. As countries went into lockdown for months, the virus has taken another toll — it has seriously hurt the global economy.

Unemployment rates have skyrocketed, and there’s no sign of the trend slowing down anytime soon. As experience has taught us, when the economy suffers, the real estate market tends to crash.

This is bad news for many, but every cloud has a silver lining. As home prices are going down, many people are gaining an opportunity like never before to buy property for cheap. So if you have been saving up, the year 2021 might be the ideal time to invest in real estate.

Mortgage Delinquencies and Evictions Go Up — Prices Go Down

Here’s another proof that one man’s loss is truly another one’s gain. Unfortunately, many people are super late on their mortgage payments, and many of them will not manage to get back on track in time.

Faced with evictions, people will turn to selling their property in massive numbers. This unfortunate turn of events will cause a huge surge in supply in the next year.

Alternatively, mortgage forbearance has allowed numerous borrowers to suspend their payments for a while. However, you cannot delay the inevitable forever. At some point, they will have to continue paying, and those who can’t afford it will be forced to sell. So that’s when the inventory from forbearance will hit the market.

Landlords Will Retire Early

As we can see, when supply rises, prices get low. Here’s yet another source of fresh housing on the market — rental accommodation. As the economic crisis hits hard, many renters are late on their rent payments or completely unable to pay.

This also means that landlords are struggling. Many of them even try to help out their tenants by postponing their payments.

However, as is the case with mortgage forbearance, this cannot go on forever. Many landlords will decide that it’s better to sell their property than to have no income at all. There’s yet another reason why housing inventory will be on the rise.

Next Year Might Be Prime Time for Buying City Property

Buying or renting in a big city can be extremely costly, but there are several reasons why 2021 may be a great time to invest in city property.

It’s no secret that recession always hits major markets first, and in this case, those are mostly large cities. People will sell their property, and you’ll be able to find dream apartments at incredibly affordable prices.

Moreover, the pandemic has caused hordes of city dwellers to move to rural areas seeking more space and freedom. Log cabins, such as those by Timber Living that you can conveniently pay for in installments, seem to have become a popular housing choice.

Government Initiatives

As the housing market is struggling, governments around the world are stepping in with various initiatives to help people buy real estate.

For example, the UK government has removed stamp duty charges for home buyers for purchases up to £500,000. This initiative could save people thousands in tax money.

There are sure to be many more similar initiatives in the next year as governments try to reignite the property market. You might want to keep an eye on these programs as they could be your ticket to buying a new house or apartment.

The Housing Market Crash Might Be Your Ticket to Your Dream House

As you can see, there are many reasons why buying residential real estate will potentially be a breeze in 2021. Hopefully, the pandemic will pass by that time. But even if that happens, the housing market will probably remain on the downward spiral for a while.

Of course, no one can predict the future with 100% certainty, but there are clear signs that indicate that the next year will be your opportunity to buy big for cheap.