Sustainable packaging is fast-growing, and more consumers are becoming aware of our lifestyle and consumption on our dear planet. As a business owner, the onus is on you to ingrain sustainable package solutions into your business model. Here are 4 highly valuable tips to help you do this efficiently. You can call them the 4Rs!


Whenever possible, try as much as you can to reuse an existing package. Suppose, for instance, you have some available shipping materials such as boxes from your suppliers. In that case, you can go ahead and reuse them! You, however, need to ensure that the box is strong enough to tolerate another journey. And if it can, kindly go ahead and use it.  Sustainable packaging aims to minimize the production of new items when we can reuse existing items that are still in excellent shape.


Using recycled or biodegradable materials is an excellent way toward sustainable packaging. This is because a lot of materials are used worldwide every day, contributing significantly to environmental pollution. Despite the fact that many of these items are non-biodegradable, other eco-friendly alternatives work just fine, and sourcing for them instead of going for the non-biodegradable ones is a great way to pitch in towards sustaining our ecosystem.


Many people think sustainable packaging ends at patronizing recycled materials. That is not true. Your ability to reduce the box size and the number of materials you use in packaging one item is another significant way of pitching your one cent towards sustaining our ecosystem. There are other benefits to reducing packaging boxes to fit just right. It makes the content safer and less likely to be broken upon arriving at its destination. Too much free space can lead to unnecessary jostling regardless of cushioning materials used in the packaging. Another benefit you enjoy from reducing packaging to fit just right is that you do not have to pay so much for shipping. Most shipping carriers charge by dimensional weight, so the larger the package, the more you will pay for shipping. However, it makes sense if you decide to merge several orders into one large package. This not only saves packaging materials, but it also helps to reduce carbon footprint.

Reach out

You have the power to decide on the shipping carrier to reach out to. Choosing a sustainable shipping company is a tremendous way to encourage sustainable packaging. While this might seem insignificant, it actually goes a long way in reminding other businesses that they are not alone and that your brand supports sustainable packaging and what it stands for.