Choosing a good online media agency in Singapore is nowadays a gauntlet for many companies. Not a week goes by in which a service provider does not present great offers by email, telephone or advertising material that promise great success on the Internet. But which online marketing agency keeps what it promises? What should you pay attention to in order to distinguish the good from the dubious online marketing agency offers?

Things to consider at first

Do not be blinded by company seals, because these are usually very subjective and have little meaningfulness about the agency and its work. Google has no partner agencies in the area of ​​search engine optimization. Membership in the Federal Association of the Digital Economy is not a quality feature. Therefore check the performance. SEO is not an “off the peg” service, but a service based individually on your requirements and your website. Standardized offers with areas that are not relevant to you should be taken aback.

Contract periods are important because SEO is a service that takes time and does not take effect overnight. It does not necessarily mean that lengthy toggle contracts must be entered into. Serious agencies will try to bind you as a customer through their performance and not through long contract periods.

A permanent contact person is mandatory

You have to trust your SEO agency and the contact person, because the agency is working on its main marketing channel, and wrong decisions can have serious consequences. Therefore, you should clarify beforehand who your permanent contact person is in the agency and check that they are also competent. Look out for passionate agencies determine to serve new leads. The agency must not promise you anything in advance. No one can know the future result. But, a professional media agency can tell you how will it work, and what will be the consequences, good or bad. There are people in online marketing who are well known. 

The agency must be transparent

An important criterion for us is transparency. We not only try to understand the goals of companies precisely in order to give a recommendation for sensible measures, but also to explain the necessary steps in a comprehensible and understandable manner. As a rule, it is very difficult to distinguish a good online marketing agency from a dubious one. You can usually only see the sales shell of an agency and this often looks almost identical when compared to the agencies. Logos, seals, references and great brochures: none of these points to identify a good online marketing agency.

Without your own knowledge of the topic, the selection becomes a game of chance. Own know-how is essential. So the first thing you do is build up knowledge directly in the company. Never sign a contract if you have not spoken to the person who will look after you later. Online marketing can no longer be viewed solely in terms of individual topics. Everything is somehow connected. As a company looking for an online marketing agency, you should first be clear about what you actually need.