Packaging is one of the key aspects of selling your product. You may have the best product in business, but without the right folded carton, or packaging box, the product may go unnoticed. Smaller brands are often considered with the cost of packaging more than anything, often ignoring the potential of a product box in selling what contains inside. If yours is a small business that’s looking to optimize on both cost and design, working with a reliable company, such as Netpak packaging solutions can help. In this post, we are discussing further on how to work better with a packaging company. 

  • Figure out your requirements. This is the first step in packaging, where you need to decode what kind of box or carton a product(s) need. For fragile products, the packaging needs would be very unique. The good news is many packaging manufacturers have their own team of box designers, experts, and graphic designers, who can guide with the conceptualization too.
  • Go by reputation. As a new client, you need to ask the right questions. How long the company has been in business? What kind of packaging options do they provide? Do they deal in corrugated boxes? If not, what alternatives can they provide? It is also wise to ask for references in advance. You want to be absolutely sure that the company is capable of handling your boxing needs effectively. 
  • Don’t miss the basics. Most packaging companies have a minimum order quantity, which is an important factor, especially if yours is a small company that doesn’t want to order in bulk. Also, check if the company deals in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options. You may also want to look for their eco-responsible certifications. 
  • Get samples. You definitely need a sample, at least for the first order. Check and ask for a prototype, and do enquire about their graphic design services, if they offer, so that you can save on that department. Time required to fulfill a standard order is also something to think of. 

Final word

Not to forget, ask for an estimate. Keep in mind that hiring a packaging company is not just about the price, and you don’t want to compromise on either the quality or look of product packaging, because it impacts your brand directly. Based on the credibility and popularity of a company, make the right choice and think of long-term collaboration, because you will need packaging materials as long as you are in production.